Presidents Day 2017

Presidents Day 2017

Presidents Day 2017 is celebrates on February 20th.

President’s Day is the birthday of President George Washington, who was the first president of the United States of America. Presidents Day is a federal holiday in the U.S and is an annual event every year. It falls on the third Monday of February.

The entire week is considered as the week of high volume for sales. People plan to buy various things during these days and there is a great cut down in prices, especially with cars and other premier products. It is still known popularly as the birthday of President Washington and not Presidents Day legally in many states. 

In 1732 February 22nd the first president of United States was born. President George Washington was officially declared as the president of United States on April 30th 1789. Immediately after George Washington roared into power George Washington establishes a rule to himself that George Washington would abide by all the principles of a good leader. George Washington was born in an ordinary farmer’s family in Virginia; George Washington chiseled himself with fine habits, morals, mannerism and acquired all the potential knowledge from his early childhood and family upbringing. A fable is narrated about the morals and bold nature of George Washington as a boy; George Washington was a naughty kid and was swift in his mischief, once with his self owned hatchet he cut down a small cherry tree. When his father saw the tree which fell down his anger was kindled, with all his rage he asked Washington “did you do that?”, despite his fear George Washington refused to lie but stated that it was a fruit of his mischief, the father refused to hit him and pardoned him for he told the truth and was proud of his son.

George Washington had a passion for two, one being the military arts and the other the western expansion. When George Washington turned 16, George Washington entered the military force and later became the lieutenant colonel in 1754. Later the following year George Washington suffered a brutal injury and his horses were killed under him. Then George Washington started to take care of his land and decided to marry a widow named Martha with whom George Washington built a beautiful lasting family. As a planter Washington himself was bullied by the Brit merchants and heavily exploited by them, under the British regulations. On concurrent pressure adding up he decided to pose a steady opposition against the British. George Washington’s fame grew due to his daring mode of voicing his views and when the elections were pronounced George Washington was made the Virginian delegate and was elected the commander in chief. George Washington charted all the best possible means to harass the British and ensured quick action was taken with military rule and war towards all their injustice. George Washington understood the heartfelt necessity of a congress and peaceful president’s rule, though George Washington wanted to retire his unyielding nature towards the British supremacy kept him going. Wearied by no change between the parties and the governmental regulation, George Washington retired. Soon after his retirement, just three months later, George Washington died of his brief illness which was due to a petty throat infection; his last few years were spent at mount Vermont. On Dec 14th 1799 George Washington breathed his last. Nationwide the people of the United States brooded over the loss of their great leader and the day of his birthday, is in a way tribute to their great leader.

Presidents day, not only reminds us about the birthday of George Washington it also brings to us, in light of the noble memory of president Lincoln who gave his life for human rights and towards his compulsion towards abolishment of slavery. Numerous events are piled up for the day like contest for kids, parades towards national unity, lucrative offer and sales promotions and discounts etc. The day is remembered to quicken the zeal for patriotism in every American and to bring to their memory, the selfless dedication of these two presidents, who are still adored and praised by all.

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