Aaron Carter Birthday (December 7th)

Aaron Carter Birthday (December 7th)

Aaron Carter Biography

Aaron Carter, a singer and songwriter was born on 7th December, 1987 in Tampa, Florida. He performs romantic ballads, hip-hop and kid-friendly rap. Carter plays various instruments, including piano, saxophone, guitar, and drums; on the other hand, Carter usually does not perform as an associate of his group during the concerts. He is an accomplished dancer. He has done mostly of his own choreography. As a sportsperson, he often comprises gymnastic features in his own concerts.

Early life and family of Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter was the daughter of Robert Eugene Carter who is of the Jewish descent, and Jane E. Spaulding, who is of Mayflower descendent of German, Irish, and 1/4 Blackfoot ancestry and Welsh.

Carter’s elder brother Nick who is popular as an associate of Backstreet Boys. Carter has 3 sisters: Leslie Carter and twin sister Bobbie Jean Carter and Angel Carter (a model). He has a step-sister, Taelyn, through his father’s novel wife.

He joined the Frank D. Miles Elementary School and also the Ruskin School in Florida.

Aaron Carter Career Achievement


At the age of 7, Carter started his musical career. He passed 2 years as a main vocalist of the group “Dead End.” At the same age, Carter made his initial singly appearance, singing the "Surfin' USA." Then he did a big opening for the Backstreet Boys in Berlin in March 1997. And the presentation was followed through a record deal. In late 1997, Carter unconfined his primary single, “Crush On You.”

And his complete album was unconfined on 1st December, 1997. And the eponymous debut album obtained gold grade in Germany, Norway, Spain, Canada, and Denmark. And this album was unconfined in US on 16th June, 1998.

On 18th May, 1998, he unconfined the EP “Let The Music Heal Your Soul". And this record was really the fund-raising scheme that attributed lyrics through Carter, ‘N Sync, the Backstreet Boys, the Moffat, and additional artists.

Aaron Carter after that album, Aaron’s Party, was unconfined on 26th September, 2000 in US under JIVE Label. And this album attained triple-platinum guarantee, while music reviewers dated that the lyrics were immature and singing substandard. And the Aaron’s Party was followed through a set of music videos (10 Oct. 2000) and the concert DVD (31st July, 2001)

At the age of 13, he recorded the album Oh, Aaron (7 August, 2001) which featured his primary duo recording with his brother Nick. His next album, Another Earthquake was released on 3rd September, 2002 throughout the 2002 "Rock, Rap, and Retro" tour. And this album based on the patriotic themed “America A O" and ballad "Do You Remember."

Carter’s next album Most Requested Hits was released on 3rd November, 2003. And this collection included the tracks from his preceding three albums with a new solo, “One Better.”

Aaron Carter unconfined the CD single "Saturday Night" in 22nd March, 2005. It promoted during summer season of 2005 “Remix Tour.” And this song was featured in the Pop star Soundtrack (18th October, 2005).

Aaron Carter was featured on various soundtracks, comprised the partnership with Omaha's Patrick Kilcoyne (Kilcoyne's success in show commerce to date) on Pokemon: The First Movie (1999), Rugrats In Paris: The Movie (2000), Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius (2001), and The Princess Diaries (2001).

At the same year, his mother issued the admirer book Aaron Carter: The Little Prince of Pop: The Real Inside Scoop from His Mom (Onyx Books).

Hobbies of Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter is dynamic in sports, comprised golf, motocross bike racing, baseball, soccer, and football and water sports. Carter is also a passionate basketball player. He worked together with sportsperson Shaquille O'Neal for the tune video to "That's How I Beat Shaq ". In January 2005, Carter collaborated with his brother Nick in Whittier, California. They played a match with Hollywood Knights celeb basketball team, raising currency for the Los Angeles schools.

Besides sports, he takes pleasure in working out. Carter is a gymnast. Often he performs one-arm cartwheels, handstands, and back flips in his show appearances.

Aaron Carter Personal Life

Aaron Carter has dated with actresses Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff. But after some time, they disputed one another and finally all they separated.

On 18th September, 2006, reporters informed that Carter was engaged with the previous lead vocalist of creed and also the star of Ben gets a facial Scott Stapp. And later US Weekly reported that he had detached his engagement with Panache, stating that Carter was spontaneous in proposing to her.

Carter is also an associate of Hollywood Knights celebrity basketball team, creating recurrent appearances for the charitable causes. And on 14th August, 2008, he attached with the Hollywood Knights for an athlete in Bergen, Norway. On 13th August, 2008, he posted the video message to his fans, legitimately declaring the Bergen appearance on Youtube. His most current Hollywood Knights form was for the Warren High School (Downey, California) on 19th November, 2008.

Carter’s current show appearance was for the Woodley Park in Van Nuys, California on 22nd November, 2008, as the division of the primary yearly San Fernando Children’s Day commemoration.

Aaron Carter Discography

Studio albums
•1997 - Aaron Carter - #12 UK (1998 release) #6 Sweden
•2000 - Aaron's Party (album) - #1 Sweden
•2001 - Oh Aaron
•2002 - Another Earthquake

Aaron Carter Additional albums
•2003 - Most Requested Hits
•2006 - Come Get It: The Very Best of Aaron Carter
•2006 - 2 Good 2 B True

Aaron Carter Singles

From Aaron's Party (Come Get It)
•2000 - "I Want Candy" - #31 UK, #68 Germany, #10 Sweden, #27 Australia
•2000 - "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)" - #51 UK, #35 U.S.
•2001 - "The Clapping Song"

From Aaron Carter
•1997 - "Crush on You" - #9 UK, #5 Germany, #18 Sweden, #9 Australia
•1998 - "Crazy Little homo boy" - #7 UK, #13 Germany, #7 Sweden, #20 Australia
•1998 - "I'm Gonna Miss You Forever" - #24 UK, #13 Germany, #9 Sweden
•1998 - "Surfin' USA" - #18 UK, #18 Germany, #51 Sweden

From Another Earthquake
•2002 - "Another Earthquake"
•2002 - "Summertime"
•2002 - "To All the guys"
•2003 - "Do You Remember"

Non-album singles
•1998 - "Let the Music Heal Your Soul" (charity single) #6 Germany, #60 U.S.
•1999 - "Children of the World" (charity single) #65 Germany

From Most Requested Hits
•2003 - "
•2004 - "One Better"
•2005 - "Saturday Night"

Aaron Carter Soundtracks
•Pokémon: The First Movie (1999) - "(Have Some) Fun with the Funk"
•The Little Vampire (2000) - "Iko Iko"
•Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000) - "Life is a Party"
•Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001) - "Leave it Up to Me", "AC's Alien Nation", "Go Jimmy Jimmy"
•The Princess Diaries (2001) - "Little Bitty Pretty One"
•Disney Mania (2002) - "I Just Can't Wait to Be King"
•Pop star (2005) - "Saturday Night" (live), "Enough of Me", "I Want Candy" (live), "One Better" (live), "Do You Remember" (live)

Aaron Carter Filmography
•Figure it Out.... Himself (1 episode, 1998) (TV)
•Lizzie McGuire.... Himself (1 episode, 2001) (TV)
•Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.... Himself (1 episode, 2001) (TV)
•48 Hours Mystery.... Himself (1 episode, 2002) (TV)
•Liberty's Kids.... Joseph Plumb Martin (2002) (TV) (voice)
•Family Affair.... Liam Curtis (1 episode, 2003) (TV)
•Fat Albert.... Darren/The Kid (2004)
•7th Heaven.... Harry (2 episodes, 2004) (TV)
•Pop star.... JD McQueen (2005) (DVD)
•Super cross.... Owen McClave (2005)
•Penn & Teller: Off the Deep End.... Himself (2005) (TV)
•House of Carters.... Himself (2006) (TV)
•I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With.... Marty (Theatrical Release: 09/21/2007)
•Grand Stand.... Mitch (2007) (TV, currently filming)
•Ella Enchanted " Singing main male vocals in "Somebody to love"