Sisqo Birthday (November 9th)

Sisqo Birthday (November 9th)

Mark Althavan Andrews was born on 9th November 1978 in Baltimore. Sisqo is recognized well by his theatre name Sisqo. Sisqo is American R&B actor and singer and is also the Grammy Award nominee. Sisqo is known best for being leader singer of Thong Song and the Dru Hill which is the R&B group. Sisqo first song from the Unleash the Dragon became the worldwide hit.

Biography of Sisqo:

Sisqo met with the Dru Hill and James Woody Green at the time of the middle school. Afterwards they were recruited by the Tamir Nokio Ruffin for creating the Dru Hill which was named after the Druid Hill Park. Almost immediately Larry Jazz Anthony added to line-up.

Releasing the large number of the successful singles and 2 platinum LPs, the Dru was the chief R&B success in 1990’s. The vocal style of the Sisqo was very much common with the K- Ci form the Jodeci. Large number of the people including K-Ci criticized Sisqo for opting the singing style of the K- Ci, where as Sisqo himself goes for the record several times naming the K- Ci as his main influence. In among the albums of the Dru Hill, Sisqo wrote the two striking singles for Label mate Mya. Sisqo also appeared as the guest Performer in the Its All about Me.

Dru Hill reunion, solo career and acting

In the year 1999 when the Green left the Dru Hill for pursuing the solo career, the decision was taken the remaining three members will also do same. The first solo debut of Sisqo was Unleash the Dragon, which was released in the year 1999 on Def Soul Records. His first debut was sold moderately till February 2000 release of the second debut of Sisqo Thong Song. The conflicts with the group prevented Hill from reuniting them as planned in the year 2000 and Sisqo planned about to record the second solo LP. In this period Sisqo branched in hosting the programs of the dance competitions sisqo’s shakedown on MTV and the movies, taking the supporting roles in the films get over it. Though his other LP, Return of the Dragon released in year 2001 in June eventually with Dance with me and Can I live performed below potentials and by the year 2002, Sisqo was again back with the Dru Hill who released their LP in the year 2002. The visual trademarks of Sisqo are this stage costumes and hair styles.

Awards/nominations of Sisqo:

American Music Awards:

  1. Favourite R&B/ Soul in the year 2001 for the Album: Unleash the Dragon (nominated)
  2. Favourite Male R&B/ Soul Artist (nominated)

Grammy Awards:

  • Best R&B song Thong song in the year 2001 (nominated)
  • Best R&B Male Vocal Performance Thong Song in the year 2001 (nominated)
  • Best R&B album: Unleash the Dragon in the year 2001 (nominated)
  • Best New Artist in the year 2001 (nominated)

MOBO Awards:

  • Best Video Thong Song in the year 2000 (nominated)
  • Best R&B Act in the year 2000 (nominated)
  • Best R&B Act in the year 2001 (nominated)

MTV Video Music Awards:

  • Viewer’s Choice Thong Song in the year 2000 (nominated)
  • Best Hip- Hop Video Thong Song in the year 2000
  • Best Dance Video Thong Song in the year 2000 (nominated)
  • Best Video from a Film Thong Song in the year 2000 (nominated)
  • Best New Artist for Thong Song in the year 2000 (nominated)

Soul Train Music Awards:

  • Favourite Male R&B/ Soul Album for Unleash the Dragon in the year 2001 (nominated)

  • Filmography of Sisqo:

    Film Appearances:

    • Pieces of April in the year 2003
    • Surf School in the year 2006
    • Snow Dogs in the year 2002
    • Get over it in the year 2001

    Television Appearances:

    • I Love the NewMillennium in the year 2008
    • Sabrina, the Teenage Witch in the year 2001
    • Sisqo’s Shakedown in the year 2000
    • Gone Country in the year 2008

    Mix Tapes:

    • This is in the Heart in the year 2001
    • In da Club in the year 2003
    • One Love in the year 2004
    • Really real in the year 2004
    • So Seductive in the year 2004
    • One Finger in the year 2005
    • Champaigne and Henessy in the year 2008

    Sisqo Solo Discography:

    Sisqo Albums:

    • Unleash the Dragon in the year 1999
    • Returns of the Dragon in the year 2001
    • Last Dragon in the year 2008