4th of July Parade 2016

On the Fourth of July 1776, a new country was born out of thirteen colonies which were under the rule of Great Britain. The new independent country that broke off from the colonial rule formed the United States of America, one of the most powerful countries today. The birth anniversary of the United States is celebrated each year with a lot of enthusiasm and joy.

Celebrating the Independence Day

The day is celebrated by parades, official dinner, military displays, reenactment of the Declaration of Independence and troop review. It is not just an official celebration; this patriotic day is a very important opportunity for each Americans to express their love for the country and to offer their salute to all those great men who made the dream of an independent nation possible. The people residing inside America and all the people with America in their heart celebrate this holiday by holding barbecue dinner, family get together, picnics and party on the day.

Fourth of July is a day of celebration for the big and the small, and the rich and the poor. It is the day when an independent country of America and millions of new dreams were born. The streets, the decorations, the dresses and the food highlights the color of the national flag, everything is in the shades of red, blue and white on the day.

Independence Day Parades

Parades are like hall mark of a patriotic day celebration and the birth of America is made even more happening with the colorful and large parades held across the country. One of the oldest and continuous Independence Day celebrations is the Bristol Fourth of July Parade organized at Rhode Island. The idea of this Independence Day parade was born in the year 1785, almost nine years after the birth of the United States of America and this parade is still conducted on every Fourth of July at Rhode Island.

Similarly Independence Day parades are held at Washington D C in connection with the Fourth of July celebration. And this event attracts hundreds of thousands spectators on the Constitution Avenue at the 7th to the 17th street. The parade includes bands, floats, military units, live performances, drill team and celebrity participants which altogether makes it a wonderful and colorful sight. The parade also highlights the color of the American national flag and most participants are dressed in these colors andthe national flag is also flown at the parade. Bands and other participants are selected based on the recommendation from the Governor's office. Representation of bands and other parade events from most parts of the county is ensured as much as possible. The parades are held before noon and may last for about one or two hours.

The Independence Day parades are also held at Philadelphia, the birth place of the original draft of the United States Constitution. The parade includes marching bands, drill teams, floats and school teams. The parade is conducted at the Liberty Bell Centre at 501 Market street and it walks past one of the most famous land mark at Philadelphia, Liberty Bell which is a prominent symbol of the American Revolutionary war and an icon of justice and liberty.

Fireworks are another excitement of the day, colorful and exiting firework displays are conducted to celebrate the birth anniversary of America. Bands and orchestra arranges for the public are also among the celebration which makes the fourth of July a real festival. The fourth of July celebrations and parades do bring in a feel of patriotism and pride in the heart of every American. Do  make sure you do enjoythe celebration in every way and try to watch a parade live at any parade ground near you to celebrate the day in the real way.

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