Travis Barker Birthday (November 14th)

Travis Barker Birthday (November 14th)

Travis Landon Barker Biography

Travis Landon Barker was born on 14th November 1975 and is the American Drummer. Travis Barker gained the fame while playing his band in Blink- 182. Travis Barker also works for the +44 and Travis Barker also has many side projects including Transplants, Expensive Taste and Box Car Racer. Travis Barker joined the first on tour band in the year 1996, where Travis Barker plays the drums for Aqua bats as Baron Von Tito. Travis Barker also recorded album named The Fury of the Aqua bats with them in the year 1997. Travis Barker career rose when he joined the band, Blink 182 in the year 1998. Travis Barker was famously known for the Mohawk and also for his tendency for performing without the shirt and also revealing the multitude of the tattoos. Travis Barker also established himself as versatile drummer, guest appearing and producing in the projects of music including the alternative rock, ska pop, hip-hop and punk rock.

Travis Barker also founded the clothing company named as Famous Stars and Straps in the year 1994, Wahoo’s Fish Taco restaurant in the year 2004 and also the LaSalle Records in the same year. Travis Barker got married to the Shanna Moakler, who was the former Miss USA and she featured in the MTV’s Meet the Barkers. Barker’s personal life and marriage is considerable media silage following divorce in the year 2008 and connection with Paris Hilton.

Travis Barker Early Life

Travis Barker was born in California and is the son of Gloria and Bob Barker. Travis Barker got the first set of the drum when Travis Barker was only 4 years old. Travis Barker started taking the trumpet and drum lessons when Travis Barker was 5 years old. A day before Travis Barker started freshman year at High School of Fontana, Barker’s mother died. Travis Barker mother told him to continue playing the drums because she wants him to be good at it and Travis Barker obeyed his mother. After the death of his mother, Travis Barker became more severe about drumming. Travis Barker joined the marching band in the sophomore year and Travis Barker also created the snare line. At the time of the high school days Travis Barker performs at festivals and competitions. After having the graduation from the high school, Travis Barker gained much more experience as the rock drummer. Afterwards Travis Barker was named as Baron von Tito.

Blink- 182

In the year 1998, Travis Barker tour with The Aqua bats under stage which was named as “The Baron Von Tito”. This band was also on bill and at the time when Scott Ray nor was detached from band, Travis Barker was asked to fill the place. This needs the barker to learn the complete set in 2 hours and execute it at night show. Travis Barker hard works earned much respect and appreciation and also the offer for joining the Blink- 182 band which Travis Barker accepted.

Travis Barker Musical Equipments

Travis Barker is recently endorsed by Ziladjian and Percussion Orange County drums.

  • 10x12” Rack tom
  • 14x16” Floor tom
  • 20” oriental china crash cymbal
  • 21” a sweet ride brilliant finish
  • 6.5x 14” snare drum
  • 22x24” bass drum
  • 19” a medium thin crash cymbal
  • 14” a custom master sound hi- hats

This is the set up which is used chiefly with the Blink 182 band but Travis Barker used 10x8”rack tom and 16x16”floor tom in the studios and also 10” custom splash cymbal. Travis Barker used Ziladjian K rides with +44 tours and Travis Barker replaces China with 17” thin crash.

Discography of Travis Barker


  • The fury of the aqua bats in the year 1997
  • Enema of the states in the year 1999
  • The Mark, tom and Travis show: The Enema Strikes back in the year 2000
  • Take off your pants and jackets in the year 2001
  • Transplants in the year 2002
  • Box car racer in the year 2002
  • Try this in the year 2003
  • Blink- 182 in the year 2002
  • Black in the mud in the year 2004
  • Greatest hits in the year 2004
  • Haunted cities in the year 2005
  • King in the year 2005
  • Trill in the year 2005
  • Pump it in the year 2006
  • Wolves in the year 2006
  • Get money; stay true in the year 2006
  • Umbrella in the year 2007
  • Black roses in the year 2007
  • Don’t touch me in the year 2007
  • Fix your face in the year 2008
  • Got money in the year 2008