4th of July 2017

4th of July 2017

America adopted the Declaration of Indepence from Britain on the fourth of July 1776. This day, the Independence Day of America came to be commonly known as the Fourth of July. This is a very significant day in the history of the country of America; it was the day on which the independent state of America and the dreams of thousands of Americans were born. Fourth of July is in other words is the birthday of America.

History of American independence

The American Revolution took place in the eighteenth century whereby 13 colonies of North America joined together with the aim of breaking free from the British Empire. These colonies did not have any representation in the parliament so at first; they rejected the parliament of Britain from ruling them. And around three years before the birth of America thesecolonies established their own governmental institution or provisional congress.

Drafting the Declaration of Independence

On June 7, 1776 Richard Henry Lee of Virginia introduced the original resolution to declare these thirteen colonies free from colonial rule of British. And it was three days later that the second continental congress meeting was held in Philadelphia and it was decided to draft a document which will formally sever off all the ropes of colonialism over them and declare the united states free from British rule. Thomas Jefferson was appointed to write and draft the copy of declaration including all the important things decided by the committee. The declaration written by him was read at the committee meeting held on 28th of June and it was revised to make around 86 changes.

Declaring an independent state

The legal separation of the American colonies from Great Britain was on the 2nd of July when the committee declared their independence and approved the Declaration of independence. Though the declaration was approved on 2nd of July, it was only on July 4 that the state of America was officially born from thirteen smallcolonies which stood up to fight for the freedom.

The Declaration of Independence was publicized on the next day through The Pennsylvania Evening Post. And on the very next day, that is on 8th of July, the public reading of the declaration was held at the atPhiladelphia 's independent square. The declaration was accompanied by celebration and band music. This day was the greatest celebration and achievement in thehistory of America.

Signing the Declaration of Independence

Most of us believe that the Declaration of Independence was signed by the members of the congress on July 4th. But the fact is that, on this day when the declaration was officially approved, not one of the 56 congress men had signed it, and congress had only ordered all its members to sign the official copy of the declaration of Independence.

It was only on August 2nd, almost a month after the declaration was approved; the members began signing the official copy. This signed copy was sent to all of the thirteen states in the beginning of 1777. All but one person had signed the copy by January before it was dispatched to different states. And it was the year 1781 that Thomas Mc Kean, the very last person added his signature on to the declaration.

The Declaration

Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence included a lot many reasons why the colonies wanted to be free of the rule of British. It also stated the goals of the new country and the rights of the common people. It was written as an appeal to the supreme judge of the world to declare the unitedcolonies free and independent and to absolve all political connection and authority Great Britain had on these colonies.

This day commemorates the signing of the Declaration Of independence into law by the Continental congress. On this day, the United States of America became independent from the United Kingdom and started practicing its own democracy.

The declaration gave the name of the new state which was decided to be called the United States of America and it also made clear that the new government will have the right to make decision on all its political affairs, trade, war and peace.

The Celebration of the Fourth of July

The first anniversary celebration of the birth of the United States was celebrated on the 4th of July 1777. At Bristol, Rhode Island thirteen gunshots were fired once at dawn and later at the dusk to signify the thirteen states which became independent. AtPhiladelphia the celebration included elaborate dinner for the continental Congress and toast. Speeches, parades, thirteen gun salutes, music and fireworks was also a part of their celebration.

Even today we celebrate the day with lots of fun activities, fireworks, and partying. The day is celebrated to commemorate the sufferings the people underwent during the colonial rule and the independence, freedom and happiness after it. Today America is one of the strongest and powerful countries; it took a great deal of strength and unity to become what it is today. The dreams lay down in the 18th century during the crafting of the declaration have been fulfilled one by one to become the ever independent United States of America.

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4th of July 2017