Gucci Mane Birthday (February 12th)

Gucci Mane Birthday (February 12th)

Gucci Mane is an American rapper, who is a famous in his genres of Southern hip hop and gangster rap. Gucci Mane was born on February 2, 1980, in Birmingham, United States. The real or birth name of the rapper is Radric Davis.

Gucci Mane Family Background:

Gucci Mane is the stage name of the artist, inspired by his father’s name Gucci Man. Gucci Mane migrated to Atlanta from his birth place Birmingham with his mother in his early student age and he started working and singing in recording studio at the age of 14 years. Fashion statement of Gucci Mane is highly inspired by Big Daddy Kane. Not only fashion statement, Gucci Mane’s style of putting words in the song is also motivated by this popular rapper.

Gucci Mane Hobbies:

Poetry and writing song were some of the hobbies that Gucci Mane had since his early childhood, in elementary school

Gucci Mane Career:

Gucci Mane Achievements:

Gucci Mane tasted the flavor of success after the release of his national hit ‘Icy’. Gucci Mane done this album in collaboration with Atlantic Records and the song of the album raised to number 23 on the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks.

Gucci Mane spread the flavor of freestyle in the country and got lot of publicity from the rap lovers. Gucci Mane released first single album of his career by the name of ‘Black Tee’. The album was a huge hit and was played many times on the urban radio in Atlanta.

After this, Gucci Mane released his second album on May, 2005, by the name of Trap House. Again the album became record buster in the Top Heatseekers Chart. Top Heatseekers Chart was introduced by Billboard in the year 1993 as a weekly chart of albums released to provide highlighted information regarding sales of albums of the new and developing musical recording artists in the country.

After Trap House, Gucci Mane released some other albums of his career like Hard 2 Kill, Trap-A-Thon, and Back to the Trap House. All the albums were great hit on weekly charts like Top Heatseekers and Top Independent Albums chart.

Labels and Associated Acts of Gucci Mane:

In his career, Gucci Mane has been related with big companies like Atlantic Records, Icey Entertainment, and Laflare Entertainment. And, some of his associated acts include Shawly Lo, Yo Gotti, Shawnna, and Khia.

Disputes faced by Gucci Mane:

Gucci Mane had a dispute with another rapper Young Jeezy. The dispute was on the rights of Gucci Mane’s first single hit album, named Icy. Young Jeezy is the famous name of an American rapper Jay Jenkins or Lil J.

Dispute happened after the release of Jeezy’s freestlye song, titled Stray Strapped. Gucci Mane, in competition, released a mixtape criticizing Jeezy songs from the album Round One. The whole episode resulted in building a tiff between two singers or rappers.

Gucci Mane had some disputes with his producer company Big Cat over the contract. Further, there is also some tiff with T.I regarding lyrics of some song.

Discography or list of albums released in accordance to the releasing year are given below:

Trap house was released in the year 2005.
Hard to Kill was released in the year 2006.
Trap-A-Thon was released in the year 2007.
Back to the Trap House was released in the year 2007.
Hood Classics was released in the year 2008.

Homicide charges:

Gucci Mane was charged for a murder in May, 2005. The charge was the part of chain of disputes between Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy. The incident took place on May 10, 2005, when Gucci Mane was visiting one of his dancer friend’s place. Some people came and started straggling him in an attempt to take signature of Gucci for So Icy album.

During this whole incident, in order to defend himself Gucci Mane fired some shots on those people. In the series of that incident, a warrant against Gucci Mane was issued by the police in accordance to the dead body of Henry Lee Clark III, a rapper from Georgia, found near a public school in Georgia. Henry was part of Young Jezzy label under the production of Corporate Thugz Entertainment.

Gucci Mane himself came to the police on May 20, 2005, in the response to the warrant issued against him. But because of the insufficient evidence the police could not hold him for the charges of murder. According to the judgement given on September 12, 2008, Gucci still have to serve time in jail for almost 2.5 years of probation and 600 hours of community service.