St Georges Day Events

In several countries, nations, cities and kingdoms, St Georges Day is celebrated in which Saint George is the patron saint.  In most countries St Georges Day is celebrated on April 23rd which is traditionally observed on the death date of Saint George in 303 A.D.

Have fun in St Georges Day events in London with best parades, live music, children activities and many more. Celebrate the English heritage by flying the flag. Below are few St Georges Day events which will take place this year.

St Georges Day at Trafalgar Square

In London on St Georges Day, Trafalgar Square is planning to host a free concert in a grand style on the weekend after St Georges Day, for everyone to enjoy with Music Hall style music. With live entertainment the atmosphere will be one of a traditional English feast with live entertainment throughout the afternoon, creating a delight for all music lovers.

Shakespeare’s Birthday Party

With St Georges Day, Shakespeare shares his birthday and a huge party celebrating the birthday of the Bard himself with especial workshops, games and activities at the Globe at the Bank side will be at the location. All the visitors will get to hear some of Shakespeare's sonnets, by the Globe actors and can go on a maneuvered walk of Shakespearean London. You can see one of Shakespeare's most well loved plays, Macbeth, at the beginning of the new theatre season at The Globe.

St Georges Day for Kids

On St Georges Day there are many events conducted for kids and families. You can choose from Morris and Maypole dancing, Punch and Judy shows and dragon making at some places such as the V&A Museum of Childhood and the Royal Air Force Museum or take a spin on the London Eye which is becoming red and white for the night.

Music at Royal Albert Hall

For a patriotic evening of music head to Royal Albert Hall with John Sergeant introducing the Land of Hope and Glory, Rule Britannia, and other English classic pieces. John Betjeman and Shakespeare will make a fantastic ending to the day by Rousing music coupled with stirring readings.

St George at the National Gallery

St George fighting the dragon is one of the most famous images  displayed  in the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. All the locals and tourists will be keen to see the man in the Armour making his bit on St Georges Day.

Patriotic Pints

The people who are celebrating St Georges Day can head to a mixture of traditional restaurants and English pubs to luxuriate in a good old forged pint and few hearty grub to celebrate the day in style. 

Festival for St George at St Georges Gardens

In St Georges Garden along with live music plus a Chinese Dragon dance companied by traditional English entertainment is performed. In this event you will also see few cake stalls.

Square Mile Pageant

You can join St George on horseback companied by soldiers and military vehicles for a custom parade past St Paul's Cathedral.

So plan to celebrate St Georges Day according to your taste and by attending the special events organize by London people.

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