Dara Torres Birthday (April 15th)

Dara Torres Birthday (April 15th)

Dara Torres

Dara Torres was born in Jupiter, Florida on April 15, 1967. She full name is Angelena Dara Grace Torres. She is an American swimmer. She is the only one swimmer to participate five Olympic Games from 1884 to 2008. Shes won Silver Medal in 50 meter freestyle, 4×100 medley relay, and 4×100 freestyle relay events in 2008 Olympics. She is also won Twelve Olympic medals (Gold (4), Silver (4), and Bronze (4)).

Dara Torres Childhood:

Edward Torres and Marylu Kauder are the parents of Dara Torres. She is raised in Los Angeles, California at the age of seven. She joined in Westlake School for Girls (Harvard-Westlake School). She swim coach is Darlene Bible.

Dara Torres Early Life:

Dara Torres is beginning swim with her two brothers at Y.M.C.A. After, She joined in Culver City Swim Team. She and her family shifted to Mission Viejo, Calif, to swim for Mission Vijo Nadadores in 1980s. She Coach is Mark Shubert. And then she trained for 1984 Olympic Games. She breaks the World Record in the event ‘Women’s 50 meter Freestyle’. In 1985, She is joining in University of Florida. She's gotten 28 N.C.A.A. awards in her college career.

Dara Torres Career:

Dara Torres is also worked as a Reporter and Announcer in some American Television Networks like NBC, ESPN, TNT, OLN and Fox News Channel. Now, She is hosting the golf show ‘The Clubhouse’ from ‘Resort Sports Network’. She played a model in the ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’ in 1994. Shes was selected to the ‘International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame’ in 2005.

Dara Torres comes back to Fifth Olympics:

Dara Torres is reappeared in Fifth Olympic Games, at the age of 41. She is the only one woman to swim in the Olympics at age of 40. she's Olympic Career is 24 years.

Dara Torres – 2008 Beijing Olympics:

Dara Torres has gotten a Silver Medal in 2008 Beijing Olympics in the event ‘4x100 meters women's freestyle relay’. She won three Silver Medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Dara Torres Personal Life:

Dara Torres married and divorced Jeff Gowen, a sports producer in the middle of 1990s. After, She married Itzhak Shasha.

Dara Torres – About her Fitness:

Dara Torres is written a new book ‘Age Is Just a Number’, about her fitness. She is dream how to return the Olympic Games and can get first place. Some reasons are affected her. Because, She is pregnant at that time, and her father is struggled with blood cancer.

Dara Torres is attended the "Got Milk" campaign. At this campaign, She explained to take milk after exercise for the best results to work of muscles and bones. Here, She explained her Muscle and Bone Workout tips in the following passage.

Dara Torres explodes her bone-building exercises with stair climber. You will find Dara Torres and her daughter were played in the park on summer days. Exercises are booted your body. You can join in a gym, or aerobics and or a dancing school for fitness. At least you can walk quickly for fitness. And also you can walk on stairs in your house when the lift is in working. Choose the better, which type of exercise for your convenience with your children or friends or some other activities for fitness.


2008 Summer Olympics Events
Medal count: 3 (0 gold, 3 silver, 0 bronze)
Date Event Final Time Place
August 9 4×100 m Freestyle Relay 3:34.33 2nd
August 16 50 m Freestyle 24.07 2nd
August 16 4×100 m Medley Relay 3:53.30 2nd