Frank Caliendo Birthday (January 19th)

Frank Caliendo Birthday (January 19th)

Franklin "Frank" Caliendo an American comedian was born on 19th January, 1974 in Chicago, Illinois. Frank Caliendo is famous for his impression on FOX Network television series MADtv. Frank Caliendo has been an in-house prognosticator for the FOX NFL Sunday. Presently, Frank Caliendo performs his imitations on his private show, Frank TV, which runs on the TBS. Frank Caliendo is popular for his impersonations of the United States Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, and also for his common appearances on Bob and Tom Show. Frank Caliendo has been famous for above 120 impersonations comprised NFL color commentator John Madden, Jay Leno, Charles Barkley, Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, Robin Williams, Donald Trump, Terry Bradshaw, Jim Rome, Dr. Phil McGraw, Jack Nicholson, Andy Rooney, William Shatner, and Dr. Phil McGraw.

Frank Caliendo Biography

Early Life & Career

Frank rose in Waukesha, Wisconsin, at where Frank Caliendo attended the Waukesha South High School. Frank is of the Italian ancestry. And after completing his graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Frank Caliendo started performing the stand-up comedy. Frank Caliendo took a job as the master of ceremonies at restricted comedy club. Frank Caliendo made his network series debut on 2000-2001 sketch comedy series Hype. Frank Caliendo achieved noteworthy national publicity on comedy series MADtv.

Frank Caliendo has presented comic series such as cable's Premium Blend, Late Late Show with Craig Kilburn, The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. And his signature style 'John Madden' impression is normally seen on Mohr Sports, The Best Damn Sports Show Period and FOX NFL Sunday. Frank Caliendo has emerged on the Comedy Central's Comedy Central Presents, with lots of radio shows, comprised Mike In The Morning Show in Detroit on 101 WRIF, The Bob & Tom Show, Opie and Anthony, The Junkies, The Dan Le Batard Show, The Don and Mike Show, Bubba the Love Sponge, The Howard Stern Show, Elliot in the Morning, The Rick and Bubba Show, Rise Guys, The John Boy and Billy Big Show, The Sports Inferno, The Roe Conn Show, The Rick and Bubba Show, Holmberg's Morning Sickness, Preston and Steve, and Mike and the Mad Dog.

Frank TV

Currently Frank Caliendo stars on the Frank TV, his own draft show on Turner Broadcasting System that started airing in November 2007. And Frank mocked that he "wanted the show to be called The Chappelle Show, but the lawyers wouldn't allow it," passing on the promotion Frank Caliendo would probable obtain from the naming his concert after the another trendy comedian.

On 21st February, 2008, TBS declared that they planned 8 more episodes to debut in 2008.

And the New Frank TV episodes begin on 21st October on TBS.


Frank legitimately joined the MADtv in 2001 as a repertory recitalist, for the 7th season, and as the MADtv's comparable to Saturday Night Live's Darrell Hammond. And in the year of 2002, Frank Caliendo replaced Will Sasso as an imitator of George W. Bush, but Frank won viewers members over with an unusual imitation of previous FOX sports presenter John Madden and also several other Fox personalities. Frank Caliendo did the declaring for the finest scenes on MADtv season 1 DVD, and also the declaring for the Season 2 DVD discharge which was rejected due to deprived sales of the opening season DVD.

In August 2006, Frank Caliendo declared that he would not do the MADtv series for its 2006-2007 seasons.

FOX NFL Sunday

In 2001-2002, Frank Caliendo had a chronic role on the FOX NFL Sunday, as a visitor to stand-up comedian Jimmy Kimmel. Frank Caliendo emerged impersonating anchor John Madden throughout some of Kimmel's prognostication parody.

And in the year of 2003, Kimmel left the series, and Frank Caliendo was named his enduring replacement. And as the foreteller for NFL on FOX, Frank gives his forecasts for the day's NFL sports competition. For instance, for the primary week’s FOX NFL Sunday of 2006 NFL season, Frank Caliendo imitated James Brown, who departed the show in off-season to fix The NFL Today on CBS. Frank imitates the cast of the FOX NFL Sunday on event, recurrently Terry Bradshaw.

The Comebacks

Frank Caliendo emerged in 2007 movie The Comebacks. Frank plays Al Michaels and John Madden in the contest games between The Unbeatable and the Comebacks

White House Correspondent's Dinner

Frank Caliendo’s notion of President George W. Bush got him a summons to perform for the period of 2007 yearly White House Correspondents Dinner.

The Comedy Festival Presents: Funniest Movies of the Year 2008


For the period of The Comedy Festival Frank hosted a singular named The Comedy Festival Presents: Funniest Movies of the Year 2008 at where, from The Caesar's Palace, Frank Caliendo began the top 10 list for the funniest movies of 2008 based on the Internet poll.

Television & Film Appearances





2008 The ComedyFestival Presents: Funniest Movies of the Year 2008 Himself/Host  
FOX NFLSunday Various 2001-present
2007 TheComebacks ChipImitation  
The 2007White House Correspondents Dinner Himself  
Frank TV Host:Various 2007-Present
FrankCaliendo; All Over the Place Himself  
2005 Mind ofMencia George W.Bush Voice Only
2004 ComedyCentral Presents Himself  
NationalLampoon Live: New Faces - Volumes 1 & 2 Himself/host  
Wisconsin Born & Bred: The Entertainers Himself  
2001 MADtv Himself-Various Appeared in 117 Episodes (2001-2006)
LateFriday Himself  
2000 Hype Himself-Various