Parker Posey Birthday (November 8th)

Parker Posey Birthday (November 8th)

Parker Christian Posey was born on 8th November 1968. Parker Posey is an American Hollywood star and became popular in the era of 1990’s after the series of the roles in the numerous of the well- received self- governing films. As the result of it, Parker Posey has been referred as “Queen of Indies”.

Parker Posey Early Life

Parker Posey was born in Maryland in Baltimore, and is the daughter of the Lynda and Chris. Parker Posey has the fraternal twin brother. The first name of the Posey was the tribute which was given to her by her father after the name of the super model of 1950’s Suzy Parker. After Parker Posey birth, the entire family moved to Mississippi in Laurel, where her father opened the dealership which was named as Posey Chevrolet and her mother worked as the chef.

Parker Posey Film Career

Parker Posey attended State University of the New York at the Purchase where Parker Posey shared the room with another Hollywood star Sherry String field. The fellow professionals of the entertainment in the acting company of the SUNY purchase consists of the producer Todd Baker and actors, Reno Wilson and Adam Trese. Parker Posey got first break in the television where Parker Posey won role of the Tess Shelby on daytime serial opera As the World Turns. Parker Posey got the first main role in the year 1993 in movie Dazed and Confused.

In the late 1990’s Parker Posey starred in the plenty of self governing movies and then by Time Magazine Parker Posey was named as the Queen of the Indies that cited the 32 self- governing movies to Parker Posey’s credit, consisting Clock watchers, The House of Yes, Party Girl and Personal Velocity. Parker is the part of acting company which appears in the films of the director Christopher Guest’s, which includes the Best in show in the year 2000, mock documentaries in the year 1996, for you consideration in the year 2006 and a might wind in the year 2003. Parker Posey is also the favourite of the director Hal Hartley.

Although Parker Posey is recognized well for her outstanding work in the self- governing cinema, Parker Posey also has the sustaining roles in number of big budgets films which consists of the Josie and the Pussycats, Blade: Trinity, You have got mail and Laws of Attraction. Parker Posey has also given the very notable performance in Superman Returns. Parker Posey is also working with the John Waters in his forthcoming film Fruitcake with Johnny Knoxville.

Television Works of Parker Posey:

  • Though Parker Posey chiefly works in the films, but Parker Posey has also worked in many of the television projects.
  • Parker Posey worked in adaptations of the television miniseries of Armistead Maupin Tales of the city books, where the name of her character was Connie
  • Parker Posey provided the voice of the Umbriel the mermaid in episode of The Deep south in the year 2000
  • Parker Posey also provided the voice of the Becky in episode of the Simpsons particularly in the year 2000
  • Parker Posey also had very notable role in the television series Will and Grace
  • Parker Posey also appeared on final episode of the project runway in the year 2005.
  • Parker Posey also made the guest appearance in the Boston Legal which was the legal drama in the year 2006
  • In the year 2008 Parker Posey cancelled the Return of Jezebel James which was the fox series.

Previously Parker Posey was considered for roles of Rachel Green in the friends, Kimmy in the movie My Best Friend’s wedding and for the Althea in The people vs. Larry Flynt.

Filmography of Parker Posey:

Parker Posey worked in the plenty of the films and has given notable appearances in the films. Some of the movies of the Parker Posey are:

  • Dazed and Confused in the year 1993
  • Sleep with me in the year 1994
  • Party Girl in the year 1995
  • Frisk in the year 1995
  • Basquiat in the year 1996
  • The House of yes in the year 1996
  • Waiting for Guff man in the year 1997
  • Clock watchers in the year 1997
  • You have got mail in the year 1998
  • Best in Show in the year 1998
  • Scream 3 in the year 2000
  • The Anniversary Party in the year 2001
  • Personal Velocity in the year 2002
  • The Event in the year 2003
  • Frankenstein in the year 2004
  • Adam & eve in the year 2005
  • Superman Returns in the year 2006
  • Broken English in the year 2007
  • Spring breakdown in the year 2008