Ted Stevens Birthday (April 9th)

Ted Stevens Birthday (April 9th)

Ted Stevens

Ted Stevens Introduction:

Theodore Fulton Stevens is born on November 18, 1923. Ted Stevens is a former senior Senator of Alaska in United States. He provided his service for six decades, from 1968 to 2009. He started his service from World War II.

Ted Stevens Childhood and Youth:

Ted Stevens is born in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 18, 1923. His father is George A. Ted Stevens, mother is Gerturde S. Chancellor. Later on the family is lived in Chicago. At the age of fifteen, Stevens’ father is died of cancer. He shifted with his cousin Patricia to Manhattan Beach, California. He studied in Redondo Union High School.

Ted Stevens Military Service:

In World War II, Ted Stevens attempted a test to join in the Navy Air Corps. But he failed in Vision Exam. Afterward he scored top marks in aptitude test for flight training. He is moved to flight coaching in Santa Ana, California. He went to Bergstrom Field in Texas and trained P-38 flight. He served from 1944 to 1946 in China-Burma-India Theater. On March, 1946, He was released from the Army Air Forces.

Ted Stevens’s Higher Education:

In 1947, after the World War II, Ted Stevens joined Bachelor’s Degree in UCLA. He is a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity at UCLA. He applied to Law in Harvard Law School. He studied Law from Harvard Law School in 1950.

Ted Stevens Early Legal Career:

Ted Stevens is going to the Washington D.C. and worked in law offices of Northcutt Ely.

Ted Stevens Marriage and Family:

Ted Stevens married Ann Mary Cherrington in 1952. Stevens has 3 sons and 2 daughters: Ben, Walter, Ted, Susan and Beth respectively. Stevens’ wife died on air crash on 1948. Later, He remarried Catherine in 1980. He have one daughter, Lily.

Ted Stevens Personal Life:

The Alaskan of the Year Committee elected Ted Stevens as ‘Alaskan of the Century in 2000’. The Alaska Legislature, a largest airport in Alaska is renamed as ‘Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport’. The Ted Stevens Foundation is started in 2004.

The Ted Stevens Conviction:

The U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder ordered the judicial department to abscond the charges against him, a former U.S. Senator from Alaska for the cause of hiding 25,000 Dollars in gifts obtained in his office.The officials said that the errors were created by prosecutors through his trial turn into the conviction is reversed. He is taken gifts and free home renovations from an oil company in October 2008. It was founded by a board of judges. The next month, he was lost his Senate re-election combat. He is provided a long-time service for six decades from 1968 as a Republican Senator. The prosecutors are created the mistake has been detached from the case and put in inspection. The Judicial Department will be heard the statement by a judge on 31st march, 2009. The Judge is anticipated to allow the action to be upturned his conviction.

Ted Stevens says in a report, "I always knew that there would be a day when the cloud that surrounded me would be removed". "That day has finally come. It is unfortunate that an election was affected by proceedings now recognized as unfair." The BBC correspondent Jon Donnison in Washington says, “The high outline case obviously directed to him dropped his seat and offered the Democrats a significant addition to its positions in the US Senate.” However, the U.S. new Attorney General Eric Holder is sent a notice to the Justice Department prosecutors should work within the law, our journalist appends.