Scott Walker Birthday (January 9th)

Scott Walker Birthday (January 9th)

Noel Scott Engel, well known through his stage name Scott Walker was born on 9th January, 1943 in Hamilton, Ohio.

Biography of Scott Walker

Initially championed through Eddie Fisher in late 1950s, he appeared quite a few times under his genuine name on Fisher's television series as a teenager icon type in layer of Fabian or Frankie Avalon.

Scott Walker was amongst the first to approve the electronic bass guitar, mastering it to t Scott Walker expertise to win usual conference job in Los Angeles studios.

The Walker Brothers Era

After singing in lots of bands, Scott Walker finally joined with Gary Leeds and John Maus to form The Walker Brothers in Los Angeles in 1964. In recent times Scott had toured United Kingdom with P.J. Proby. Scott Walker was mechanism to their moving to London.

The Walker Brothers reached in London in early 1965 and they attained global popularity with the pop ballads. And their first single, "Pretty Girls Everywhere", with John Maus as a lead singer, slinked into charts. And he released his next solo, "Love Her", which is deeper baritone in lead.

The Walker Brothers released, "Make It Easy on Yourself", and Bacharach/David ballad. It reached at the No. 1 on U.K. charts (#16 on the U.S. charts). After drumming once again with "My Ship Is Coming In" (#3 U.K.), and their second No. 1 (#13 U.S.), "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore", he attempted to arrive on the top in early 1966. Their status and devotee base are believed to have surpassed The Beatles in UK and Europe. And as a lead vocalist, Scott Walker reached at the pop star position.

Scott Walker's Promising Solo Work

Scott Walker discarded the Walker Brothers' mantle and he started a solo career in his style visibly glimpsed in Images, his last album. Scott Walker added the risqué recordings of the Jacques Brel songs, explained through Mort Shuman. And the power of Brel is significant as regards his songwriting but ought not to be vulgar. And his verbal style remained reliable allover this period. Scott Walker was reaching a novel maturity as the recording artist.

In the year of 1968 Scott Walker cast himself into the deep study of classical and contemporary music, which comprised a halt in Quarr Abbey, the monastery on Isle of Wight, to cram Gregorian chant. And his private songs regularly course into classical and Lieder musical modes.

Scott Walker premature solo career was flourishing in Britain. And his first 3 albums, titled Scott (1967), Scott 2 (1968) and Scott 3 (1969) all sold in large numbers, Scott 2 topping the British charts.

At the climax of his popularity in 1969, Scott Walker was specified his personal BBC television series, Scott Walker, featuring solo Scott performances of the ballads, introductions and big band status of his own and Brel compositions. And footage of the show is presently very uncommon as the recordings were not collected. Scott Walker fourth single album LP was taken from the TV series titled Scott: Scott Walker Sings Songs from his TV Series.

The Moviegoer (1972), Stretch (1973), Any Day Now (1973), and We Had It All (1974) feature no innovative material whatsoever.

Walker Brothers Reunite

Possibly for the mutual fortification, the Walker Brothers reunited in 1975 to create three albums. And their first single, a wrap of Tom Rush's song "No Regrets", from the album of the same title climbed to #7 on the British charts. On the other hand, the parent album reached at #49 in UK album charts. And the record singles "We're All Alone", and "Lines", from the IInd 1970s album Lines, botched to chart.

With a looming termination of their proof tag, the Walkers brothers joined on the album of unique material that was in bleak contrast to country-flavored tunes of preceding 1970s albums. And the resulting album, Nite Flights, was unconfined in 1978 to related deprived sales figures. Significantly it was established warmly, particularly Scott Walker’s contributions. And the Walkers wrote and also sang their compositions. Scott Walker’s 4 songs- "Fat Mama Kick", "Nite Flights", "Shut Out", and "The Electrician"- were his primary unique compositions since 1970’s 'Til The Band Comes In.

Scott Walker Return to Solo Works

Recognized for being reclusive and private, Scott Walker’s recording actions has been irregular since late 1970s. Scott Walker has unconfined 3 albums: 1984's Climate of Hunter, the darker Tilt in 1995 and The Drift in 2006. And the critical approval for The Drift located it as lofty as the No. 2 on Meteoritic chart on liberate in June 2006. And it was counted at the no.12 at the last of September 2006.

Scott Walker has been ongoing influence on additional performers, in particular Marc Almond, Douglas Pearce, The Last Shadow Puppets of the band David Sylvain, Billy Mackenzie of the Associates, the Divine Comedy/Neil Hannon, Death in June, Radio head, and David Bowie.

In June 2006 Mojo and radio privileged Scott Walker with MOJO Idol Award : "Voted for by MOJO readers and Mojo4music users, the recipient of this award has enjoyed a spectacular career on a global scale". And it was offered through Phil Alexander.

A documentary movie, Scott Walker: 30 Century Man, was finished in 2006 through New York movie director Stephen Kijak. Interviews were verified, with David Bowie, Gavin Friday, Sting, Radio head, and several musicians allied with Scott Walker over the years. And The World Premiere of Scott Walker: 30 Century Man positioned as a part of 50th London Film Festival.

On 24th September 2007, Scott Walker unconfined And Who Shall Go to the Ball? And What Shall Go to the Ball? From 13-15 November 2008, Drifting and Tilting: The Songs of Scott Walker was stepped at The Barbican, in London. And it included 8 songs, 2 from Tilt – 'Farmer in the City' and 'Patriot (a single)' – and the rest from The Drift: 'Cossacks Are', 'Jesse', 'Clara (Benito's Dream)', 'Buzzers', 'Jolson and Jones' and 'Cue'. And every song was provided in the music theater manner, with the verbal parts taken through various singers, comprised Dot Allison, Damon Albarn and Jarvis Cocker.

Discography of Scott Walker

The Walker Brothers

Title Release
Label U.K. albumspeak
Take It Easywith The Walker Brothers 1965 Philips Records 3
Portrait 1966 Philips Records 3
Images 1967 Philips Records 6
No Regrets 1975 GTO Records 49
Lines 1976 GTO Records -
Nite Flights 1978 GTO Records -

Scott Walker Solo Albums

Title Release
Label U.K. Albumspeak
Scott 1967 Philips Records 3
Scott 2 1968 Philips Records 1
Scott 3 1969 Philips Records 3
Scott: ScottWalker Sings Songs from his TV Series Philips Records 7
Scott 4 Philips Records -
'Til The BandComes In 1970 Philips Records -
The Moviegoer 1972 Philips Records -
Any Day Now 1973 Philips Records -
Stretch Columbia Records -  
We Had It All 1974 Columbia Records -
Climate ofHunter 1984 Virgin Records 60
Tilt 1995 Fontana Records 27
Pola X OST 1999 Barclay Records -
The Drift 2006 4AD 51
And Who ShallGo To The Ball? And What Shall
Go To The Ball?
2007 4AD -

Selected Solo Singles

A-Side B-Side Release
Label U.K. Singles Peak
"Jackie" "The Plague" 1967 Philips Records BF1628 22
"Joanna" "Always Coming Back To You" 1968 Philips Records BF1662 7
"Lights of Cincinnati" "Two Weeks Since You've Gone" 1969 Philips Records BF1793 13
"I Still See You"
(Love theme from the film The Go-Between)
"My Way Home" 1971 Philips Records 6006168 -
"Track Three" "Blanket Roll Blues" 1984 Virgin Records VS666 -

Selected Compilations

Title Release
Fire Escape in the Sky: The Godlike Genius of Scott Walker 1981 Zoo Records
Scott Walker Sings Jacques Brel Philips Records  
Boy Child: The Best of Scott Walker 1967-1970 1992 PolyGram Records
No Regrets - The Best of Scott Walker and The Walker Brothers 1965-1976 PolyGram Records  
To Have And To Hold OST 1996 Mute Records
The World Is Not Enough OST 1999 MCA
5 Easy Pieces 2003 Mercury Records
The Collection 2004 Spectrum Music/Universal
Classics & Collectibles 2005 Universal International
Plague Songs 2006 4AD

As Producer

Artist Title Release
Terry Smith Fall Out 1968 Philips
Ray War Leigh Ray Warleigh's FirstAlbum 1969 Philips
Ute Lemper Punishing Kiss 2000 Decca Records
Pulp We Love Life 2001 Island Records

Tribute Albums

Title Release
Angel of Ashes 2005 Tansformadores

Scott Walker Quotation

"I've become the Orson Welles of the record industry. People want to take me to lunch, but nobody wants to finance the picture...I keep hoping that when I make a record, I'll be asked to make another one. I keep hoping that if I can make a series of three records, then I can progress and do different things each time. But when I have to get it up once every 10 years... it's a tough way to work." —in an interview for The Independent, April 1995.”