Jim Douglas Birthday (June 21st)

Jim Douglas Birthday (June 21st)

Jim Douglas

Jim Douglas is born in Springfield, in Massachusetts on June 21, 1951. His full name is James H. Jim Douglas. He is the Governor of Vermont in United States. Jim Douglas is a Republican.

Jim Douglas Early Life:

Jim Douglas is studied aBachelor of Arts Degree from Middlebury College at Middlebury in Vermont. He is the activist of Republicans Party. He speaks Russian Language. He married Dorothy Foster Douglas.Hehas two sons, Matthew and Andrew.

Jim Douglas Electoral History:

  • At 15th year, Jim Douglas is elected the ‘Vermont House of Representatives’ in 1972.
  • In 1979, He has been left the Vermont General Assembly.
  • Later, He worked as an advisor under the Governor Richard A. Snelling.
  • In 1980, He elected Secretary of State.
  • In 1992, He nominated U.S. Senate and was beaten by Patrick Leahy, a Democratic Party candidate.
  • In 1994, He was voted State Treasurer.
  • In 2002, He was beaten by Doug Racine, a Democratic Lieutenant Governor.
  • In 2004, He was succeeded in the reelection against Peter Clavelle, a Democratic Party Candidate.
  • He declared that he was nominated in the re-election for the post of governor in 2006. He defeated Scudder Parker, a democratic candidate in re-election.
  • The Governor Jim Douglas has been signed on a Landmark Civil Bill Banning Discrimination in 2007.
  • He is standing for 2008 re-elections. The main candidates Anthony Pollina, and Independent candidate, Gaye Symington, a Democratic Candidate are nominated against Jim Douglas. Jim Douglas has defeated the opposite candidates. He has selected fourth term in these elections.
  • In Feb 2, 2009, He who met the first governor with the US President Barack Obama in White House.
  • He banned the bill on ‘Homosexual Marriage’ in Vermont in April 6th, 2009.

Jim Douglas against Homosexual Marriage:

The homosexual marriage is voted by the Vermont Legislature on 7th Tuesday, 2009. This is the first state in U.S. The Iowa Supreme Court declared to authorize homosexual marriage. He passed a veto on ‘Homosexual Marriage’ on 6th April, 2009. The State Senate Majority Leader, John Campbell says, "The emotion that is going around this building right now -- how good people feel -- it's palpable" on 7th April, 2009. "It's not often that you get in your career to be able to fight for someone's civil rights."

He thinks that the marriage relation is so strong between man and woman. The Vermont House voted 49 out of 100 favoured to Jim Douglas. He wanted minimum votes. The law permits the Homosexual Marriage in Vermont in September. The rule is legal in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Iowa. The chambers are going off in clapping after the vote in the Vermont House. The opposition parties are criticized the Homosexual Marriage.

Brain S. Brown, the Executive Director of the National Organization for Marriage. He says, "Today is a truly sad day for Vermont and this nation." Brain S. Brown says, “I hoped the ad campaign, which I said would finally include more than $1.5 million in airtime, would ‘highlight how same-sex marriage undermines the core civil rights of those who believe in the simple truth that marriage is the union of one man and one woman’ ”.An American woman says, "There is a storm gathering . . . and I am afraid." Another woman says, "I am parent, helplessly watching public schools teach my son that gay marriage is OK." The African American man says, "there is hope: a rainbow coalition . . . coming together in love to protect marriage. Join us."

The Homosexual rights supporters are delighted that the vote in Vermont on 7th April, 2009. And they wanted take another necessary action in that day. Jennifer Pizer, a Marriage Director for Lambda Legal, says, "This is a week we all will remember: first Iowa, then Vermont, then D.C, we have turned another critical corner in this equal rights movement." The Homosexual Marriage is banned on November 8th, 2008. The California Constitution is ordered the Homosexual marriage is legal in California. There are above 18,000 homosexual couples are set the marriage bond.