Katherine Heigl Birthday (July 24th)

Katherine Heigl Birthday (July 24th)

Biography of Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl Early Life

Katherine Heigl was the daughter of Paul Heigl, a monetary accountant and Nancy, a private manager. Katherine Heigl has Irish and German ancestry. Katherine Heigl was raised as an opponent of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Katherine Heigl is the youngest child in four children. Katherine Heigl lived in Virginia and after it Katherine Heigl shifted to Connecticut with her family.

In 1986, Katherine Heigl brother Jason expired because of car accident. And after his death, all they decided to contribute his organs. And subsequently, their parents transformed to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Now Katherine Heigl is a strong supporter of organ endowment. While Katherine is no longer a working Mormon and Katherine Heigl remains optimistic on various aspects of religion. Katherine Heigl has uttered interest in coming back to her trust.

Katherine Heigl Career Graph

Katherine Heigl began modeling and ultimately emerged in television commercials. And in the year of 1992 Katherine Heigl made her film debut in That Night and slight roles in the series of movies followed. In the year of 1995, Katherine Heigl starred in Steven Seagal action detective movie Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. After completing her degree, Katherine Heigl shifted to Los Angeles to follow an acting career. In 1996, Katherine Heigl parents divorced and her mother was detected with cancer. Quickly Katherine found her regular work, comprised the wit fantasy Wish upon a Star (1996) and other horrible movie Bride of Chucky (1998). In the year of 1998, Katherine co-starred with Peter Fonda in re-working of the typical Shakespearian play The Tempest, set in the American Civil War. After it, Katherine Heigl starred the awful film Bride of Chucky.

And in the year of 1999 Katherine Heigl performed a character in science-fiction television series Roswell. It became hit and Katherine Heigl acquired much awareness as Alien Isabel. And after completing Roswell in 2002, Katherine Heigl starred in lots of television films, comprised Love Comes Softly (2003) and a follow-up, Love’s Enduring Promise (2004). In the year of 2003, Katherine Heigl emerged in three television films. Katherine came back to horror genre with the Evil Never Dies, a current distinction on Frankenstein story co-starring with Thomas Gibson. And Love Comes Softly, for the Hallmark amusement, found Katherine Heigl starring as Marty Coleridge, a juvenile, pregnant newlywed roaming west. Katherine Heigl played Isabella Linton in MTV's recent revamp of the Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. And in October 2003, Katherine Heigl was directed contrary to Johnny Knoxville in The Ringer, a Farrelly brothers humor that was unconfined in December 2005. Katherine Heigl starred as a Romy in 2005 television fi
lm Romy and Michele: in the Beginning, prequel to 1997 movie Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. And in the year of 2005, Katherine Heigl starred in low budget terror flick Zyzzyx Road.

And in the year of 2005, Katherine Heigl got big break when Katherine was directed in Grey’s Anatomy, a dreamed about the hospital doctors. And this show became hit and formed Katherine Heigl a star. In the year of 2007, Katherine Heigl achieved her primary Emmy award, for the best supporting actress. And that year, Katherine Heigl made news and when Katherine publicly criticized costar Isaiah Washington.

In 2008, Katherine Heigl depicted about Dr. Isobel Stevens on hit TV series Grey’s Anatomy. Katherine Heigl e seemed the novel queen of passionate comedies on big screen. Afterwards on the vast success of Knocked Up (2007), Katherine Heigl starred same as the serial bridesmaid In search of Mr. Right in 27 dresses. And the cheerful movie grossed approximately $160 million all-inclusive. And off-screen, the candid Katherine Heigl always found herself at focus of the drama. And in the month of June, Katherine Heigl angered producers and writers of Grey’s Anatomy when Katherine Heigl declared that Katherine Heigl had detached herself from deliberation for Emmy, stating that Katherine had not given substance to justify a recommendation.

While emerging on the Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl continued to have a film career. When Katherine Heigl’s role becomes pregnant and made a decision to keep the child, the improbable couple tries to form a life-long relationship. In spite of her claim that the movie was the “little sexiest,” it was a commercial and critical success, grossing approximately $220 million all inclusive. Katherine Heigl looked to produce more laughs in the year of 2009, when The Ugly Truth was planned to be released.

Katherine Heigl Private Life

Katherine Heigl had a relationship with Roswell costar Jason Behr. And they separated when the series finished. And in June 2006, Katherine Heigl engaged with a singer Josh Kelley. They met on the place of his melody video for "Only You." And they wedded on 23rd December, 2007 in Park City, Utah. And in December, 2007, Katherine Heigl and Kelley shifted to a new-fangled home in Los Feliz, California. And in late 2007, Barbara Walters named Katherine Heigl one of "The 11 Most Fascinating People of 2007” on ABC program of that label. Katherine questioned about her enclosure on the list, stating that Katherine is really "quite boring.....not, just kidding, but really".

Filmography of Katherine Heigl

Year Title Role Notes
1992 That Night Kathryn  
1993 King of the Hill Christina Sebastian  
1994 My Father the Hero Nicole  
1995 Under Siege 2: Dark Territory Sarah Ryback  
1996 Wish Upon a Star Alexia Wheaton made-for-television
1997 Prince Valiant Princess Ilene  
Stand-ins Taffy-Rita Hayworth's Stand-in  
1998 Bug Buster Shannon Griffin  
Bride of Chucky Jade  
The Tempest Miranda Prosper made-for-television
1999 Roswell Isabel Evans 1999-2002
2000 100 Girls Arlene  
2001 Valentine Shelley Fisher  
2003 Love Comes Softly Marty Claridge made-for-television
Wuthering Heights Isabel Linton made-for-television
Evil Never Dies Eve made-for-television
Critical Assembly Aizy Hayward  
2004 Love's Enduring Promise Marty Claridge Davis made-for-television
2005 Romy and Michele: In the Beginning Romy White made-for-television
Side Effects Karly Hert  
The Ringer Lynn Sheridan  
Grey's Anatomy Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens 2005-present
2006 Zyzzyx Road Marissa The film only made $30 (not million) in box office
Caffeine Laura  
2007 Knocked Up Alison Scott Salary: $300,000 USD
2008 27 Dresses Jane Nichols Major Role Salary: $6 million USD
2009 The Ugly Truth Abby Richter in post-production