Groundhog Day 2017

It is declared an official holiday and celebrated as a weather prognostic day on Feb 2nd ,when the badger or sacred bear emerges out of its burrow to find the shadow of itself or to see just snow flakes without its image down underneath. The onset of summer and the prolongation of winter is determined just by what the scared bear views, the moment it steps out. The occasion is celebrated all over the U.S and Canada and also possesses replication of the pagan festival of the medieval times called “Imbolic”. It draws its origin also from the Catholic Church and bears the similarities of the candlemas. In Pennsylvania the festival is celebrated with pomp and galore, where a battalion of mob gathers to witness the occasion. People drape themselves usually with fur coats; brief firework bliss is presented with its usual glory. Speeches are given; cuisines of various delicacies are served, people enjoy and await the forecast. The meteorological prophecy brings a feel of suspense and helps people to plan better on constructive measures. It is a superstitious belief that drives the entire event, which takes its roots from ancient German practices. Groundhog Day falls mid-way between the winter solstice and spring equinox. The former Christians believed that the candles blessed would sustain them from all the evils of the dark winter nights and carried it home after the ceremony with tones of religious reverence attached. 

The groundhog peeps out and if the weather appears cloudy, it assumes winter and stays out hoping the weather to be quite moderate, or on the contrary swings back inside for its long and enduring hibernation, if the snow strikes badly. Numerous thought provoking tales and adage are spoken about this event in various places. The Pennsylvanians take the pride of predicting the forecast and have also formed a club known as the “inner circle”, who optimize all the events of the occasion. The mystical creator of the Groundhog Day, in the eighteen sixties Mr.Clymer Freas, brought about a historical event to bring Pennsylvania to the limelight as the weather capital. He established the event as a ritual and also distributed groundhog festive menus and beverages, which was nominated “groundhog punch”. Special training schools on badger hunting was taught and it was unanimously was accepted as a ritual and enjoyment. Clymer the master-brain behind this amazing event framed a new tongue called “groundhogese”, thus 

>The man is termed as the most creative journalist, who made mountains out of straw. Though he took his formal education from the Small Township school in the suburbs of Pennsylvania, the embedded and inbred creativity of innovativeness in him, urged him to spring forth with phenomenal ideas and bountiful pragmatism.

A movie released by the Columbia pictures was made based on the true cultural ethnicity involved with this festival. The movie was starred by Bill Murray and Andie Mcdowell and holds a 177th position amidst the most popular movies due to its authenticity and amazing script. The groundhog or badger has a sacred significance and belongs to the squirrel family; generally the species feeds on grass and other veggies. The cute little animal is loved by all and adored, cause it brings a good luck charm.

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Groundhog Day 2017