Sears Tower‚ Chicago

Sears Tower‚ Chicago


Sears Tower was the world's tallest building from 1974 to 1998.
Preceded by World Trade Center
Surpassed by Petronas Twin Towers
Sears ToweLocation Chicago, Illinois,United States
Sears Towe Status Complete
Sears Towe Constructed 1970-1973
Sears Towe Use Office, observation, communication
Sears Towe Height
Sears Towe Antenna/Spire 1,730 ft (527 m)
Sears Towe Roof 1,451 ft (442 m)
Sears Towe Technical details
Sears Towe Floor count 110
Sears Towe Floor area 4.56 million sq ft. (3.81 million sq ft. rentable)
418,064 m² (353,961 m² rentable)
Sears Towe Elevator count 104, with 16 double-decker elevators, made by Westinghouse, modernized by Schindler Group
Sears Towe Architect Skidmore, Owings and Merrill

Sears Tower is positioned at Wacker Drive in Chicago. Sears Tower is very tall building in the United States. There are 110 stairs in Sears Tower. Sears Tower is commenced on 3rd May, 1973. Sears Tower is designed by the architectural companies Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. The companies also designed John Hancock Tower in the north side of Chicago. Sears Roebuck and Co is first leaseholder of Sears Towers.

Sears Tower changes its name shortly. Willis Group Holdings Company (London) changed name of the building. ‘Sears Tower’ is known as ‘Willis Tower’. The company will be taken 1,40,000 sq.ft area for lease to the office purpose. Willis Company will pay $14.50 per square foot. Willis Company shifted its six local agencies into the building. It will be completed on summer.

I think it's terrible," said Jen King, 20, of Bartlett. "It's been the Sears Tower forever."

"It's just wrong," said her friend Audrey Joseph, 22, of St. Louis, shaking her head.

Willis Group Holdings Company (London) Chairman and C.E.O., Joseph Plumeri is an unnecessary action that his company decided to take above 500 employees are relocated.

"It's our strong Midwestern values," said D. Joel Whalen, an assistant professor of marketing at DePaul University. "We know one of the hallmarks of quality is constancy, and change is not always good. We're friendly to everyone but we don't make friends quickly. It takes years to make a friend. You're from out of town and we don't know who you are."

"I still refer to as the Standard Oil building and I go to watch the White Sox at Comiskey Park," said Ronald Safer, managing partner at Sears Tower tenant Schiff Hardin LLP. He figures he'll tell clients his office can be found in "the structure formerly known as Sears Tower."

William Lozito, president of Strategic Name Development Inc., a Minneapolis-based consultancy, said "I can predict for years people are going to call it Sears Tower because it's being replaced with an unknown."

"We are extremely pleased with the economics of this deal," said senior vice president Mike Kazmierczak, adding there was "significant financial consideration" for the naming rights.

On Thursday, when reporters ask Mayor Richard Daley, about his opinion on ‘rename the Sears Tower’, he shakes his shoulders and says, “He has supported the renaming of such icons as Marshall Field's, and this seemed no different”. Mayor Richard Daley is also supposed that "Sears moved out a long time ago".