Axl Rose Birthday (February 6th)

Axl Rose Birthday (February 6th)

Axl Rose Famous American Singer

W.Axl Rose, real name William Bruce Rose, is a musician from the United Stated, who is part of hard rock band ‘Guns N Roses’ as a lead vocalist.

Axl Rose Birth Details

Axl Rose was born in Indiana, US, on February 6, 1962. Axl Rose was interested in music from his childhood only and for the interest Axl Rose participated in singing in church and in school chorus. Along with singing, Axl Rose had interest in playing piano too. But, because of his indulgence in numerous run-ins with police and other foul activities in his teenage, Axl Rose was thrown out by his family.

Axl Rose Summary

Axl Rose formed a band, named Guns N’Roses, in 1982 in Los Angeles with a former L.A Guns band mate Tracii Guns. Axl Rose got tremendous fame and success in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a lead vocalist in the band. After some time of fall out, Axl Rose again reappeared with Gun N’ Roses in a new form. Axl Rose is considered as one of the hard rock’s all-time greatest front men or lead vocalist in all polls done till date.

Axl Rose Early Years

Axl Rose Family Background

Axl Rose was born to parents Sharon E. Linter and William Bruce Rose, Sr., in Lafayette, Indiana. Axl Rose had a very turbulent childhood as his biological father, William Bruce Rose, Sr., left his family when Axl Rose was just two years old.

Axl Rose Turbulent Childhood

Axl Rose mother remarried to L.Stephen Bailey in 1962 and changed Axl Rose name to William Bailey. In his adulthood, during a therapy session Axl Rose disclosed that Axl Rose was molested by his biological father. Till that time, Axl Rose knew that L.Stephen Bailey is his biological father. Axl Rose has two younger half-siblings, sister Amy and brother Stuart, who too were molested by their father. Axl Rose didn’t have good relationships with women because of his disturbed childhood. And, because of the childhood turbulence Axl Rose always used to believe that women and sexuality were evil and domestic violence was very normal in day to day life of a person. His family was very religious and was a frequent visitor of Pentecostal church. There Axl Rose used to give services for at least three to eight times in a week. Axl Rose Inclination towards music and religion in early childhood: Axl Rose was very interested towards music from his childhood only. Axl Rose started singing in the church at the age of five years and as Axl Rose grew old he started teaching children in Sunday School. Diversion towards religion and god helped him greatly in recovering from turbulent childhood memories. With this, Axl Rose used to participate in high school chorus and study piano

Axl Rose Education

Axl Rose went to Jefferson High School in Lafayette. In his early childhood Axl Rose started singing in School Chorus and his vocal skills range from bass to barotone and to a high falsetto/soprano. Axl Rose developed the range in an effort to confuse his chorus teacher. Axl Rose changed his name to William Rose (not legally) after knowing the truth about his biological father.

Axl Rose Legal Matters

After knowing the truth about his father and due to his turbulent childhood, Axl Rose began ‘acting out’ in earnest. And was got arrested several times by police on charges like public drunkness and assault. At age 16, Axl Rose met his friend Izzy Stradlin in a driving school. From their they both formed a band Gun N Roses and shifted to Los Angeles for better prospects. Axl Rose changed his name to W.Axl Rose after a band in which he played just one time. Axl Rose rejoined Stradlin in 1982 after spending some days in jail.

Axl Rose Pre-Guns N' Roses years (1983-1984)

Before forming Gun N’ Roses, Axl Rose did some supportive act in various local brands like Rapidfire, Rose, L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose. In his struggling period to gert a break in hollywood music Axl Rose did some out of the track jobs like night manager and even smoked cigrattes for some scientific study.

Axl Rose Success with Guns N' Roses (1985-1994)

The band Gun N’ Roses was formed by Axl Rose and his bandmate Tracii Guns from Los Angeles in March 1985. The band included band members of two bands, L.A Guns and Hollywood Rose, whose merger happened to form the pillar of Gun N’ Roses. Ole Beich and Duff McKegan were two other members of the band. The first performance of the band at the Troubadour in Hollywood and then to L.A was succesful in getting huge attraction of big recording companies. Axl Rose position in the band was of lead vocalist, Slash was placed on lead guitar, Stradlin on rhythm guitar, McKagan was on bass, and Adler was given drums to perform.

Axl Rose Track Record

In 1986, the band was signed to Geffen Records and released songs on their own label, UZI Suicide.

  • On July, 21, 1987, band released his major debut album, Appetite for Destruction, in the United States. Start of selling was slow in its first year of release, but gradually it start picking up and now it has been certified as 18 x platinum.
  • In 1988, the band released his first single ‘,Sweet Child of Mine,’ which roswe to number one position on the Billboard 200 chart in the US.

Axl Rose The New Guns N' Roses (1995-present)

After loosing the stability of the band, Axl Rose started disappearing from the public view.After some time, Rose started redesigning his band and started replacing some his band members.

  • The band is working hard on its next album, Chinese Democracy, including 32 songs.

Axl Rose Controversy

Axl Rose was arrested on June 27, 2006, for the charges of alcohol abuse in Stockholm.