4th of July Party Ideas

The fourth of July is celebrated each year throughout America to commemorate the birth of America from 13 colonies under the colonial rule of Great Britain. This is a day for patriotic celebration, fun, and party. Parades, reenactment of the Declaration of Independence, speeches and fireworks are some of the inevitable part of the Independence Day celebration.

The fourth of July is a time for party, barbecue dinner and family get-together. If you are planning to throw a party on Fourth of July, it is always advisable to plan your party at least one month before the date of the function. Deciding the theme of the party the food to be made, preparing the list of guest, when to invite and how and what should be the giveaway gifts beforehand always makes the party flawless.

Where to Plan your 4th of July Party

You can organize your party at a party hall or at your home. But it is always necessary to take the number of guest and plan the place accordingly. You can either hold a barbecue party at your backyard, lawn or at a park else plan an indoor party. You should

The 4th of July Party invitation Ideas

The list of the guest should be prepared and they should be informed about the party a week or at least a few days before the event. This helps to reduce the invitees from engaging themselves in some other activities. Plan who should be invited and plan it according to your party if you are giving a party at home invite the minimum number of people and avoid a congested party, if you are planning it in a party hall prepare the list of guest accordingly.

Inviting the guest is the next step, you can get ready to post invitation cards with suitable wordings at the market, or if you would like to give it a personal touch, try designing something of your own either hand paint it in blue red and white or design it on your computer.

Party Decoration Ideas

Decorating the party hall is necessary to make it inviting, you can decorate the hall with paper craft of blue, red or white and also use balloons and ribbons of these colors. You can use colored candles and give a special lighting effect. If you are planning a garden party, arrange chairs and table decorations based on the color of the flag. You can select table cloths, mats and flowers of these shade to make it more attractive. But don’t overdo; you should always keep the decorations simple and inviting.

Party Food Ideas

Barbecue is a specialty of Fourth of July dinner. Arrange a barbecue at your backyard and serve the hot and juicy meat right from the fire. You can try barbecued chicken, beef and pork and try to know if there is any guest who does not prefer to have meat. Try to arrange some vegetarian dish for such guest, you can prepare puddings and pastry in the colors of red blue and green and can even serve colored drinks. Rather than planning an elaborate food, try focusing on a few items and making them real good. You can order the food at a restaurant or try out some cooking at home by do try it at least once before preparing it for the party. You can also try out some traditional food items and serve it in metal plates as it was in the eighteenth century.

Music and Games Ideas

Party is incomplete without music; put on some soft music which sigs about the country and its history or patriotic songs may also work on the day. If you are planning a family party there will be at least a few children and you should take care to make the party interesting for your little guests. Arrange some activities or craft work to keep them engaged. You can also hold a small competition and give away prizes to the winner. Try planning a historical quiz or painting competition for kids and do make it interesting in every possible way you can.

Last but not the least tries to be a great host. The party is a real success if and only if you see to the needs of your guest and make the as comfortable as you can.  It is not just how you arrange the party and how lavish it is that makes the party memorable; it is how you conduct it with attention to every minute detail that makes it a great one. You are the most important person who can either make a hit or a bore out of your party. You don’t have to spent a lot of money on the party to make it the best, all you should spent is your heart and thought so that it will become the best party ever and your guest will never know it is time to leave.

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