Tom Brady Birthday (August 3rd)

Tom Brady Birthday (August 3rd)

Tom Brady is the famous American Football Quarterback, playing for the National Football League’s New England Patriots. The National Football League’s Most Valuable Player is more often than not in the limelight for Tom Brady on the field achievements and off the field romantic alliance with super model Gisele Bundchen. Being a consistently strong player in the regular and off season makes him an ideal choice for the best quarterback of all times. Tom Brady has played in four Super Bowls, winning three of them. Tom Brady also holds the record of the highest number of touchdown passes in a single regular season and is a two times Super bowl MVP. Various sporting magazines have named him as the Sportsman of the Year and the accolades just keep coming.

Tom Brady- Life and Times

Tom Brady was born in San Francisco in San Mateo, California in 1977. Tom Brady graduated from Junipero Serra high school and since then has been a fan of the legendary Joe Montana. He played college football for the University of Michigan.

Tom Brady began his NFL career when Tom Brady was chosen in the 2000 NFL Draft. In his rookie season Tom was number two on the depth chart and 1-for-3 passing for 6 yards.

Year 2001 began with Tom playing as the Patriots starting quarterback. The Patriots won 11 of the 14 games and Tom began entering the playoffs with a first round bye. Tom ended with 2843 passing yards, maximum touchdowns and an invitation to Pro Bowl.

2002 was a lackadaisical season with Tom and the Patriots finishing at 9-7, but the Patriots missed the playoffs. The next half of the season Tom nursed a shoulder injury and a career low single season rating of 85.7.

In the 2003 season after a 2-2 start Tom led the Patriots to 12 consecutive wins to end the season and win the AFC East. This season also saw Tom achieving a quarterback rating of 122.9, finishing with 3,620 yards and 23 touchdowns and went on to win his second Super Bowl MVP.

2004 season began with Tom continuing to lead the Patriots to an NFL record with 21 wins. Tom threw for 3,692 yards and 28 touchdowns with a 92.6 passer rating and an invitation to his second Pro-Bowl.

An injury ridden Patriots once again heavily relied on Tom for the 2005 season. Tom as usual took up the challenge and finished first in the League with 4110 passing yards and third in the league with 26 touchdowns. Tom’s passer rating hit a high of 92.3 and the Patriots finished 10-6 record to obtain their third straight AFC East win. In the playoffs Tom led the Patriots to a 28-3 win over Jacksonville Jaguars.

2006 season as usual started with Tom leading the patriots to a 12-4 record and wrapped up fourth in the AFC playoffs. The regular season had Tom throwing 3,524 yards and 24 touchdowns. During the post-season, the Patriots defeated the New York Jets 37-16 and Tom went 22-34 for 212 yards and 2 touchdowns.

The highlight of Tom’s career for NFL was the 2007 season and he attained his high mark as a quarterback. Tom as usual led the Patriots to a 16-0 record wins and in the process broke umpteen records and attained new career highs. Tom Brady also won a number of NFL awards, he was chosen FedEx Express NFL player of the week four times, selected AFC Offensive Player of the week five times, AFC Offensive layer of the month for September and October. In 2008 Tom again won the NFL MVP award as well as the Offensive Player of the Year.

Destiny took an about turn in 2008 and Tom was laid off for most of the year due to debilitating injuries. Tom Brady underwent two knee surgeries and further two surgeries to counter the infections that had set in post surgery. Though Tom is recuperating well, rehabilitation is long term.

Tom Brady Accolades, Awards and Achievements

Tom holds two NFL records, one for the highest total passing touchdowns in the regular season-50, and the largest touchdown to interception difference +4. Tom Brady also has the highest single game quarterback rating 158.3 and the highest single season quarterback rating 117.2. Highest total passing touchdowns in a game-6. Tom boasts of the highest total passing yards in a game-410 and also the highest total passing yards in a season-4,806.

Tom also holds the NFL record for the most consecutive wins in post-season-10. 3 Super bowl victories, 2 Super Bowl MVP, most completions in a super Bowl-32, most career Super Bowl completions-100 in 4 games and the highest completion percentage in a single game.

Tom Brady still has more playing years in him and more records and career best to achieve.