Lame Duck Day 2015

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If you are figuring out the term “lame duck” to be a duck which has been injured and seeks medical help your presumption about the whole issue is absolutely wrong. “Lame duck day” is a day which is framed by the U.S constitution, to remark the succession of triumph of the new presidential candidate to the most powerful chair in the world, “the president’s chair”. The former president, who has lost is presidential position and is ready to be relieved, but is still enjoying his presidential position is termed as the “Lame duck”. It was framed in 1933, on the February 6th as the “lame duck day”, former president of the United States Mr.W.Bush, recently went through his lame duck days before he was relieved officially from his duties, he was remarked of going through his lame duck days in many leading press releases and news papers. Even if we are going through our lame duck days, there is no deal to be disheartened or troubled by the situation, because every good thing has to end, as the saying goes, nothing last forever and the prevalent uncertainty in the quick revolving world.

In English dictionary the world lame duck is termed, for a defaulter, who has shrieked his responsibility on terms of his financial liability, but literally according to the U.S assembly it is referred to as the period between the failure and Lame duck day of succession of the new successor, who is christened to abduct the throne from the looser.

This was passed as a 20th amendment, to bring to close the tenure of the failed public servant and was declared a holiday, to pay his respect for the services he has fulfilled towards the government. As the proverb goes, the “lame lion is old and void of teeth to chew”, thus thwarted off from its obligations.

Generally, when the defeated party still occupies the throne over a period of time, he and his congress are up to all the mischief, to keep their faults blind from even the most prying eyes, very disastrously from the next powerful government, who is waiting to launch off from its throne. Many lame duck presidents, during the lame duck phase, sway around going for trips, proclaiming the message of world peace to all. Some examples are the trip by W.Bush to the Middle East to establish his declaration of world peace to the gulf region. The visit of Ronald Regan to Soviet Union, to meet up with Gorbachchev, to liaison the terms between the two nations. Some presidents, even express their condolences and pardons to the flaws they have committed during their rule. Like the confession of Bush towards the Iraq war- operation desert storm, which took away millions of life, to capture a lonesome adversary. Every president wants to close of with a high note and not relieve being a lame duck, no matter how people raie their accusation against the lame duck president; a president is always a president. Carter was the most creative of them all; who while leaving his throne wrote a whole text of regulations on human rights for which he is known for, even now. The activity level during the last span of stay at the White house might escalate enormously, to keep their spirit remembered high, with warmth. When Clinton captured the throne, he ridiculed Bush for removing all the W’S from the computers. Ronald Regan released a few hostages as a part of his humanitarian measures, before he got relieved from power. A whole masala of lame duck soup, which quotes the tactic moves displayed by every president, who ever reigned is chronologically recorded. Thus the day “the lame duck day, pays the final adieu to the throne of the rejected president.

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