Dakota Fanning Birthday (February 23rd)

Dakota Fanning Birthday (February 23rd)

Hannah Dakota Fanning, well known through her stage name Dakota Fanning, an American artist was born on 23rd February, 1994 in Conyers, Georgia. Dakota Fanning step forward presentation was in I Am Sam in 2001. And as a child artist, Dakota Fanning developed her ability in such impressive movies as Charlotte's Web, War of the Worlds, and Man on Fire. Dakota Fanning started transitioning to additional adult roles with The Secret Life of Bees and Hound dog. Fanning has won several awards. Currently Dakota Fanning is the youngest being ever to have been selected for the Screen Actors Guild Award.

Personal Life of Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning was the daughter of Joy who played tennis proficiently, and Steve Fanning, who played the minor league baseball for St. Louis Cardinals. At present he works as an electronics salesman in Los Angeles. Dakota Fanning has one younger sister Elle Fanning, who is also an actress.

Dakota Fanning and her family are the members of Southern Baptist Convention. Dakota Fanning attends the Campbell Hall School in North Hollywood, California. Dakota Fanning is on varsity cheerleading squad.

Dakota Fanning Early years

When Dakota Fanning was five years old, Dakota Fanning started acting. Dakota Fanning appeared on the Tide commercial. And Dakota Fanning first considerable acting work was the guest-starring role in NBC prime-time drama, ER, which remains one of her preferred roles ("I played a car accident victim who has leukemia. I got to wear a neck brace and nose tubes for the two days I worked.")

Afterward Dakota Fanning had various guest roles on reputable TV series, comprised Spin City, The Practice, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Dakota Fanning had depicted the title character of The Ellen Show and Ally McBeal as young girls. And in the year of 2001, Dakota Fanning e was selected to star contrary Sean Penn in the film I Am Sam.

From her character in the movie, Dakota Fanning made the youngest girl ever to be selected for the Screen Actors Guild Award. Dakota Fanning achieved the Best Young Actor/Actress award from the Broadcast Film Critics Association for her presentation.


  • In the year of 2002, director Steven Spielberg cast her in a lead child role of Allison "Allie" Clarke/Keys in science invention miniseries Taken. At the same time, Dakota Fanning had achieved the constructive notices by numerous film critics, comprised Tom Shales of The Washington Post, who wrote that Fanning "has the perfect sort of otherworldly look about her, an enchanting young actress called upon ... to carry a great weight."
  • Dakota Fanning did voice-over job for 4 active projects throughout this period; as Satsuki in Disney's English language discharge of My Neighbor Totoro, as Kim Possible in preschool in the Disney Channel series Kim Possible, as a little girl in the Fox series Family Guy, and as young Wonder Woman in an episode of Cartoon Network's Justice League.


  • In the year of 2004, Dakota Fanning emerged in Man on Fire as Pita, a 9 years old girl who wins upon the heart of retired mercenary hired to defend her from kidnappers. And Roger Ebert wrote that Dakota Fanning "is a pro at only 10 years old, and creates a heart-winning character."
  • Hide and Seek, was her initial let loose in 2005, contrary Robert De Niro. And the movie was generally criticized, and columnist Chuck Wilson called it "a fascinating meeting of equals — if the child star [Fanning] challenged the master [De Niro] to a game of stare-down, the legend might very well blink first." She voiced Lilo in the direct-to-video film Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch. Dakota Fanning had a minor part in Rodrigo Garcia film Nine Lives, in which Dakota Fanning shared a constant nine-minute view with artist Glenn Close, who had her own praise for Dakota Fanning: "She's definitely an old soul. She's one of those gifted people that come along every now and then."
  • Dakota Fanning finished filming on the Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (reverse Kurt Russell) in October 2004. And Russell affirmed he was overwhelmed through his co-star's presentation in the movie. Russell, 54, who plays Dakota Fanning father in the film, speaks, "I guarantee you, (Dakota) is the best actress I will work with in my entire career."
  • Then Dakota Fanning went on the place of the War of the Worlds, starring alongside Tom Cruise. War director Steven Spielberg praised "how quickly Dakota Fanning understands the situation in a sequence, how quickly Dakota Fanning sizes it up, measures it up and how Dakota Fanning would really react in a real situation."
  • After completing that movie, Dakota Fanning moved to another movie, without any break: Charlotte's Web, which Dakota Fanning completed filming in May 2005, in Australia. Free on 15th December, 2006, Web met normally warm critical acclamation. Producer Jordan Kerner stated, "...when Dakota Fanning was so caught up in War of the Worlds, we had to end up going on a search for other young actresses. They would have been nothing compared to her."


  • In the year of 2006, Dakota Fanning worked on the movie Hound dog, depicted in press reports as the "dark story of abuse, violence and Elvis Presley adulation in the rural South."
  • Dakota Fanning parents didn’t give permit her to movie a scene in which her role is raped. "It's not really happening," Dakota Fanning spoke Reuters. "It's a movie, and it's called acting."
  • Director Deborah Kampmeier has talk about in the January 2007 edition of Premiere: "The assumption that [Dakota] was violated in order to give this performance denies her talent."
  • In the year of 2006, Dakota Fanning was asked to admit the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and after it Dakota Fanning became the youngest member in the Academy's history.
  • In the year of 2007, Dakota Fanning filmed the Winged Creatures, along with Josh Hutcherson, Guy Pearce, Kate Beckinsale, and Academy Award winners Jennifer Hudson and Forest Whitaker.
  • At the same year, Dakota Fanning filmed a short movie for 3 days titled Cutlass, one of the Glamour's "Reel Moments" based on readers' private essays. And Cutlass was produced through Kate Hudson.


  • In January 2008, Dakota Fanning started filming the film edition of The Secret Life of Bees, a novel through Sue Monk Kidd. Dakota Fanning movies Push and Coralline will be released on the same day, February 6, 2009.
  • Dakota Fanning has been provided the character of Jane in a forthcoming movie New Moon, the continuation to Twilight based on the novel by Stephanie Meyer.

Dakota Fanning Filmography

  • Conquistadors - (- Cast / / Announced /)
  • Alice in Wonderland (DreamWorks) - (Alice / / Announced /)
  • Through the Looking Glass - (Alice / / Announced /)
  • The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon - (/ / Announced /)
  • Winged Creatures - (Anne Hagen / / Lansing/Awaiting Release /)
  • Push - (Cassie Holmes / 2009 / Released /)
  • The Secret Life of Bees - (Lily Owens / 2008 / Released /)
  • Coralline - (Coralline Jones / 2008 / Released /)
  • Hound dog - (Lewellen / 2007 / Released /)
  • Charlotte's Web - (Fern / 2006 / Released /)
  • Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story - (Cale Crane / 2005 / Released /)
  • Nine Lives - (Maria / 2005 / Released /)
  • Hide & Seek - (Emily Callaway / 2005 / Released / 20th Century Fox International)
  • War of the Worlds - (Rachel Ferrier / 2005 / Released /)
  • Man on Fire - (Pita / 2004 / Released /)
  • In the Realms of the Unreal - (Narrator / 2004 / Released /)
  • Uptown Girls - (Ray Schleine / 2003 / Released /)
  • Dr. Seuss' the Cat in the Hat - (Sally / 2003 / Released /)
  • Hansel and Gretel - (Katie / 2002 / Released /)
  • Trapped - (Abby Jennings / 2002 / Released /)
  • Sweet Home Alabama - (Young Melanie / 2002 / Released /)
  • Tomcats - (Little Girl in Park / 2001 / Released / Svensk Filmindustri (SF))
  • I Am Sam - (Lucy Diamond Dawson / 2001 / Released /)