Jay Leno Birthday (April 28th)

Jay Leno Birthday (April 28th)

Jay Leno Biography

James Douglas Muir "Jay" Leno is born in New Rochelle, Now York on April 28, 1950. He is a comedian. He is taken as Emmy Award. He is a television host and writer. In 1992, a successful television show ‘The Tonight Show’ is hosted by Jay Leno. Still Jay Leno will be continued the host of The Tonight Show on or before May 29, 2009. He is the heir of former host Conan O’Brien, who conduct the show ‘Late Night’ on NBC.

Jay Leno’s Childhood:

Angelo, Catherine were Jay’s parents. He raised in Andover, Massachusetts. He is a graduate. In 1973 He received a bachelor Degree in Speech Therapy from Emerson College.

Jay Leno Carrier:

Jay Leno is replaced the host of ‘The Tonight Show’ for Johnny Carson in 1992. Carson is worked since 1987 in that place. He has continued his performance as a comedian on ‘The Tonight Show’. Jay Leno’s contract is extended upto 2009 with NBC for the host of ‘The Tonight Show’. The last program for Jay Leno has the host of ‘The Tonight Show’ is planned for May 29, 2009.

Obama with Jay Leno on 'The Tonight Show' on 19th March, 2009:

Obama was the first President to sit the venue of ‘The Tonight Show’ on NBC. There are 5 million spectators are seen the show.In October 2007, Obama is also appeared on the "The Tonight Show” with him on election movement. The president Barack Obama will ask the questions to viewers about his plans, policies and healthcare on his budget plan.

Michael Dimock is the Associate Director of Washington’s nonpartisan Pew Research Center. Michael Dimock says, "He's kind of setting a tone that he's not going to be restrained by the rules". A Brookings Institution professional on the intersection of politics and celebrity, Darrell M. West says, "That's the group he needs to convince that he's doing a good job and his budget makes sense".