Leonardo DiCaprio Birthday (November 11th)

Leonardo DiCaprio Birthday (November 11th)

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born on 11th November 1974 in California and is also 3 times nominated for Academy Award. Leonardo DiCaprio is also winner of Golden Globe. Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous Hollywood actor of America and gained fame for his remarkable appearance in Titanic as Jack Dawson. Leonardo DiCaprio also appeared in many of the other successful movies which include Catch me if you can, Blood Diamond and Romeo & Juliet. Leonardo also worked in the current films The Aviator, The Departed and Gangs of New York of Martin Scorsese’s, causing the general people to compare his relationship with actor Robert De Niro which benefited Leonardo career. Leonardo DiCaprio has also been nominated for BAFTA two times, for SAG three times and Leonardo DiCaprio is also the winner of the Silver Bear Award.

Leonardo DiCaprio Early Life

Leonardo DiCaprio was born in California in Los Angles and also is the only child of Irmelin Indenbirken and George Di Caprio. At the time of his childhood Leonardo DiCaprio mother moved to the Germany from Oer- Erkenschwick. Leonardo DiCaprio parents met in the college and moved to the Los Angles. Leonardo DiCaprio was named after the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci as her mother at the time of pregnancy was standing in front of the Vinci painting in the museum at Italy when Leonardo DiCaprio first kicked. When Leonardo DiCaprio was one year old he parents got divorced. Mostly Leonardo DiCaprio lived with Irmelin, his mother but his father George was also around him intermittently. At the time of his childhood, Leonardo DiCaprio attended the School of Seeds Elementary. Leonardo DiCaprio was having a very keen interest in comic books, baseball and commonly visits the museum with George, hid father.

Leonardo DiCaprio Early Career

Career of Leonardo DiCaprio started with appearing in many educational and commercials films. In the year 1990, Leonardo DiCaprio got break on the television when Leonardo DiCaprio got role in series of the short lived which was based on film Parenthood. There Leonardo DiCaprio met the other child artist Tobey Maguire who was also struggling. Both of them quickly became friend and also made the pact for helping each other in finding the roles in the movies and television.


Leonardo DiCaprio became superstar in the year 1997 after playing the role of Jack Dawson in movie Titanic co- starring with Kate Winslet who was playing the role of Rose De Witt Bukater, rapidly which became the largest grossing film and also received 11 Oscars. Over work of the next some of the years, Leonardo DiCaprio became the domestic name globally and was also labelled with the synonymous names as sex symbol, most beautiful eyes and Teenage heart-throb.

Leonardo DiCaprio Status and Income

Leonardo DiCaprio was named as the 5th largest paid artist in the Hollywood in the year 2008. The people magazine named Leonardo DiCaprio as “One of the fifty most beautiful persons in the entire World.” The time magazine named Leonardo as “one of the most influential persons in the entire globe and Leonardo DiCaprio was also placed on position 36 on the Empire Magazine’s for”100 Sexiest Movie Stars”.

Leonardo DiCaprio Personal Life

Leonardo DiCaprio dated with supermodel of Brazil Gisele Bundchen from the year 2001 to year 2005. Leonardo DiCaprio also dated with Vanessa Hayden, Helena Christensen, Kristen Zang and Sara Foster. Leonardo DiCaprio is close friend with the Kate Winslet, his titanic co star and Tobey Maguire. Leonardo DiCaprio is also good friend with the Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Lukas Haas, Vincent Gallo and Mark Wahlberg.

Filmography of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Films:

  • Critters 3 in the year 1991
  • This Boy Life in the year 1992
  • The Basketball Diaries in the year 1995
  • Romeo and Juliet in the year 1996
  • Titanic in the year 1997
  • Celebrity in the year 1998
  • The Beach in the year 2000
  • Don’s Plum in the year 2001
  • The aviator in the year 2004
  • The Departed in the year 2006
  • The 11th Hour in the year 2007
  • Revolutionary Road in the year 2008

Leonardo DiCaprio - Nominations and Awards

Academy Award:

  • Nominated for best supporting actor in the year 1004 for what’s eating Gilbert Grape
  • Nominated for best actor in the year 2005 for The Aviator
  • Nominated for best actor in the year 2007 for Blood Diamond

Golden Globe Award:

  • Nominated for best supporting actor for what’s’ eating Gilbert Grape in the year 1994
  • Nominated for best actor for Titanic in the year 1997
  • Nominated for best actor for catch me if you can in the year 2003
  • Won best actor award for The Aviator in the year 2005
  • Nominated for best actor for Blood Diamond in the year 2007
  • Nominated for best actor for The Departed in the year 2007