4th of July Activities 2016

The independence day of the United States of America is celebrated on the fourth day of July and is hence also called as the 4th of July. This day is an occasion to remember the fight for independence from the colonial rule and the breakage of the rope bonding the thirteen colonies to the rule of Great Britain. The struggle for independence started in the early eighteenth century by the thirteen colonies which were ruled by the brutish and not even allowed any representation in the government. The document of The Declaration of Independence was officially approved and a new independent country of America was born on the Fourth of July 1776.


The 4th of July is an occasion for fun, patriotism and celebration. Independence Day parades, speeches and official dinner are arranged at different places. Fireworks, barbecue dinner, and parties are other attraction of the day. On the day, almost everything is decorated in the colors of the national flag; red, blue and white are the highlight of the day. Some dresses in one or the other color from the national flag and the colors are even highlighted in the July fourth dinner and food preparations.  

Activities on the July Fourth Celebration

A lot of fun activities are arranged on the Fourth of July with the aim of making the day more enjoyable and fun filled. Both fun and educative activities are arranged during the celebration for kids and grownups. Story reading, quizzes, games, coloring and crafts based on the American independence and history are organized so as it provides a fun filled and interesting learning medium. Baseball contest,barbecue festival, concerts, bands and hotdog eating contest are arranged on this day and a lot of fireworks and crackers are blasted at night.

Activities for kids

On this day, preschoolers and small children can engage them self in activities like crafts, puzzles, and fun games and coloring. Let them color the national flag of America or make red and blue caps with stars on them. They can also make their own National flag and pin it on to their dress. They can also play word games and try to spell out or say names related to America, its history and culture. Many printable materials and activity books are available with the theme of July Fourth and its celebration. If they are a very small child, read out a story based on the formation of the United States of America or let them read on their own if they are big enough to do so.

Schools and educational institutions arrange many activities for students. Quizzes about the revolution and the Declaration are conducted to make the children more informed about the history of the country. Essay writing and craft displays are also arranged and patriotic song and national anthem competitions are also held. The reenactment of the Declaration of the Independence are held at school to give the upcoming generation somewhat clear idea of what the ancestors went through to create such a country and the events that led to the formation of an independent America.

Fourth of July Activities for Adults

The birthday of America also offers a lot of activities and game for grownups. This is a celebration day and many engage themselves in games like baseball or watch the baseball contest organized in the neighborhood.Barbecue dinners and picnics are planned which also includes singing. Dancing and a small firework display. Competitions like hot dog eating contest and singing contest are held in the locality. Some go for a tour around the historical sites to and revolutionary area to enjoy the real essence of the day. Patriotic movies and plays are watched on the day to commemorate the experience of the colonial rule and the hard ship of life then. Parties are held in the neighborhood and people read from the Declaration of Independence to show respect to it.

Celebrating the Independence Day or the fourth of July is a way to express gratitude to all the people who lived long back who have made the life of the people today so comfortable and free. On this day one has to remember the hardship the country of America will be still facing if a few people were not ready to fight against the colonial rule in the eighteenth century.

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