Kate Bosworth Birthday (January 2nd)

Kate Bosworth Birthday (January 2nd)

Kate Bosworth

Catherine Ann "Kate" Bosworth an American actress was born on 2nd January, 1983 in Los Angeles, California. Kate made her television debut in Robert Redford's 1998 movie The Horse Whisperer. Kate starred in TV series Young Americans, in which Kate played the Bella Banks, while the sequence was not raised up for the another season. Kate became popular with a main character in 2002's Blue Crush. And the next year, Kate Bosworth played adolescent girlfriend of the porn star John Holmes in Wonderland opposed Val Kilmer. And in the year of 2004, Kate depicted Sandra Dee in Kevin Spacey's Beyond the Sea. Then Kate emerged in several noteworthy movies, comprised Superman Returns, at where Kate played Lois Lane, and 2008's blackjack drama movie 21.

And in the year of 2006, Kate Bosworth formed media headlines with the dramatically thinner appearance. Kate became a part of a style of young Hollywood artists who have unveiled slim bodies. And the next year, snaps pointed out that Kate returned to the healthy weight. And in the year of 2008, Kate became equally Calvin Klein Jeans hottest model and orator for Coach most recent luxury bags. And in her private life, Kate has dated with Matt Czuchry, from 2000 to 2002 and Orlando Bloom, from 2002 to 2006. Now Kate is dating with singer-songwriter James Rousseau.

Biography of Kate Bosworth

Early life of Kate Bosworth

Kate was the single child of Hal Bosworth, an ex- executive for Talbot and Patricia a housewife. Kate matured on the East Coast, passing her adolescence in Darien, Connecticut and Cohasset, Massachusetts.

Kate has been concerned in a proficient career as the spirited horse racer. At the age of 14, Kate was a champ equestrian. While joining Cohasset High School by which Kate graduated in 2001. Kate Bosworth learned Spanish language. Kate Bosworth became a part of National Honor Society; Kate played varsity lacrosse and soccer.

Kate Bosworth's Career Graph

Kate did her first movie role in 1998 movie, The Horse Whisperer. In 2000, Kate starred in TV series drama Young Americans, in which Kate played Bella Banks. But the series was cancelled. At the same year, Kate did a small role in the movie Remember the Titans. And in the year of 2001, Kate shifted to Los Angeles so that she may get better movie parts. And Kate Bosworth first major role was in 2002's film Blue Crush, for which Kate Bosworth took training from 2 separate trainers. And the movie obtained affirmative reviews. It grossed $40 million at U.S. box office. Kate has emerged in various Revlon ads and also ranked as #60 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" list.

San Francisco Chronicle movie critic Mick LaSalle felt that Kate, at 22-years-old, was too young to represent Lois Lane, and climax did not "go with the latent of tiring 154 minute long movie". While Kate Bosworth performance was vaguely received, Kate herself liked the occurrence of working on the film. As Kate stated Teen Vogue in August 2006, "You know how you have an experience, a time in your life when you feel you've come into your own? When you grow up a bit, and think, Now I get it? [...] That's how I feel. I feel a little bit more complete."

Kate Bosworth starred in psychological drama named The Girl in the Park with Keri Russell, Alessandro Nivola and Sigourney Weaver. The Girl in the Park was directed and written through Pulitzer Prize winner David Auburn in his administrative debut. And the movie premiered at 2007 Toronto International Film Festival, it has been raised through The Weinstein Company.
Kate Bosworth also filmed 21, a version of the manuscript Bringing Down the House, in early 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada and Boston, Massachusetts. Kate has stated about her performances, "I just don't do comfort zones.”

And in January 2008, Kate was named the original face for the Calvin Klein Jeans. Kate takes the job of an orator for the American magnificence bag brand Coach in Asia.

Private life of Kate Bosworth

Kate was allowed to the Princeton University in late 2000, but because of repetitive deferment of her presence, her approval was later cancelled. Kate is also an associate of Appalachia Service Project.

Kate dated with an artist Matt Czuchry, whom Kate met on the set of TV series, Young Americans. And their attachment ended up from 2000 to 2002. In late 2002, Kate began dating with actor Orlando Bloom. They met on a coffee shop. And they separated in 2006. Kate Bosworth has been dating with a British Model James Rousseau since September 2006 after get-together at the Marc Jacobs after revelry. And an aspirant musician, Rousseau wrote a song "To Make You Mine" for her.

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