Cat Power Birthday (January 21st)

Cat Power Birthday (January 21st)

Charlyn "Chan" Marshall, well known through her stage name Cat Power, was born on 21 January 1972 in Georgia. Cat Power is famous for her breathy vocals, piano playing, sparse guitar and minimalist style.

Cat Power Biography


Early Life

Cat Power was the daughter of Charlie, a roving pianist and blues musician. When she was born, her parents separated. And Cat Power childhood passed in much upheaval. In an interview, she has frankly discussed about her childhood.

After completing her high school, Cat Power began performing under a name Cat Power even as in Atlanta, backed through musicians Marc Moore, Glen Thrasher, and others. In Atlanta, Cat Power played her initial live concertas as a support to the band of her friends, comprised Opal Foxx Quartet and Magic Bone. Owing to her close relations with lots of people involved, Cat Power has affirmed that her connection in music was mainly the societal awareness rather than a creative one.

Cat Power Career Graph



In the year of 1992, Cat Power shifted to New York City with Glen Thrasher. Thrashed set up her to New York’s experimental music scene and free-jazz. Cat Power cites a show through Anthony Braxton who gave her the self-assurance to perform in community. Her initial New York show was at a store in Brooklyn. Cat Power has depicted her premature New York shows as "more improvisational".

In the year of 1994, Cat Power opened for the Liz Phair in New York. Tim Foljahn of Two Dollar Guitar and Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth supported her to record. They also performed with her first 2 albums, 1995's Dear Sir and 1996's Myra Lee. In the year of 1996, Cat Power was signed to the Matador Records along with Shelley and Foljahn. Cat Power recorded her 3rd album, What Would the Community Think, which produced a single and music video, "Nude as the News".


In 1996, Cat Power departed from the music scene, primarily working as baby sitter in Portland, Oregon. Cat Power shifted to a farmhouse in Prosperity, South Carolina with her boyfriend Bill Callahan. Cat Power planned that she would stop her publicly presentation but throughout a restless night ensuing from a nightmarish. Cat Power e wrote lots of new songs. And these songs would frame the volume of Moon Pix. And the evidence was recorded at the Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne in 11 days with back up musicians Jim White and Mick Turner of Dirty Three. The album was well-accepted through critics. And the album achieved her credit in the indie rock scene. After resulting of this album, Cat Power provided a musical accessory to silent film The Passion of Joan of Arc.

Cat Power joined up with Mick Collins on the recording of Ludwig Rellstab's poem "Auf Dem Strom" for the movie Wayne County Ramblin'. Cat Power sang a poem in German language, though Cat Power doesn’t speak that language.


Gradually, Cat Power's live presentations had become unpredictable and erratic, with New Yorker signifying "It is foolhardy to describe a Cat Power event as a concert" by citing "rambling confessions" and "[talking] to a friend's baby from the stage." Later Cat Power ascribed this period to the drinking problem, stating HARP magazine in 2006 "I didn't know I was messed up."

In the year of 2003 Cat Power resumed releasing unique material with You Are Free, which faceted guest band such as the Dirty Three's Warren Ellis, Dave Grohl, and Eddie Vedder. And the music video directed through Brett Vapnek, which was unconfined for the song "He War".

Since recurring to stage, Cat Power has given guest vocals to various albums. Marshall presented a duo with a model Karen Elson on the English wrap of Serge Gainsbourg's "Je t'aime... moi non plus" for an accolade album Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited. Cat Power sang a lead vocal on company track "Disown, Delete" and modified "Revelations" with Yoko Ono for Ono's 2007 album Yes, I'm a Witch. Cat Power performed the guest vocals for El-P and Faithless.

Cat Power composed a novel band in 2006 with whom Cat Power recorded and toured throughout 2007. and The Dirty Delta Blues Band features Jim White (from Dirty Three), Judah Bauer (from Blues Explosion), Erik Paparazzi (Lizard Music), and Gregg Foreman (The Delta 72). And in the year of 2007, she added song to the album of Ethan Hawke's new film "The Hottest State", recording with Terry Manning and Jesse Harris, and Academy Award-winning Juno.

In the year of 2007, Cat Power became the former female to achieve the Shortlist Music Prize when The Greatest was nominated album of the year in June. At the same year Marshall was chosen in the Best International Female grouping at the yearly Brit Awards. And The Dirty Delta Blues group recorded an album of covers named Jukebox which was unrestricted on 22nd January, 2008 on Matador Records.

On 1st April, 2008, Cat Power became a melodic guest on the Late Show with David Letterman. On 14th June, 2008 The Dirty Delta Blues and Cat Power performed at 2008 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

In September, 2008, Cat Power and all the members of Dirty Delta Blues (Erik Paparazzi & Gregg Foreman) recorded their edition of David Bowie's Space Oddity for the Lincoln car commercial. Cat Power performed on 16th September on the show Carson Daly.

Cat Power Performance Style

In recent times, Cat Power’s performance mode has been supposed to be more professional and enthusiastic. And an article in Salon named The Greatest "polished and sweetly upbeat", affirming that Cat Power was "delivering onstage". And in an article, Cat Power utters that her spanking musical colleagues and abstinence are mainly liable for her amplified confidence onstage.

Frequently Cat Power reworked for old and new songs for instance those by Bob Dylan, Jessie Mae Hemphill, The White Stripes, Will Oldham, Nina Simone, and Gnarls Barkley.

Cat Power Discography

  • Dear Sir (1995)
  • What Would the Community Think (1996)
  • Myra Lee (1996)
  • Moon Pix (1998)
  • The Covers Record (2000)
  • You Are Free (2003)
  • The Greatest (2006)
  • Dark End of the Street (2008)
  • Jukebox (2008)