Jack Ingram Birthday (November 15th)

Jack Ingram Birthday (November 15th)

Jack Owen Ingram was born on 15th November, 1970 and is the famous American music performer. Jack Ingram has released more than 12 singles for the country radio and recorded near about 7 studio albums. Though from the year 1992, Jack Ingram did not attain considerable attention till year 2005, but Jack Ingram was again in the news after release of wherever You Are which was the super hit on the Billboard on charts of the country. Jack Ingram this single was first of the 5 top twenty five hits and was also the number 1 hit for the act on label of Big Machine Records. This was the song which was followed by the Love You and the cover of the Lips of an Angel.

Biography of Jack Ingram

Jack Ingram made the living touring among Houston and Dallas and also released large number of the self- governing albums. Jack Ingram was born in Texas in Houston. At the time of the independent period of career, Jack Ingram got opening hit on country charts of US with the Flutter. Jack Ingram played seriously when Jack Ingram was studying Psychology in Dallas at the Southern Methodist University. Jack Ingram also toured around roadhouses and bars of the Texas with his band.

In the year 2005, Jack Ingram signed to self- governing Big Machine Records label. Under this banner, Jack Ingram released the live album wherever you are which was first hit for him. This single was his first album and became the first top 40’s for him and afterwards it became the first number single on charts of the hot country songs on the Billboard of US. This was the song which also was recorded by the New Row Mob and Trent Summar.

Jack Ingram released the cover of the song Lips of an Angel in the year 2006. Owen this cover peaked at position 16 on charts of the country and also was the lead off the single to this is it which was Jack Ingram second album that he released for Big Machine. Jack Ingram also won the award for the top male vocalist in the year 2008 for in academy of Country Music. Jack Ingram was also filled in place of the Bob Kingsley who was the radio host on the show Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40 for week.

Discography of Jack Ingram

Jack Ingram Studio Albums:

  • Jack Ingram in the year 1992
  • Lonesome Questions in the year 1995
  • Livin or Dyin in the year 1997
  • Hey you in the year 1999
  • Electric in the year 2002
  • Electric: extra volts (EP) in the year 2003
  • Young Man in the year 2004
  • This is it in the year 2007

Jack Ingram Live Albums:

  • Live at Adair’s in the year 1995
  • Unleashed Live in the year 2000
  • Live at Billy Bob’s Texas in the year 2003
  • Live at Gruene Hall: Happy Happy in the year 2004
  • A coustic model in the year 2005
  • Live: Wherever you are in the year 2006

Jack Ingram Singles:

  • Flutter in the year 1997
  • That’s not me in the year 1997
  • Mustang Burn in the year 1998
  • How Many Days in the year 1998
  • Barbie Doll in the year 2000
  • A Little Bit in the year 2002
  • One Thing in the year 2002
  • Keep on keepin on in the year 2003
  • Wherever you are in the year 2005
  • Lips of an Angel in the year 2006
  • Love you in the year 2006
  • Measure of a Man in the year 2006
  • That’s man in the year 2008
  • Measure of a man in the year 2007
  • Maybe she’ll get Lonely in the year 2007

Jack Ingram - Nominations and Awards:

  • Won CMT Music Award in the year 2007 for Wide Open Video of the year
  • Won Academy of Country Music in the year 2008 for top new male vocalist
  • Nominated for CMT Music Award in the year 2008 for Wide Open Video of the year