John Legend Birthday (December 28th)

John Legend Birthday (December 28th)

John Legend Information

  • Name: John Legend
  • Birth Name: John Stephens
  • Height: 5' 9"
  • Sex: M
  • Birth Date: December 28, 1978
  • Nationality: American
  • Birth Place: Springfield, Ohio, USA
  • Education: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (studied English with an emphasis on John Stuart Mill and culture; graduated in 1999)
  • Profession: singer, songwriter
  • Mother: Phyllis Stephens
  • Father: Ronald Stephens
  • Brother: Ronald Stephens II

Claim to Fame

John Legend debut studio album, the multiplatinum-selling Get Lifted (2004).

John Stephens, publicly known as John Legend, an American songwriter, pianist and soul singer was born on 28th December, 1978 in Springfield, Ohio. And John Legend debut studio album, the multiplatinum-selling Get Lifted, was unconfined in late 2004. It features partnership with producer and rapper Kanye West with Snoop Dogg. And Get Lifted created two singles: "Used to Love U" (US top 100, UK top 30) and "Ordinary People" (US and UK top 30). John has achieved 5 Grammy Awards. Previous to the discharge of his unveiling album, John’s career achieved impetus throughout the series of flourishing collaborations with the multiple recognized artists. Notably, John sang the hooks for the hits through Slum Village ("Selfish", featuring Kanye West), Jay-Z ("Encore"), and Dilated Peoples ("This Way", also featuring Kanye West); played piano on the Lauren Hill's "Everything Is Everything"; and also sang background lyrics on Alicia Keys' "You Don't Know My Name" and Fort Minor's "High Road."

Biography of John Legend

Early Life of John Legend

When John was just 4 years old, he started playing piano. And at age 7, he presented with church choir. At age 10, his parents separated. Then John studied in Philadelphia. Then John Legend got an employment as a management counselor; John worked all weekdays and he played gig in evening. At the weekend, John Legend directed the church choir on Sundays.

John joined the University of Pennsylvania, at where John studied English with a highlighting on African American Literature. Whereas at Penn, John helmed Counterparts, a coed jazz and pop a cappella group as President (1997–1998) and Musical Director (1998–1999). John’s lead lyrics on the recording of the group of Prince’s "One of Us" forced the song to decisive acclamation, landing the song on track list of 1998 Best of Collegiate a Cappella compilation CD.

John started working for Boston Consulting Group, primary in Boston and after it in New York City. Prior to become a typical artist, John hit the disco circuit in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, presenting as a sovereign performer and promoting the live LPs John Stephens and Live at SOB’s.

John sang lots of musical hooks on the West’s demo. It would ultimately become Grammy Award winning album The College Dropout; consecutively, West offered rhythm tracks for John’s demo, which would change into the Get Lifted. In recent times, John Legend contributed to researcher G.O.O.D performer Common's LP, Be, and also provided lyrics for "High Road" on a album The Rising Tied through Fort Minor (Mike Shinoda).

John Legend's Recent Endeavors

Television Appearances and Commercials

  • On a period of The Colbert Report which aired on 7th March, 2008, John presented "The Girl Is Mine" with Stephen Colbert. It was a reconstruct of Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney hit. John came back to The Colbert Report on 14th April, 2008, presenting "The Star-Spangled Banner" with Stephen Colbert, opening the show's week in Philadelphia. Later He emerged in Colbert's Christmas special A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All, at where John performed a rhyme to nutmeg.
  • For the period of pre game show of Super Bowl XL in Detroit John presented. John also presented throughout the halftime show at 2006 NBA All-Star Game, and John presented "God Bless America" throughout the 7th inning stretch at 2006 Major League Baseball All Star Game in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • John emerged on season finale of the Curb Your Enthusiasm, singing a wrap of You Don't Know Me. John also emerged on a chapter of TV series "Las Vegas" in February 2007 presenting his single "Save Room" single at the ending of the chapter.
  • In January, 2008, John sang in a video for the Barrack Obama created by Will.I.Am called "Yes We Can"
  • John presented "America The Beautiful" at Wrestle Mania XXIV on Sunday 30th March, 2008 at Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida.
  • John presented at 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.
  • John emerged on the Real Time with Bill Maher on 31st October, 2008. John was an associate of panel and presented “If You’re Out There” at the ending of the show.
  • John emerged on the CNN Heroes 2008 taped 22nd November, 2008, which will be cast on 27th November, 2008.
  • John emerged to present the song in duo with Colombian rock vocalist Juanes throughout the 9th Annual Latin Grammy Awards at Toyota Center in Houston, Texas on 13th November, 2008.


  • John is working with Michael Jackson for his new album. And in Dutch interview with journalist Tom Theunisz he was asked about this partnership. He informed that he has written mere one song for the Jackson’s album but he is not sure that he will utilize it or not.
  • John sang "The Girl is Mine" and a national anthem with Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report.
  • In the year of 2007, he provided his vocals for Rich Boy track Ghetto Rich.
  • John featured the André 3000 in a song and video to "Green Light".
  • John is featured in T.I.'s song "Slide Show" rancid his album Paper Trail.

John Legend's Videos and films

John has non-speaking and minor roles in 2008 film Soul Men at where John plays the demise lead vocalist of conjured soul group that comprises Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson.

And the video for hit single, P.D.A. (We Just Don't Care)", features Melvin Bragg and Alexander Rodriguez from the significantly acclaimed movie, City of God.

His song “Refuge” emerges on the premier of the movie The Second Chance. And “Dare to Dream” is in the film Pride. “Someday” is a division of the premier of the movie August Rush.

John Legend’s Fan Appreciation

On 26th July, 2007, John hosted the John Legend Network Members Only Party and Concert named "The Kings & Queens Bash" at Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, PA. And there were about 500 contestants in presence and John established the acts from his latest label, home school Records to his John Legend Network admirers: Estelle, his brother, Vaughn Anthony Stephens, The James Gang and Lucy Woodward.

On 25th July, 2008, at Highline Ballroom in New York City, he planned a new annual confidential occasion for his admirers that are the members of John Legend Network named "John Legend Unplugged". He presented 21 songs, comprised several latest songs that would be on his forthcoming album, “Evolver”.

Discography of John Legend

  • Get Lifted (2004)
  • Once Again (2006)
  • Evolver (2008)