Seth Green Birthday (February 8th)

Seth Green Birthday (February 8th)

Seth Green Famous American Actor

Seth Benjamin Gesshel Green is a person of multispecialities, exhaling in different fields of creativity like acting, comedy, voice acting, and production.


Seth Green is best known for his performance in Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Daniel “Oz”, Austin Powers as Scott, and in That 70s Show as Mitch Miller.
Other than acting, Seth Green has given his voice to several characters like Chris Griffin in Family Guy, Jeff ‘Joker” Moreau (the Flight Lieutenant) in a video game series Mass Effect. Seth Green is also involved in a stop motion comedy series, named Robot Chicken, as co-creater and producer.

With this, Seth Green made some guest appearances in movies like:

  • Rat Race
  • The Italian Job
  • Can’t Hardly Wait
  • Stephen King’s It (as a child artist)

Seth Green Personal Life:

Seth Green Birth Details:

Seth green was born on Febraury 8, 1974, in West Philadelphia. Seth Green parents, Barbara and Herb Green didn’t live together for a long time and got divorced when Seth Green was fifteen years old. The situation adversly reacted on Seth Green mindset during his growing years.

Seth Green Childhood Interest

Seth Green mother was an artist, who worked in Camp Harlam, Pennsylvania, as an art director. Because of her work, Seth Green used to visit that place more ofently and this resulted in developing an interest of movies in him. After the divorce of his parents Seth Green went to the camp to chase his dreams of acting in movies. In his early stage of career, Seth Green performed a role of Jewish boy from 1940s in a movie, named Radio Days.

Seth Green Career:

  • In 1984, Seth Green acted in his first role in a movie named, A Billion for Boris.
  • In the initial stage only, Seth Green did a co-starring role in a movie, Hotel New Hampshire, with actors like Jodie Foster and rob lowe.
  • In 1987, Seth Green did the role of Chuckie Miller in a movie, named Can’t Buy Me Love.
  • Same year, Seth Green did the role of Joe in Radio Days.
  • In 1988, Seth Green made appearances in Big Business and My Stepmother Is an Alien.
  • At 12 years of age, Seth Green performed a role in a miniseries, named It. With this, Seth Green did acting in Scott, Enemy of the State, and The Italian Job.
  • Seth Green did some short appearances in movies like Can’t Hardly Wait, Rat Race, and With out a Paddle.
  • As an voice actor, Seth Green gave his voice to a character, named Chris Griffin, in a very popular cartoon series, named Family Guy.
  • Seth Green appeared again in the second part of Can’t Hardly Wait, released in 1998. Paige Moss acted in the same series with Seth Green and they both appeared again in a series, named Buffy the Vampire Shire.
  • Seth Green made first acted on TV shows like Amazing Stories and Tales from the Darkside in mid-1980s.
  • In 1980s only, Seth Green did a role in a TV series, named The Wonder Years.
  • In 1990s, Seth Green made his performance in commercials for Rally’s Hamsburger as the window cashier.
  • Byrds of Paradise, released in 1994, also accompanied Seth Green in its characterization.
  • Seth Green role as Daniel ‘Oz’ Osbourne in Buffy Vampire Slayer, from second to fourth season, is considered as the most applauded role in Seth Green career.
  • Seth Green did some short appearances in series like Greg the Bunny, Tucker, The X-Files, That '70s Show, Will & Grace, MADtv, Reno 911!, and Entourage.

Seth Green Career as Co-creator and Producer:

  • Seth Green worked as co-creator and producer in series, named Robot Chicken.
  • Seth Green made some short appearances in music videos like Fall Out Boy, This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race," and in Weird Al Yankovic's "White & Nerdy"
  • Further, Seth Green is a co-creator of the comic, Freshmen.
  • As a producer, Seth Green involved in The I Second Film.
  • Currently, Seth Green is involved in the 2008-2009 season show of Heroes.

Seth Green Other Roles

Some, not very well known, roles done by the actor Seth Green are given below:

  • Seth Green did the lead role in a TV series, named Greg the Bunny.
  • Did some secondary roles in the teenage sitcom, Tucker, and in The X-Files.
  • Did the role of Randall Fin in Will & Grace.
  • Appeared in the third season the series, named Entourage, on HBO channel.
  • And in 2005, did the lead role in a movie, named Best Man, Worst Friend.

Seth Green Interests:

Seth Green liked his work as a co-creator in the stop-motion animation series Robot Chicken. Seth Green worked in the series with Matthew Senreich with whom his collaboration lasted till the last seen and the third season of the series in 2007. Seth Green is also associated with the creative side of a comic book Freshmen with Huge Sterbakov. Seth Green had written some articles for Toyfare, a magazine and he loves to collect M.A.S.K toys.