Gavin DeGraw Birthday (February 4th)

Gavin DeGraw Birthday (February 4th)

Gavin DeGraw is an artist from the United States with many specialties in the fields like singing, songwriting, and musician. Gavin DeGraw was born on February 4, 1977, in South Fallsburg, New York.

Gavin DeGraw Family Background:

DeGraw’s mother was a detox specialist and his father was a prison guard. Gavin DeGraw has two elder siblings, whose names are Joey and Neeka. Gavin DeGraw brother Joey is also in musical field. Joey accompanies Gavin DeGraw band as a Guitarist and is also establishing his own music by performing and promoting his brand.

Gavin DeGraw Singing Education:

Gavin DeGraw started leaning singing and playing piano in his childhood very early at the eight years. Gavin DeGraw went to Berklee College of Music for formal musical education. John Mayer and Gavin DeGraw are from same school and same year.

Gavin DeGraw Career:

Gavin Degraw started his career by playing music in places like retaurants, bars, and after-hour spots. Gavin DeGraw first workplace was an Italian restaurant, named Hell’s Kitchen, where Gavin DeGraw not only played music but also did job of a waiter. Gradually, Gavin DeGraw started playing music in many local clubs and bars that were filled with people of his nearby towns Gavin DeGraw played music in many Manhattan clubs with local pianoist like Andrew West and Lenny Revell. Playing music and singing in bars and clubs helped Gavin DeGraw very much in maintaining a big audience for his shows.

After becoming successful in catching attraction from local crowds, Gavin DeGraw released his own live CD in the year 2001. The CD was released in the local clubs where Gavin DeGraw used to play music previously. In 2003, Gavin DeGraw signed J Records and released two songs ‘Follow through’ and ‘Chariot’. The songs were quiet popular in the audiences. But, his first huge hit was a song ‘ I Don’t Want To Be’ from the album ‘One Tree Hill’. This song was the real estabilsher of Degraw’s place in the heart of music lover audiences. The song was the title track from the teen drama and was the favourite choice of contestants fromdifferent singing competitions like American Idol, Australian Idol, and Idol from Norway and Sweden.

During this succesful phase, Gavin DeGraw made many appearances on television shows. He attended shows like The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Live with Regis & Kelly.

The album was a collection of many emotional resonant songs about the relationship between the love and life. But Gavin DeGraw changed his style in composing his second album, which comprise of songs based on rock-oriented music. Gavin DeGraw was the composer and song writer of all the songs in the album.

Gavin DeGraw song ‘ We Belong Together’ got selected to be featured in a film ‘Tristan and Isolde’, released in 2006. Gavin DeGraw released second album of the ‘Chariot’ series, named Chariot Stripped, in 2004. The album is the acoustic version of the previous one thet is composed in only one take on the vocals.

After the success of his previous released albums, Gavin DeGraw became very frequent in touring various cities to promote his work in the country. Side by side Gavin DeGraw also started making more frequent television appearances. Last shows in which Gavin DeGraw appeared are Dead Like Me, What I Like About You, and American Dreams. With this, music videos of ‘I Don’t Want To Be’, ‘Follow Through’ and ‘Chariot’ have been released under the direction of Zach Braff.

Gavin DeGraw has been frequently touring for stage shows like Barenaked Ladies, Butterfly Boucher, The Allman Brothers Band, Marc Broussard, Saving Jane, Jason Mraz and Maroon 5.

Last album released by Degraw is‘In Love With a Girl’ following ‘Cheated on Me’. The tracks were huge hit on the US Billboard Chart.

Gavin DeGraw Discography

Gavin DeGraw Albums:

List of albums released in accordance to the year are given below:
Gavin Live (indie) was released in the year 2001.
Chariot (Platinum) was released in the year 2003.
Chariot (Re-release) and the acoustic version Chariot Stripped were released in year 2004.
Gavin DeGraw were released in the year 2008.
And, the singles released in accordance to the year inlcudes:
‘I Don’t want To Be’ was released in the year 2004.
‘Chariot’ and ‘Follow Through’ were released in the year 2005.
‘Just Friends’and ‘We Belong Together were released in the year 2006.
In Love With Girl’, ‘She holds a Key’ and ‘Cheated on Me’ were the last release in the year 2008.

Gavin DeGraw Compilations

In Gavin DeGraw successful career, Gavin DeGraw had also written some songs like:

A song ‘We Are the Champions’ from the album Killer Queen: ‘A Tribute to Queen’. This song from Degraw was released in the year 2005.

Another song, ‘Jealous Guy’ from the album One Tree Hill Vol.2. Friends with Benefits was released in the year 2006.

Gavin DeGraw Awards and Nominations:

In his overall career, DeGraw got awards and nominations for his very famous songs. Like :
A very popular song from his career ‘I Don’t Want To Be’ made him nominated for Billboard Music Award for top soundtrack single of the year and Radio Music Award for song of the year in 2005.