4th of July Events 2016

On July 4th Americans celebrate the day as the Independence Day and considered as the Federal Holiday. If the day falls on Saturday of the month, then the events and celebrations will take place on Friday.

If the day happens to be Sunday then the celebrations would take place on Monday. This year the Independence Day events take place on Friday event, though the day falls on Saturday and the days are used to create a vacation for a long weekend. The families would celebrate the day by visiting the historical places, participating in national parade's that happen in major cities and that can cause huge crowd at the popular destinations.

The day commences parades, public events and firework events to display. Few cities in America host the hot dog or watermelon eating competitions and sporting events such as basket ball, base ball games, three legged race, swimming activities and tug of war.

All the states in America celebrate 4th of July as the Independence Day with local parades and activities that are organized over the state.

The events that take place in New York City are the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, Revolutionary walking tour and other daytime activities such as a stroll in the Park.

The best place to visit and celebrate Independence Day is in Midwest of Chicago and July 4th is scheduled with parties like fireworks at Navy Pier, patriotic citizens will listen to the live reading of the Declaration of Independence from the Chicago history museum and includes the Americana music performances and a children's costume parade.

4th of July Events by State


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