Oliver Stone Birthday (September 15th)

Oliver Stone Birthday (September 15th)

Oliver Stone

William Oliver Stone was born in New York City on September 15, 1946. He was a Jewish. He was an American Film Director, Producer and Screenwriter.His first film is ‘Vietnam War’. He gained Academy Awards for three times. He has gotten an Oscar Award for ‘Best Adapted Screenplay’ for the film ‘Midnight Express’ on 1978.

Oliver Stone Boyhood

Oliver Stone’s birth place is New York City. His parents are Jacqueline and Louis Stone. His father is Jewish, and mother is Roman Catholic. He was raised in Manhattan and Stamford, Connecticut. He was raised in Episcopalian and changed to Buddhism.

Oliver Stone Scholastic Profile

Oliver Stone joined in Trinity School. Later, he admitted in The Hill School. In 1964, he has graduated from The Hill School. He was joined in Yale University. He also graduated from film school at New York University.

Oliver Stone Marital Profile

Oliver Stone married Najwa Sarkis in 1971. Later, he divorced Najwa Sarkis in 1977. He wedded Elizabeth Stone in 1981, and separated in 1993. Oliver married Sun-jung Jung in 1996.

Oliver Stone Film Career

  • Oliver Stone started film profession as a director in 1970. He directed his first short film ‘Madman of Martinique’.
  • He has performed as a screenwriter in 1978. He has written screenwriting for picture ‘Midnight Express’.
  • He played a cameo role for the film ‘Dave’ in 1993.
  • He will be produced the film ‘Escobar’ in 2009.
  • He will be directed and produced the sequel of ‘The Wall Street’ in 2010.
  • He directed the most topical picture ‘W’ was released in 2008.

Oliver Stone Wall Street Sequel

Oliver Stone has made a deal with 20th Century Fox Films for ‘Wall Street’ sequels. Currently, the sequel name is ‘Wall Street 2’. Michael Douglas starred in this movie. He is the director and co-writer for the film ‘Wall Street 2’.Michael Douglas will be recurrence on 1987’s Gordon Gekko acted, ‘Wall Street’ sequel.Charlie Sheen (Bud Fox) thinks that she has seeking a new profession, the sequel with new blood. She proposed that Shia LaBeouf was in talks for the character of Gekko in 1987 Wall Street.

The 20th Century Fox Films orator, Gregg Brilliant says, “Not surprisingly, considering both the film's directorial pedigree and the current state of the U.S. economy, the sequel (tentatively titled Wall Street 2) will be very "ripped from the headlines". Michael Douglas said to Ellen DeGeneres in an interview, "It starts up a couple years ago." "Gordon Geckko has just got out of jail and we kind of deal with all the issues that are going on now. It's an excellent script. I'm really excited about it." This program was televised on Wednesday 29, 2009.