World Health Day 2015

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World Health Day 2015

World health day 2015 theme is "_______________" and celebrates on April 7th

World Health Day is commemorated each year on the day of 7th April, under the funding of World Health Organization (WHO).

In the year of 1948, World Health Organization detained the foremost World Health Assembly. And the assembly determined to commemorate the day 7 April of every year, with result from 1950, as World Health Day. This day is commemorated to create the “awareness of a specific health theme to highlight a priority area of concern for the World Health Organization (WHO)”.

Save lives. Make hospitals safe in emergencies

The World Health Day throws light on the protection of health services and readiness of health workers who treat people affected through emergencies. Staff and health centers provide imperative health care in group of people each day. And in disasters, their amenities are in greater demand: preventing illness, treating injuries and caring for communities’ urgent health requirements.

A secure hospital that carries on functioning at the optimum capacity throughout and after calamity or additional emergency is a secure refuging that defends lives. And the Safe health services are a combined liability, requiring vital support from additional sectors to make sure necessary life-lines. And when services stop working, it is double rage to overwhelmed society.

Protecting health from the adverse effects of climate change

World Health Day, on 7 April, marks the beginning of World Health Organization. It is an opening to draw global attention to focus of major significance to worldwide health every year. And in the year of 2008, the World Health Day throws light on the requirements to defend health from unpleasant effects of weather change and set up links between health and climate change and additional expansion areas such as energy, transport, food and environment.

The topic “protecting health from climate change” puts health at the centre of the worldwide dialogue about weather change. And World Health Organization chose this topic in gratitude that weather change is posing ever growing intimidation to worldwide public health protection.

Through increased teamwork, the global group of people will be superior prepared to manage with weather-related health challenges global. And the examples of such joint actions are: spiraling inspection and manage the communicable diseases, organizing health action in emergencies and ensuring safer use of retreating water supplies.

Invest in health, build a safer future

Key messages for World Health Day:

  • Invest in health, build a safer future.
  • Threats to health know no borders.
  • Preparedness and fast reply get better international health security.
  • Health leads to safety; diffidence leads to poor health.
  • The World Health Organization is creation the world safer.

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