Ryan Key Birthday (December 17th)

Ryan Key Birthday (December 17th)

Ryan Key

William Ryan Key a rhythm guitarist and lead singer of the band Yellow card was born on 17th December, 1979 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Biography of Ryan Key

Ryan Key’s Early life

When Ryan was 9 years old, Ryan Key began playing piano and at the age of 13, Ryan started playing guitar. Ryan attended the Episcopal High School of Jacksonville before shifting to Douglas Anderson School of the Arts (for theatre), from which Ryan graduated. Then Ryan Key attended the Florida State University but abandoned. At this time Ryan sang a song in Jacksonville band named Modern Amusement. Ryan next shifted to Santa Cruz, California together with Dan McLintock of Inspection 12 to unite Craig's Brother. But Ryan came back to Jacksonville within one year in CB.

Music and Career of Ryan Key

Ryan’s colleagues from Douglas Anderson had produced the band Yellow card. Ben Dobson denied singing the song, and then Ryan was invited through main guitarist Ben Harper to link. Ryan had been a part of the group Craig’s Brother. Ryan Key persuaded the rest of the group to voyage to Ventura County, California.

With Ryan’s rhythm guitar and voice, the band formed albums Ocean Avenue, The Underdog EP, and One for the Kids, and after which Ben Harper, Ryan’s original employee, left. Ryan and his colleague band companion Peter Mosley shifted to New York. And with the stimulation from city’s noises and sights and the experience of existing in some place totally fresh, the band verified the album Lights and Sounds. And in July 2007, Yellow card unconfined their fresh album, Paper Walls.

Ryan stars in various music videos comprised "Lights and Sounds," "Ocean Avenue," "Rough Landing, Holly," "Way Away," "Powder", "Only One," and recently, "Light Up the Sky". Ryan is widely known for his spiny blonde hair and lean body. Ryan sang a duo with Dixie Chicks main vocalist Natalie Maines for a song "How I Go."

Ryan Key Personal Quote

"We feel that we have something to prove because of the success we've been given and the opportunity that we have, so we definitely stepped outside of our boundaries with the new album. We want to be a band that matters to people, not just a band that got a stint on 'TRL' because they were a bunch of good-looking kids. So we had to make a record that mattered, a record with staying power for people. And maybe the younger fans who like our band are ready for that and maybe they're not. But either way, we're really proud of it." -- Ryan Key on success and their 2006 album, "Lights and Sound"

Ryan Key Beyond Yellow Card

On August 2006 Ryan was seen at the Metal School show with friend Kelly Clarkson.

Ryan and band companion Sean Macklin were on the Sauce for the Fuse. And they were to narrate the direct poll question. And the question was "What is the best thing to come out of New Jersey?"

Ryan emerged on the smack TV series Made on the MTV. Ryan was the Made trainer for 2 students. Ryan wanted to make them good singers. The goal of the Ryan was that they made their private band so that they could race in the Battle of the Bands for the students' High School.

On 12th August, a song through Taboo and Ryan Key was flowed onto the Internet for downloading named 'Gotta Get It Now!' In the "YC Underdogs" Message Boards, you can find the link.

On 14th February, 2008, Ryan Key and Ryan Mendez presented an audio edition of 'Light up the Sky' and 'Fighting' on the concert "Dave Navarro's Spread."

Ryan appeared in William’s video "We Are The Ones". And the video sustained Barrack Obama. Ryan sings the background lyrics along with lots of others, and also plays the guitar in division of it.

In late 2006, Ryan was whispered to be dating with Tasha-Ray Evin of the group Lillix. And they were alleged to have disintegrated in early 2007.

Trivia of Ryan Key

  • Ryan has broken his jawbone. And he has fixed the metal plate there. His band companion Sean Macklin gave him a punch on the face. And then Sean quoted “If you hit me, I'll hit you back."
  • Ryan has had a throat surgical treatment due to ulcer in his throat.
  • And before joining the Yellow card Ryan wanted to become an artist.
  • Ryan has a bulldog named Otis.
  • Ryan is a Sagittarius.
  • Before becoming illustrious Ryan and Sean Macklin occupied at Chili’s.
  • Ryan and rest of Yellow card are big Star Wars admirers. And Ryan favorite films are The Godfather and all the Star Wars films.
  • Ryan wears a ring on the third finger of the right hand, but Ryan is not wedded. In several of his songs Ryan often speaks about his upcoming wife and son.
  • Ryan’s preferred college team is Georgia Bulldogs.