World Cancer Day 2015

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World Cancer Day 2015 Theme is "_____________________" and 2014 theme is "Together it is possible" and 2013 theme is "Dispel damaging Myths and misconceptions about cancer"

World Cancer Day Quotes

Cancer is one of the emerging killers which is threatening mankind in the recent times. In the world of rush and hush people frantically run neglecting their most treasured position health. Today as per the recent updates it is estimated 84 million people will die of cancer between the year 2005 and 2015.Cancer is termed after the species crab of the Latin text which means the unseen hidden underground enemy. It causes abnormal and uncontrolled multiplication of cells, which mostly goes painless initially. So by enlarge the diagnosis becomes quite crucial because of its hidden symptoms.

Every year Feb 4th is renounced as the world cancer day, where WHO and the entire mankind unites to fight against the killer disease, which as emerged as the awe of the present. World cancer day is also solicited to bring about the resilience and hope in the minds of the cancer survivors, who have faced enormous trauma and mental conflict in their war against the question of life and death. Only in the year of 2005, 7.5 million victims were slayed mercilessly by the real slayer “the cancer”. Most people who lost their lives where from economically weaker and developing countries, where medical expertise and financial assistance where comparatively hampered. Thus WHO as framed a six module scheme and has deployed managers and policy- makers who can combat the severity of the disease by effective cancer control measures in the low and middle income countries.

“Prevention and control” is the key word of emphasis on the day of February 4th to completely vanish off the disease from tormenting mankind. Prevention includes proper screening techniques and educating the lay-person about the ways to detect the cancerous symptom. From the cancerous site called the lesion, the cells spread in millions destructing the normal and viable human tissues and also reaches to all distant sites causing metastasis. If detected early cancer could be treated by surgery, chemotherapy and radiation techniques. Cancerous lesion can affect any site, like the cervix, breast, bone, mouth, brain or any human tissue.

Causes for cancer is usually idiopathic which means causes unknown, other coman caused which predispose the disease are improper eating habits, no physical activity, exposure to carcinogens, radiation , certain viruses like the papilloma virus, smoking or alcohol addiction and so on…..

Prevention of cancer which is the focus of the world cancer day reinforces the abolishment of the carcinogenic agent, tobacco which has caused oral, lung and various other cancers in humans. Protection against harmful ultra-violet rays which can destruct the normal tissues making them cancerous, healthy eating habits ,regular physical activity and preventing of infections.

Five common cancers prevalent in the today’s world are stomach, lung, breast, colorectal and cervix. HPV and Hepatitis B virus are the only two viruses which can cause cervix and liver cancers respectively. Early detecting, education diagnosis and screening are the assuring key weapons to wrestle and win over the life-threatening disease. Some early signs of cancer include lumps, lesions that prolong to heal, abnormal bleeding, consistent indigestion, and chronic hoarseness. The Early diagnosis relevant for cancers of the breast, cervix, larynx, colon, skin, rectum and mouth.

Breast screening can be done by self examination, mammogram and for cancer cervix pap smear test and cytology biopsy can be done for specific areas if any changes are seen. World cancer day educates the age necessary for screening and the quality of screening , how to personally detect the changes, raising funds for these services , make the process available to the economically weaker group and all , ensure the reliable quality is provides in terms of education, campaigning and screening. Palliative pain relief and counseling and motivational booster for the cancer survivors.

After the world cancer day initiative by the WHO, numerous awareness messages and awakenings are pitched in the minds of the public to fight against the killer disease. All have become more cautious and all detecting measures are taken when initial changes are visible which draws suspicion.

National cancer control association, 58th WHA cancer prevention and control are all initiatives of the WHO to fight against the cancer threat.

Cancer pain during the terminal stages is very distressing and requires sufficient emotional and psychological support to fight the disease, which is rightly said as the palliative service to cancer patients. A well planned idea and counseling is given to the family members to treat and support the patient, at their adverse and tragic situation. Thus having learned the causes, detection techniques, efficient screening and control of the disease as humans it our onus to spread the news of caution and care to all the deprived to win our world against the fatal disease, that has hailed to oppress the complete mankind.

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