WiL Francis Birthday (January 8th)

WiL Francis Birthday (January 8th)

William wiL Francis a lead vocalist was born on 8th January, 1982 in Seattle, Washington. He is a songwriter of a band Aiden.

WiL Francis Biography

For the period of WiL Francis childhood, WiL Francis had awareness in music enthused through bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers. At the age of 13, he began to link bands. In recent times he gave a statement in an interview with the Kerrang! Magazine, that he had made plan a massacre with the aim of WiL was going to consign in Seattle'sUniversity District on the New Years Eve, 1999. WiL explained the meaning of this massacre "a backpack full of guns". WiL stated that he was violent and lonely in his life that he had lived. WiL went to the jail and after releasing he decided that it was a chance for him to change his life. WiL wrote a letter for her mother to feel sorry. He participated in 6 months therapy course. During his teen years a few of his preferred bands comprised Red Hot Chili Peppers, NOFX, Bad Religion', Nirvana, The Misfits, and HIM but because of drug addicted WiL couldn’t active with a band. During his treatment he started re-playing guitar as the form of rehabilitation.

Uncontaminated from the drugs, he linked with a band called "Youth At Risk" which seldom supported metal core band Himsa. Before "Youth At Risk" WiL played in the band named "Spontaneous Combustion" in which WiL sang and played guitar. When he joined the Aiden first WiL played bass although captured as the lead singer after original singer quit. Now he plays guitar permanently for the band. And after his minor guitarist, he was blazed in the spring of 2008.

WiL Francis has shown his confidence on friendship. And the song Silent Eyes from Rain in Hell EP was printed about Bayside drummer, John 'Beatz'. And whilst on tour with Silverstein, Hawthorne Heights and Aiden, the Bayside van turned over on the area of black ice. John Beatz expired because of harsh injuries. And the song Unbreakable (I.J.M.A.) from an album Nightmare Anatomy was written about his childhood friend, Ian, who was killed through an intoxicated driver even as walking home from the show in 2002.

WiL Francis is working on the solo project named William Control, persuaded through future pop bands like Apoptygma Berzerk, VNV Nation, and New Wave legends Depeche Mode. And "This character of William Control was a manifestation of things that happened in my life," clarified Francis in an October 2008 Suicide Girls interview. In December 2008 topic of Alternative Press, WiL had affirmed, "It's about how I have no control in almost every aspect of my life". And "In a way I feel that I am William Control a lot of the time." Francis alleged the evidence was written from "hopelessness," and "desperation" and those writing it was therapeutic and cathartic. "I don't have a vice that I use to cover it up like alcohol, or drugs. I have nothing to cover up my despair. I was going to tie a belt around my neck or I was going to make a fucking record. Those were my options. And so once again, music saved my life, just like it's done over and over again."

And his complete debut is titled 'Hate Culture' and it is unpaid out on 28th October, 2008 through Victory Records. WiL has unconfined a clip named 'Taste' and a sample of the song 'Strangers'. And the song 'Beautiful Loser' from an album kept on trade on the iTunes on 7th October, 2008.And the song 'Tranquilize' is currently on William Control my space page, with a fresh surroundings featuring images of William's tattoo sleeves.WiL Francis has confirmed himself a card carrying the associate of Church of Satan, with the preferences of Sammy Davis Junior and Matt Skiba.

WiL Francis Discography

WiL Francis Aiden

  • Our Gangs Dark Oath (2004)
  • A Split of Nightmares - Split EP with Stalins War(2004)
  • Nightmare Anatomy (2005)
  • Rain in Hell (2006)
  • Conviction (2007)

William Control

WiL Francis Collaborations

  • "Silverstein" - Bleed No More (Live) - 18 Candles: The Early Years
  • "The Used" - Box Full Of Sharp Objects (Live)- Mainly On The Taste Of Chaos Tour

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