Quail Hollow History

Quail Hollow History:

Quail Hollow is a province in south Charlotte. Quail Hollow is surrounded by Park Road and Carmel Road, south of Dilworth, north of Ballantyne and Pineville.

Quail has large residencies for housing, supermarkets, shopping complexes and restaurants. The newly constructed Ritz-Carlton Residency is nearby Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Wachovia Championship PGA Tournament hosted in the Quail Hollow Club in 2003.

The tournament benefit fund goes to a charitable trust, called ‘Teach for America’.

Quail Hollow Championship History:

The Quail Hollow Championship is a sporting event of a PGA Tournament for golf. The Quail Hollow Championship hosts the Quail Hollow Club in the beginning of the month of May every year.

The Quail Hollow Championship was launched in 2003, called ‘the Wachovia Championship’. The PGA Tour Golf Tournament trophy’s worth was $6.5 millions in 2008. Winner prize was $1.17 million.

Quail Hollow Championship Sponsorship:

The Wells Fargo sponsored the PGA Golf Tournament in the Quail Hollow in 2008. Wells Fargo merged with Wachovia and removed Wachovia name from the tournament for advertising purposes in 2009. Wells Fargo sponsors the PGA Tour Golf Tournament until 2014.

Quail Hollow Championship 2009:

Danny Lee:

Danny Lee, United States part-time champion. He started as a professional in the PGA Tour's Quail Hollow Championship on Friday 1, May 2009. Danny Lee participated for second time in the sporting event. Danny Lee is from New Zealand. Danny Lee had 19 years.

Last week, Danny Lee has shown an off-putting professional entrance in New Orleans. Danny Lee resigned after 36 holes in this event. However, he proved as a fast learner.

On Friday 1, May 2009, Danny Lee was a bit nervous at the water-lined difficult ending stretch. Even though, Danny Lee continued the final five holes and got two.

Lee said to reporters, “I was really nervous the last five holes”. “The last two holes are extremely tough and I was trying not to put it in the water”. “I played awesomely to shoot three-under in tough conditions and I'm really happy with my results". "All I'm going to do is try to make five birdies each day."

Tiger Woods:

Tiger Woods is a world famous golf champion. Tiger Woods missed the two of the final three holes. A stroke stopped behind Bubba Watson and Retief Goosen midway in the Quail Hollow Championship.

In the second round, Tiger Woods was shot an even-par 72 at Charlotte on Friday 1, May 2009. In the first day of the tournament, Tiger Woods found 7-under 65 in a two-stroke lead.

Tiger Woods said to reporters after closing of his first round, “My iron game was spotty here and there, but I just kind of hung around”. “Unfortunately, I didn’t hit it very well. I didn’t get the most out of my round, that’s for sure.”

Bubba Watson had a 6-under-par 30 of 9 to draw the tournament record for those leftover holes by Tiger Woods. Bubba Watson found 7-under 65 was the best round of the day. But Goosen has got a pair of 4-under 68s this week.