Josh Turner Birthday (November 20th)

Josh Turner Birthday (November 20th)

Joshua Otis "Josh" Turner an American country music singer-songwriter was born on 20th November, 1977 in Hannah, S.C.Josh Turner signed to the MCA Nashville Records in the year of 2003; Josh Turner made his first appearance on American country music charts with Top 20 single “Long Black Train", a song which achieved critical commendation for its neotraditionalist country styling. And his unveiling album, named Long Black Train, was unconfined in the year of 2004. Josh Turner has been qualified platinum.

In the year of 2005, Josh Turner charted his initial two Number One singles on Billboard country charts "Would You Go With Me", and "Your Man", equally from his Your Man album, which has been qualified 2* Multi Platinum in US. And the album produced #16-peaking “Me and God”, duo with bluegrass performerRalph Stanley.

Josh Turner 3rd studio album, named Everything Is Fine, was unconfined in October 2007. It formed the #2 hit "Firecracker" and the #15 "Another Try", a duo with Trisha Year wood.

Biography of Josh Turner

Josh Turner grew up in church. Josh sang the bass and also baritone parts in several choirs. And after high school, Josh shifted to Nashville to follow an occupation in the music and registered in Belmont University. And after passing college, his hatchling career increased on 21st December, 2001. Through Josh Turner debut on Grand Ole Opry, when Josh Turner debuted the song Josh Turner composed titled "Long Black Train." Josh Turner achieved a status acclaim in the mid of the song, and then sang again for encore.

After one month, Josh Turner signed to MCA Nashville. Josh unconfined his debut album, Long Black Train in 2003, and gratitude to hit title trail, it was expert in platinum through the end of 2004.

And in the year of 2006, Josh Turner unconfined his sophomore album, Your Man. The title trail arrived at the No.1 on Billboard's country airplay chart, while did its record, "Would You Go With Me." And this album was specialized in double platinum.

Josh Turner declares that Josh Turner "learned how to whistle really well during that year.” Josh Turner was observed through Vanderbilt tone clinic who suggested him to permit it cure on his own. Though Josh Turner rested his tone back at residence. Josh Turner studied about classical verbal techniques that how ensure of his tone and evade developing additional problems.

After some time, Josh Turner shifted to Nashville to follow a career in the music and joined Belmont University. And at Belmont, Josh Turner went by a classical training verbal program.

2001-2004 Long Black Train

On 21st December, 2001, Josh Turner debuted on Grand Ole Opry with the song Josh Turner e had composed himself, "Long Black Train."

And in the year of 2003, Josh Turner released his debut album. Josh Turner titled Long Black Train. Before its release, Josh Turner had released 7” vinyl singles of “Long Black Train” and "She'll Go on You". Both singles attributed Long Black Train album "Backwoods Boy" as a B-side. Whereas neither "She'll Go on You" nor "Backwoods Boy" were successful while "Long Black Train" passed about forty weeks on Billboard country charts, arriving at a peak of #13 and achieving gold certification. And the 3rd single, "What It Ain't", was less flourishing, reaching #31.

2005-2006 Your Man

In the year of 2006, Josh Turner released his IInd album, “Your Man”. And the album’s foremost single and title track, "Your Man", was also co-written through Jace Everett and unconfined in late 2005. And "Your Man" reached the charts gradually, ultimately reaching #1 in 2006. And Your Man was qualified Gold through the RIAA 4 weeks after its discharge, and afterward went Platinum after six months.

"Would You Go with Me" was second single on the loose from Your Man. and Like the album's title track, "Would You Go with Me" arrived at the apex of the country singles charts, clutching that point for two weeks; it climbed #48 on Billboard Hot 100. Josh Turner also presented it on CMA Awards in November 2006.

In the month of December of 2006, 49th Annual Grammy Award recommendation were declared. Josh Turner achieved nods for the Best Male Country Vocal Performance and for the Best Country Album. Josh Turner performed at Ryman Auditorium where live album was traced, singing a song called, "Church in the Holler." Josh Turner album Josh Turner Live At The Ryman was verified in April. It is available solely throughout Cracker Barrel restaurants.

2007-2008 Everything Is Fine

Josh Turner’s 3rd studio album for the MCA Nashville, named Everything Is Fine, was unconfined on 30th October, 2007. Its first single, named “Firecracker (song)|Firecracker” has become his 3rd Top Ten hit on the state music charts, peaking at #2. And the IInd single from the Everything Is Fine, a duo with the Trisha Year wood titled "Another Try", was unconfined in late January 2008, peaking at #15. And the title trail has been unconfined as the 3rd single.

Grand Ole Opry Induction

On 29th September, 2007, whereas giving a reward to Roy Clark on the 20th anniversary of Clark on Grand Ole Opry, Josh Turner was called to become an associate of Grand Ole Opry. Josh Turner was introduced through Vince Gill on 27th October, 2007.

Billy Graham Biopic

Josh Turner has filmed a slight role in forthcoming biopic of Billy Graham. Josh Turner will be playing George Beverly Shea. And George Beverly Shea led the music on lots of Graham's campaigns.

Josh Turner Private Life

Josh Turner met Jennifer. In 2003 Josh Turner wedded with her, previous to the discharge of the album. She sings background songs and plays piano in Josh’s road band.

They had a child, Hampton Otis Turner, on 6th October, 2006.

Musical Influences

"I think the very first [country music] I ever heard was at grandma's house. She loved music - the Stanley Brothers, the Osborne Brothers, a lot of gospel quartets and old Opry stars, Waylon and Johnny Cash."