St Georges Day 2017

St Georges Day 2017

St Georges Day is commemorated by several kingdoms, nations, cities, and countries, of which Saint George is a patron saint, comprised England, the old kingdoms and counties of Crown of Aragon in Spain - Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia; Georgia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Macedonia, and the cities of Moscow in Russia, Genova in Italy, Ljubljana in Slovenia, Beirut in Lebanon, and several others.

The St Georges Day is eminent as the Feast of St. George through Palestinians and it is commemorated in Monastery of St. George in al-Khader, near Bethlehem. And it is famous as a Georgemas.

And for England, the St Georges Day stains its National Day. Several countries, who survey the St Georges Day, commemorate it on 23rd April, the customarily accepted the date of Saint Georges bereavement in 303 A.D. St Georges Day is a regional government holiday in Newfoundland, Canada.

For the Eastern Orthodox Churches that pursue the Julian Calendar (the Old calendarists), the 23rd April (Julian Calendar) date of the St Georges Day falls on May 6 of the Gregorian Calendar in 20th and 21st centuries.

Moreover, 23rd April feast, a few Orthodox Churches has other feasts dedicated to the St George. And the country of Georgia commemorates the feast St George on 10th November (Julian calendar), which presently falls on 23rd November (Gregorian calendar). And The Russian Orthodox Church commemorates the commitment of a Church of St George in Kiev through Yugoslav I the Wise in 1051 on 26th November (Julian Calendar), which presently falls on Gregorian December 9.

The Scout movement has been commemorating the St Georges Day on 23rd April since its former years, and the St. George is a benefactor saint of several other organizations.

And in General Calendar of Roman Rite the feast of Saint George is on 23rdApril. and in Tridentate Calendar it was given the position of "Semi double." And In Pope Pius XII's 1955 calendar this position is condensed to "Simple." In Pope John XXIII's 1960 calendar the social event to a "Commemoration." And In Pope Paul VI's 1969 calendar it is lifted to the point of an optional "Memorial." and in a few countries, such as England, the position is higher.

The St Georges feast is ordered higher in England and in assured other regions. And it is second the most important National Feast in Catalonia, at where the day is famous in Catalan as La Diada de Sant Jordi and it is customary to give a rose and a book to a loved one. And this customary inspired the UNESCO to announce this the International Day of the Book, since April 23, 1616 was the date of bereavement of both the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes (according to the Gregorian calendar) and the English playwright William Shakespeare (according to the Julian calendar).

St Georges Day in Catholic and Protestant countries

St Georges Day in England

The St Georges Day is not commemorated as much in England as additional National Days are around the world; and it is basically acknowledged. However, this custom had waned through the end of 18th century. And in fresh years the fame of the St Georges Day emerges to be increasing slowly. And the BBC Radio 3 had an occupied programme of the St Georges Day events in 2006, and Andrew Rosindell, Conservative MP for Romford, has been putting the dispute forward in House of Commons to create St Georges Day a public holiday. While Saint George is a Patron Saint of England, it is alleged that St George was not English and it is not assured that he ever tripped England, while myth has it that St George was born in the Coventry at Caludon Castle in Wyken.

However, the contemporary association of St Georges Cross with sports such as rugby football, and cricket means that this custom too is losing status with community who do not connect themselves with those athletes. It is usual for the hymn "Jerusalem" to be sung in cathedrals, churches and chapels on the St Georges Day, or on Sunday closest to it.

The St Georges Day is usually the event when the Queen declares new meetings to the Order of the Garter.

St Georges Day in Lebanon

The St Georges Day is commemorated all through Lebanon, but particularly in towns and villages where churches for the St Georges had been raised. Devout processions are frequent in villages that have selected St George as their benefactor saint with in

Beirut's three cathedrals that are committed to Saint George.

St Georges Day in Catalonia

La Diada de Sant Jordi, known as the el dia de la rosa or the el dia del llibre, a Catalan holiday is celebrated on 23rd April equal to St. Valentine's Day with a few unique twists that illustrate the earliest practice of the day. And this event is celebrated with the swap of gifts among sweethearts, loved ones and respected ones. Traditionally, men gave women roses, and women also gave men a book to rejoice the occasion—"a rose for love and a book forever."

Catalonia has exported this custom of the book and the rose to the rest of the world. And In 1995, the UNESCO adopted April 23 as the World Book and Copyright Day.

St Georges Day in Aragon and Valencia

The St George is a benefactor saint of Aragon, at where he is famous as San Jorge. And

Valencia celebrates the St George's Day with diverse intensity.

St Georges Day 2009St Georges Day in Orthodox Countries

If the St Georges Day falls throughout Lent or on the Easter Day it is detected on the Easter Monday.

St Georges Day in Georgia

Georgians describe St Georges Day Giorgoba. And it is commemorated each year on 23 November (November 10 on Julian Calendar). And it’s a very significant day for the Georgians, schools and Universities are closed and everybody eats Georgian customary food, and also goes to church.

St Georges Day in Bulgaria

Probably the most commemorated name day in the state, St Georges Day is a public holiday that occurs on 6 May every year.

St Georges Day is the Day of Bulgarian Army, made authorized with a verdict of Knyaz Alexander of Bulgaria on 9 January 1880. And Parades are ordered in the capital Sofia to present the best of army's manpower and equipment.

St Georges Day in Serbia

In Serbian St Georges Day is identified Đurđevdan. It is commemorated on 6th May each year, as a Serbian Orthodox Church uses the Julian, Old Style Calendar. The St Georges Day is one of the most frequent Slavas surrounded by the Serbs, commemorated not only in Serbia, but in Montenegro, Republika Srpska and new Serbian lands. And Đurđevdan is celebrated through both Orthodox and Muslim Roma and Muslim Gorani. And Đurđevdan is commemorated, especially, in districts of Raška in Serbia. Despite being the Slava of several families, the St Georges Day is marked through morning picnics, folk dances and music.

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