Trey Songz Birthday (November 28th)

Trey Songz Birthday (November 28th)

Trey Songz an American mod R&B songwriter and singer was born on 28th November, 1984 in Petersburg, Virginia.

Biography of Trey Songz

As a child, Trey Songz has no piano lessons and rigorous voice. In fact, during high school, he was trying what most children of his time were doing: throwing parties, playing basketball and getting pulled to church through his pious grandmother, who sang in the gospel chorus. “I wasn’t even paying attention to R&B at the time,” states Trey. “I was listening to straight rap, like Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas.” And the mere R&B artist who seized his notice was R. Kelly, whose job Trey Songz reverses. “When it comes to R&B, he kills it. Trey Songz gives you every part of the soul he can think of, from the gangsta to the gentleman,” states Trey Songz, whose flexible tenors invoke a younger Kelly.

At the command of his mother and colleagues, he entered, and achieved, about 20 local endowment shows. He was swiftly making a name for himself. While the genuine epiphany did not arise until the age of 15, when he met his mentor and producer, Troy Taylor- an experienced person whose recommence comprises everyone from the Patti Labelle to SWV, Lionel Ritchie to B2K. Astonished through a cappella edition of “All The Things I Do,” a song Trey Songz himself had composed, Taylor advised him to beaf solemn.

After completing his school days, he shifted to New Jersey to center solely on melody. Taylor, sequentially, centered on teaching his responsibility in music record. “We would go to the New York studio every day, and during the drive, he’d play me all sorts of stuff, like Steely Dan,” evokes Trey. “When it came time to learn about falsetto, he’d play me Prince. When it came time to learn about soul, he’d play me Motown.” Trey Songz ultimately became his vocal production supporter. Working with additional performers in studio gave him invaluable technological experience, and made the young vocalist for his dazzling future.

Trey Songz Career Graph

Call it R&B with the hip-hop exigency. “We’re just Call it R&B with a hip-hop urgency. “We’re just making sure that I’m felt in the streets as much as I’m felt on the soulful level,” states 20 years old Atlantic recording artist and songwriter Trey Songz. His unveiling album was Gotta Make It, unconfined through Atlantic Records in 2005. It motivated musically through R&B performers from 1960s and 1970s for instance Aretha Franklin and Smokey Robinson with contemporary performers such as R. Kelly and Luther Van dross, the young star debuted in the year of 2005.

He rapidly growing ability led to Atlantic Records. R&B history formed it the ultimate home for his exclusive blend of contemporary and the classic. “I believe that Trey Songz is among the most promising R&B artists we have had on Atlantic since we started the company nearly sixty years ago,” stated Atlantic Founding Chairman Ahmet Ertegun. “It has been our privilege to record such legendary performers as Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and Otis Redding, and I believe that Trey is poised to be the heir of our great R&B legacy. He has the voice, the songs, the intelligence, the soul, and the charisma of a true star.”

Whereas running on his unveiling album, he has got overloaded work on the outside projects. He has co-produced and written for Kevin Lytle’s self-titled presentation; sang solo on from Coach Carter: Music From The Motion Picture, “About The Game,” is attributed on “Ain’t A Thug,” on Trick Daddy’s newest album, Thug Matrimony; and sings backing on Gerald Leveret’s “What Happened To The Lovin’” on his newest collection. His co-wrote on the couple of tracks scheduled for the Juvenile’s forthcoming album. Besides, he is on spout to team up with preferences of Snoop Dogg, Trina and Lil’ Kim on their upcoming projects.

Most prominently, he has been full of activity faultless his own expressive premier, I Gotta Make It, an 11-entry diary about a boy and his charming dreams, hustles and loves – an occupation of street and lovable sensibility formed mostly through Troy Taylor. And from the inspiring first single (“Gotta Make It,” featuring Twista), to awareness that possibly you’re in love with the wrong person (“Cheat On You”), to the statement that there’s nobody in the globe for you (“Let’s Make Love Tonight”), and the album has rather for everybody. The album I Gotta Make It features production from the Organized Noise (“Coming For You”) and also Warren Campbell (“Ooo”).

Simultaneously, Trey Songz’s modify ego, the “Prince of Virginia,” is upholding his lane cred by forcefully attacking the mix tape track. This route, generally used through rap performers, has formed this R&B songwriter/singer a stick out in the middle of his peers. Through mixing out mix tape signals like “You Can Get It” featuring T.I, “Ghetto People” and “Dreams Freestyle”- his own turn on The Game’s “Dreams” and R. Kelly’s Happy People”- Trey Songz has street pleading for more. “There’s so much on my mind that I can’t say on a regular R&B record,” admits Trey. “So mix tapes are a great outlet to sing about some wild, crazy, stuff.”

Discography of Trey Songz


• I Gotta Make It

  • Released: 26th July, 2005
  • Label: Songbook Ent./Atlantic Records
  • RIAA Certification: N/A
  • Chart Positions: #20 U.S.
  • U.S. Sales: 300,000
  • Singles: "Gotta Make It", "Gotta Go"

• Trey Day

  • Released: 2nd October, 2007
  • Label: Songbook Ent./Atlantic Records
  • RIAA Certification: N/A
  • Chart Positions: #11 U.S.
  • Singles: "Wonder Woman", "Last Night"
  • U.S. Sales: 350,000


Trey Songz Solo Singles

Year Song U.S. Hot 100 U.S. R&B Album
2005 "Gotta MakeIt" (featuring Twista) 87 21 I Gotta MakeIt
"Gotta Go" 67 11
2007 "WonderWoman" 54 Trey Day
"Can't Helpbut Wait" 14 2
2008 "LastTime" 69 9
2008 "In Ya Phone" (featuring Fabolous) READY
"Together"(featuring Christina Milian)

Featured Singles of Trey Songz

Year Song U.S. Hot 100 U.S. R&B Album
2004 "Ain't a Thug" (Trick Daddy featuring TreySongz) ThugMatrimony
2005 "Summer wit Miami"(JimJones featuring Trey Songz) 76 Harlem: Diary of a Summer
"GirlTonite" (Twista featuring Trey Songz) 14 3 The Day After
2006 "1st Time [Remix]"(YungJoc featuring Marques Houston & Trey Songz) 82 15 New Joc City
2007 "Pain in My Life" (Saigon featuring Trey Songz) 91 The GreatestStory Never Told
"Replacement Girl" (Drake featuring Trey Songz) Comeback Season
"¿QuienEres Tú?" (Maria Jose featuring Trey Songz) Maria Jose
"Girl YouKnow" (Scar face featuring Trey Songz) 51 Made
2008 "Da Baddest" (Big Kuntry King featuring TreySongz) 101 My Turn toEat
"Cutty Buddy" (MikeJones featuring Trey Songz, Lil Wayne, & Twista) 76 34 Voice of theStreets
"Ride" (Ace Hood featuring Trey Songz) 121 32 Gutta