4th of July Celebrations 2016

Fourth of July is the most celebrated federal holiday of America. The day commemorates approval of the Declaration of Indepence by the continental congress on the 4th of July 1776. This was the day when the United States of America was born from 13 colonies which were under the British rule.


Thirteen colonies under the colonial rule of Great Britain joined together to fight for their freedom and independence. They formed a committee to draft the document which would declare the independence from the rule over them without any representation. The Declaration was drafted by Thomas Jefferson and it was revised by the committee to create the final Declaration of Independence. This was approved by the committee on the second of July 1776 but it was officially approved on the fourth and the thirteen colonies formed a single country under an independent government. The thirteen colonies together formed the single country, one of the most powerful country today- the United States of America.

Celebration of the American independence

The fourth of July is a day of celebration and prides for every Americans. It is the day when the dream of an independent country was fulfilled and the day when millions of dreams of the Americans were born. The day is celebrated with parades, dinner, fireworks, barbecue, baseball games, dancing, singing, family get together and partying. The neighborhood and the decoration on the day are made beautiful in the shades of red, blue and white.

The celebration of this national holiday begins in the morning and includes military reenactment, patriotic performances, reading from the Declaration of Independence, and musical bands. The celebration at different places includes different activities but most of the customs associated with the celebration are similar to that of the very earliest celebration.

The national Independence Day parade is held on the day in the morning which attracts a lot of viewers and is a beautiful sight to see. The hoisting of the national flag and saluting is also included in the parade. Besides this many speeches and talk shows by politicians and important personalities are conducted where they talk about the heritage, history and the culture of the country. The Bristol national parade conducted at the Rhode island is the oldest parade conducted in connection with the Fourth of July celebration and have been held since the year 1785.

The military bases fires thirteen gunshots, one for each state of the United States of America. This gun shots is called the 'salute to the Union' and is usually fired at noon. The very first anniversary of the American independence was also observed by firing thirteen fire salutes to the independent America.

Barbecue parties and dinner are conducted by many public and private organizations to observe the celebration. The foods of the fourth of dinner party are usually real American recipes and some are even in the colors of red, blue and white. Family get together and picnics are also organized on the day.

Fireworks are another attraction of the Fourth of July celebration. The fireworks are held in the night and are accompanied by the singing of the national anthem and other patriotic songs saluting the country. Tons of crackers and pyrotechnics are exploded to celebrate the birth of the country. Firework displays are held at New York City, Chicago, San Diego, Washington, at many other places. But due to safety reason, there is a restriction on the size, type and use of fireworks on the day. Bands and orchestras are arranged at site of firework displays which plays patriotic or other music and makes the display more interesting and livelier. Sometimes the firework displays are held in the weekend of the first week of July depending on the convenience.

Many games like baseball and football are conducted on the celebration week. And at schools, quiz competitions, painting or essay writing are held during the first week of July. Some schools also conduct a parade and celebration ceremony on the Fourth of July. Educational talks and acts are also organized on the day.

The Fourth of July or the independence day of the United States of America is a celebration throughout America. Children and grown up, celebrate this patriotic day with equal enthusiasm and love for the country

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