Matt Giraud Birthday (May 11th)

Matt Giraud Birthday (May 11th)

Matt Giraud

Matthew Scott Giraud was born in Dearborn, Michigan on May 11, 1985. Matt Giraud is a singer and dueling piano player. Matt Giraud is also played the instruments like Vocals, Piano, Drums, and Guitar. Matt Giraud is the finalist of ‘American Idol’ Television Show on the 8th edition.

Matt Giraud Childhood:

Matt Giraud was grown up in Ypsilanti. Matt Giraud is studied in Lincoln High School in 2003. Matt Giraud played piano at Kalamazoo clubs. Matt Giraud has taken a graduation from Western Michigan University.

Matt Giraud Early Career:

Matt Giraud was released his first album ‘Perspective’ in 2003. The next album ‘Mind Body and Soul’ is released in 2006.

Matt Giraud in American Idol Show:

Matt Giraud is given a program of American Idol in Louisville, Kentucky for 8th edition on Fox Television Show. Matt Giraud is in top seventh place.

On Tuesday, 21st April, 2009, Matt Giraud performed “Staying Alive”. At first, Bee Gees was played this song. It is the one the finest performances of Matt Giraud. Matt Giraud was erected a good performance in American Idol Show. The American Idol Show judges called Matt Giraud for the second time. Matt Giraud has gotten the stage that he looked to cover a strong feeling about him that he was absent before. He has taken another chance from American Idol judges. Later, Matt Giraud has given good performance. Matt Giraud was made really good performance to sing this song. Matt Giraud has chosen the song ingeniously.

On Tuesday, 21st April, 2009, Matt Giraud was performed "Staying Alive" at night. Matt Giraud has taken simply common disco classic song. Matt Giraud was performed it stylishly. The female singers were given melodious background chorus with Matt Giraud. Matt Giraud was punched perfect tune in the middle of the song. Matt Giraud vocal ability is very high pitch note. The one omission to Matt Giraud’s enormous show can have the final note at the end. Matt Giraud has not grasping the pitch in the end. And above, he had all over the rest of the appearance.


Matt Giraud Performances

Week # Theme Song choice Original artist Order # Result
Audition N/A "I Don't Want to Be" Gavin DeGraw N/A Advanced
Hollywood First Solo [not aired] - N/A Advanced
Hollywood Group Performance "I Want You Back" The Jackson 5 N/A Advanced
Hollywood Second Solo "Georgia on My Mind" Hoagy Carmichael N/A Advanced
Top 36/Semi-Final 2 Billboard Hot 100 Hits to Date "Viva la Vida" Coldplay 2 Eliminated 1
Wild Card N/A "Who's Lovin' You" The Jackson 5 2 Selected
Top 13 Michael Jackson "Human Nature" Michael Jackson 12 Safe
Top 11 Grand Ole Opry "So Small" Carrie Underwood 11 Safe
Top 10 Motown "Let's Get It On" Marvin Gaye 1 Bottom 2
Top 9 Top Downloads "You Found Me" The Fray 6 Safe
Top 8 Year They Were Born "Part-Time Lover" Stevie Wonder 7 Safe
Top 7 Songs from the Cinema "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?" - Don Juan DeMarco Bryan Adams 4 Saved2
Top 73 Disco "Stayin' Alive" Bee Gees 6 Safe
Top 5 Rat Pack Standards TBA