Chris Daughtry Birthday (December 26th)

Chris Daughtry Birthday (December 26th)

Christopher Adam Daughtry

Christopher Adam Daughtry, a famous American rock guitarist, vocalist, and lyricist, also the Grammy Award winner, was born on December 26, 1979. He staged the ‘2006 American Idol Show’ grand finale, stood in the fourth-place, and eliminated later on. (Still Alive)

Chris Daughtry Childhood

Pete and Sandra Daughtry were Chris parents, and Kenneth was his only brother. Roanoke Rapids in North Carolina was the birth place of Chris Daughtry, and Lasker was the brought up place till his 14th year. Daughtry was an Irish descent.

Chris Daughtry Scholastic History

Chris Daughtry started professional singer career at the age of 16. He played with rock bands in high school. He performed two stage shows in high school, ‘The Wiz’ and ‘Peter Pan’. He made his first cut at his grandfather’s bar, and played a song ‘Achy Breaky Heart’. He received graduation from Fluvanna High School in 1998. He worked as a service advisor, as well as owned the car dealership for sometime, before he came to American Idol.

Chris Daughtry Early Career

When Chris Daughtry was high school band was called ‘Cadence’. He sang foremost lyrics and played rhythm guitar as well. They performed the ‘All Eyes on You’ album in 1999.

Daughtry sang foremost lyrics and played rhythm guitar for rock bands in Burlington. He made the ‘Absent Element’ album, released in 2005. The ‘Absent Element’ album had two songs, ‘Conviction’ and ‘Breakdown’. He appeared in CBS’s ‘Rock Star INXS’ in 2005.

Chris Daughtry ‘American Idol’ Career

Chris Daughtry played The Boxtops’ ‘The Letter’ at the ‘American Idol’ show in Denver, Colorado. Sooner or later, he ranked Top 24 in the Hollywood Round.

On May 9, 2006, Daughtry played Elvis Presley’s "Suspicious Minds" and "A Little Less Conversation", and got critical compliments from the judges, as well as gained fourth-place, and eliminated.

Chris Daughtry’s New Album

Daughtry, the leading American soloist is getting ready to release second album on July 14th, 2009. Chris Daughtry is coming back to the American Idol show to release his self-named album ‘Daughtry’. This is the first singly to release from his band, and second album to him.

The 5th season finalist of previous American Idol show, Daughtry and his band staged "No Surprise", on Wednesday (6th May, 2009) nighttime live show, which is also known as the ‘eighth-season’s Top 3 finalists.

He said "American Idol fans have been so loyal to this band, we wanted to give them the first listen to our new single."

Chris Daughtry’s Credits

Daughtry’s self-named debut album was released in 2006, sold just about 304,000 copies in a week, and 3.2 million copies in a year, as well as positioned on the ‘Billboard 200 album sales record’, later on reached to No.1. This album was shaped the most famous album of 2007. The Daughtry band was also gained many compliments. Currently, his first self-named album was sold 4.2 million copies.