Conor Oberst Birthday (February 15th)

Conor Oberst Birthday (February 15th)

Conor Mullen Oberst an American poet, singer and songwriter, was born on 15th February, 1980 in Omaha, Nebraska. Conor Oberst is popular for his job in Bright Eyes. Conor Oberst has played in various other bands, comprised Commander Venus, Norman Bailer, Park Ave., Desaparecidos, and Conor Oberst latest project Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band.

Conor Oberst Biography

Conor Oberst Early years

Conor Oberst was the son of Nancy Oberst, an inner-city basic school principal and Matthew Oberst, Sr., an information director for Mutual of Omaha. Conor Oberst has 2 elder brothers, Matthew Oberst, Jr., a professor and part-time musician well known for Conor Oberst group, Sorry About Dresden and Justin Oberst, a lawyer. Conor Oberst mother states that Conor Oberst was banging a piano since the age of two. When Conor Oberst was 10 years old, Conor Oberst started teaching to play guitar.

Conor Oberst Career Graph

Conor Oberst Musical career

At the age of 13, Conor Oberst started his tuneful career at St. Pius X/ St. Leo School. Conor Oberst was in show choir and other musical groups at the school. In the year of 1992, Ted Stevens invited Conor Oberst to give performance. Bill Hoover invited Conor Oberst to return to play with him. Shortly after, Conor Oberst started committing his novel collection to tie in his parents' cellar, with his father's tape player and an auditory guitar.

In the year of 1993, Conor Oberst released his debut album Water on the cassette tape. And the discharge of an album was funding through his brother Justin on what they called Lumberjack Records.

Afterward shortly Conor Oberst 2 single recordings, Conor Oberst started playing with 4 friends, and the four produced Commander Venus in mid-1995.

Here's to Special Treatment was pursued through 1996's The Soundtrack to My Movie, a tape released on Sing Eunuchs!. Kill the Monster Before It Eats Baby, a rip 7 " vinyl with Bill Hoover, was unconfined around this instance.

Conor Oberst Songwriting

Conor Oberst is popular for the variety of his job. Conor Oberst has been evaluated to Bob Dylan and related artists. Conor Oberst prefers closeness over aptness and constantly constructs rhymes rather than replicate hooks or write them down, feeling that Conor Oberst songs are never finished.

Conor Oberst has written many short stories and poetry as well as songs. In recent times, Conor Oberst was named the best songwriter of 2008 through Rolling Stone magazine.

Conor Oberst Influences

Conor Oberst has mentioned their primary singles compilation, Staring at the Sea, as the initial record Conor Oberst always bought, with being one of his favorites. "It must have been third grade...I bought the cassette at a local record store chain called Homer's in Omaha. I just loved the sound of Robert Smith's voice. It just sounded good."

A few of Conor Oberst favorite and biggest influences songwriters are limited musicians Simon Joyner and David Dondero. Simon wrote a song, "Burn Rubber", which Bright Eyes enclosed on the "Take It Easy (Love Nothing)" solo. The two accustomed to do mini-tours jointly, usually on the weekends by reason of Joyner having a family.

Conor Oberst has been heavily affected through 1960s folk revival, mentioning Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, and country singers Townes Van Zandt and Emmylou Harris. Conor Oberst enclosed Neil Young's "Out on the Weekend", working in partnership with M. Ward, Jim James and Mike Mogis in concert. And Harris sang on some tracks on the Bright Eyes' I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning.

Conor Oberst was deeply influenced through Daniel Johnston. And a plaster of "Devil Town" is featured on Noise Floor (Rarities: 1998-2005).

Conor Oberst Activism

Conor Oberst is a pure vegetarian. Conor Oberst has openly supported the PETA. On 1st January, 2008, Conor presented at an assembly in Omaha, Nebraska for 2008 presidential candidate Barrack Obama. On 7th February, Bright Eyes played at the Obama gathering in Omaha.

Conor Oberst Discography

As Conor Oberst

Title Year Label Format(s) Notes
Water 1993 Lumberjack cassette  
Here's to Special Treatment 1994 Sing, Eunuchs! cassette  
The Soundtrack to My Movie 1996 Sing, Eunuchs! cassette  
Kill the Monster Before It Eats Baby 1996 Sing, Eunuchs! 7" Split EP with Bill Hoover
Conor Oberst 2008 Merge Records cd, vinyl  
Gentlemen's Pact 2008 no label cd, vinyl  

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In bands

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Guest work

  • Mayday - Old Blood (2002)
  • Cursive - The Ugly Organ (2003)
  • Criteria - En Garde (2003)
  • Son, Ambulance - Key (2004, Saddle Creek Records)
  • Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins - "Handle With Care" (2005)
  • Melon Gallia - "N'en Parlons Plus"
  • Dntel - "Breakfast in Bed"
  • The Faint - "Dust"