Erykah Badu Birthday (February 26th)

Erykah Badu Birthday (February 26th)

Erykah Badu

Erica Abi Wright, well known through her stage name Erykah Badu, a multiple Grammy-winner American songwriter, and soul singer was born on 26th February, 1971 South Dallas, Texas. Erykah Badu is popular for her character in rise of the neo soul sub-genre, and for Erykah Badu unusual, intellectual sense of fashion and musical styling. Erykah Badu is famous as a "First Lady of Neo-Soul". Erykah Badu is presenting at the Keyshia Cole's Just Like You Tour.

In Erykah Badu early career, Erykah Badu was familiar for wearing colorful and very large head wraps. Erykah Badu was the center member of Soulquarians. Erykah Badu is an artist having emerged in several movies playing the range of the supporting characters in films such as House of D, The Cider House Rules, and Blues Brothers 2000.

Erykah Badu Biograph

Erykah Badu Early Life

Erykah Badu mother Erica Abi Johnson raised her because her father William Wright, Jr., had left the family. Influenced through her mother, when Erykah Badu was 4 years old, Erykah Badu danced and sang with her mother at Dallas Theatre Centre. When Erykah Badu was 14 ye4ars old, Erykah Badu was free-styling for the home radio station along with such aptitude as Roy Hargrove. Moreover Erykah Badu wrote a letter to her father, " Erykah Badu in Arabic means truth and light...good choice kid." Currently, Erykah Badu resides in Dallas, Texas.

For getting the degree of graduation, Erykah Badu admitted the Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, and Erykah Badu continued Study Theater at historically black college Grambling State University. Deliberating on music around the music, Erykah Badu left her university in 1993. And Erykah Badu did a job on minimum salary to assist herself. Erykah Badu taught dance and drama to kids at South Dallas Cultural Center. Touring and working with Erykah Badu cousin, Robert "Free" Bradford, Erykah Badu recorded the 19-song demo, Country Cousins, which fascinated the consideration of Kedar Massenburg, who fix Erykah Badu up to trace a duo with D'Angelo, "Your Precious Love," and ultimately signed Erykah Badu to record deal with the Universal Records.

Erykah Badu Career Grap

Erykah Badu Music Career

Erykah Badu highly praised debut album, Baduizm, was unconfined in early 1997 and also debuted at #2 on Billboard charts. And the Lead single "On & On" reached at #12 on singles charts in both UK and U.S. Erykah Badu obtained note for her meditative jazzy and lyrics, bass-heavy echo, and was called as one of leading lights of budding neo soul genre. And Erykah Badu complicated way of singing drew lots of assessments to Billie Holiday. Eventually Baduizm went the triple platinum and, in company with "On & On," achieved Grammy Awards at 1998 ceremonies.

Throughout that year, Erykah Badu became engaged with a rapper André 3000 of the OutKast, with whom Erykah Badu had a child, Seven, who was born in 1997. But they split after some time. During pregnancy, Erykah Badu recorded her initial live album, Live. It reached at #4 on Billboard charts. Erykah Badu joined up with the Roots on their penetrate 1999 discharge, Things Fall Apart. Erykah Badu was featured on a song "You Got Me," co-written through Jill Scott, which hit the top 40 and achieved a Grammy for the Best Rap Performance through a duet or Group.

By 2000, Erykah Badu was in romantic link with member Soulquarians Common, and "Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip-Hop)" was unconfined as a partnership between two on the Brown Sugar album. "Love of My Life" smack #9 on pop charts, and topped the R&B listings, and Erykah Badu was honored her 4th Grammy for a song in 2003.

In September of 2003, the album Worldwide Underground was unconfined. It reached at #3 on Billboard charts. Erykah Badu achieved 4 additional Grammy recommendations for the album.

Honey, a latest single produced through 9th Wonder, was revealed online in November 2007, and also the fresh album, titled New Amerykah Part One (4th World War), was unconfined on 26th February, 2008. And the second part of the album is presently scheduled for February 2009 discharge. Erykah Badu is set to present at 10th yearly Voodoo Experience in New Orleans the weekend before Halloween 2008.

On 23rd August, 2008, Erykah Badu linked the rock band My Morning Jacket on theater at their concert in Dallas, Texas to perform Erykah Badu song "Tyrone". And her disclosure appearance was gathered with a keen reaction from the viewers.

Erykah Badu Music Style

Erykah Badu weaves curious musical persuades together forming a rich touch of sound. Some music reporters have made Erykah Badu neo soul and Nu soul, often evaluating Erykah Badu to the Billie Holiday in inspired delivery and also alliance Erykah Badu with D'Angelo in musical genre. And a diverse collaborator, Erykah Badu has presented with performers from many diverse genres and backgrounds, surrounded by them roots reggae instrumentalist and vocalist Burning Spear.

Erykah Badu Private Life

Erykah Badu has a son Seven Sirius who was born in 1997 with earlier partner André 3000 of the OutKast. On 5th July, 2004, Erykah Badu gave birth to her second child, Puma Rose Sabti. Puma's father is a West Coast rapper The D.O.C. who is firstly from Dallas, Texas. Erykah Badu dated with a rapper Common from 2000 to 2002. And on 1st February, 2009 Erykah Badu gave birth to a daughter Mars Merkaba.
Erykah Badu remains a campaigner in her homeland of South Dallas. And Erykah Badu aid organization, Beautiful Love Incorporated Non Profit Development (B.L.I.N.D. 501c3), provides community-driven expansion for inner-city youth through dance, visual arts, theater and music.

Erykah Badu Acting Career

Erykah Badu emerged in movies The Cider House Rules, Blues Brothers 2000, Dave Chappelle's Block Party, Before the Music Dies, and House of D. Erykah Badu emerged in various scenes of music video of Miko Marks' 2006 recording 'Mama' and Common's video for "The Light" with making a particular appearance on a sitcom Girlfriends. Ford, a long time companion with Erykah Badu, considered her the best option for the crusade. “I have always considered her a true beauty … Erykah Badu just fits,” says Ford.

Erykah Badu Discogray

  • Baduizm (1997)
  • Live (1997)
  • Mama's Gun (2000)
  • Worldwide Underground (2003)
  • New Amerykah Part One (4th World War) (2008)
  • Badu (2008)
  • New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh) (2009)

Erykah Badu Filmography:

  • 2006 Before the Music Dies
  • 2005 Dave Chappell’s Block Party
  • 2004 House of D
  • 2003 Dragon Tales: Let's Start a Band!