Clay Aiken Birthday (November 30th)

Clay Aiken Birthday (November 30th)

Clay Aiken an American pop vocalist was born on 30th November, 1978 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Clay Aiken went to the IInd season on TV program American Idol in the year of 2003. Founded on album retailing surpassed through Idol winners Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken has become the flourishing male and runner-up in the history of the show.

Biography of Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken Private Life

As a child, Clay Aiken sang in Raleigh Boy choir. As a young boy, Clay Aiken sang in academy choir, church choir, local theatre and musicals productions. After his school days, Clay Aiken sang with the local band, Just By Chance, and also co hosted and performed with the group at “Just by Chance and Friends” shows in Dunn, North Carolina. Clay Aiken also performed the nationalized anthem several times for Raleigh Ice Caps and also Carolina Hurricanes.

Clay Aiken joined Raleigh's Leesville Road High School and took the courses at Campbell University before registering at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Clay Aiken showed his curiosity in special edification while casting YMCA kids’ camps as an adolescent. While joining college in Charlotte, Clay Aiken took the part-time work as a helper to a lad with the autism, and it was the child’s mom, Diane Bubal, who advised him to trial for the American Idol. Though the American Idol activities provisionally delayed his educational pursuits, Clay Aiken finished his course work during on tour and he graduated with the bachelor's degree in special education in December 2003.

Clay Aiken proclaimed on his private blog: "My dear friend, James, and I are so excited to announce the birth of Parker Foster Aiken" Clay’s son was born on 8th August, 2008 in North Carolina. And the mother of the child is Jaymes Foster; she is the sis of record maker David Foster. Jaymes has been managerial producer of Clay Aiken’s last 3 albums. “The little man is healthy, happy, and as loud as his daddy," Clay Aiken wrote. "Mama James is doing quite well also." Clay Aiken stated in his manuscript, Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life, that "It's a Southern tradition to be given your first name from your grand mama’s maiden name."

After many years of community speculation, Clay Aiken verified, in September 2008 meeting with the People magazine that he is gay.

Clay Aiken Career

After the American Idol appearance, Clay Aiken has launched 8 tours, authored the New York Times best-selling manuscript Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life with Allison Glock, and Clay Aiken was a managerial producer for 2004 televised Christmas special, A Clay Aiken Christmas. Clay Aiken has been common talk show guest, mainly on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and The Tonight Show, emerged as the guest star on the Scrubs, contributed in humor skits on the Saturday Night Live and Kummel, and Clay Aiken has made his Broadway debut performing the character of Sir Robin in Monty Python's Spam lot in January 2008. Clay Aiken rejoined the cast as Sir Robin on September 19 and is scheduled to remain through 4th January, 2009. Clay Aiken retorted the cast as Sir Robin on 19th September and also is planned to remain throughout 4th January, 2009.

Clay Aiken formed the Bubal/Aiken Foundation in the year of 2003. Clay Aiken accepted the UNICEF ambassadorship in 2004. And in the year of 2006, Clay Aiken was selected for 2 years term through President George W. Bush to the committee that performs in a review capacity to President and the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services on matters relating to programs and services for persons with intellectual disabilities.

Clay Aiken unconfined the novel studio album (the opening album of unique material since 2003's Measure of A Man), permitted On My Way Here on 6th May, 2008. And this is his 4th entire length studio album, comprised a Christmas album, and an album of covers. Clay has unconfined one EP.


Clay Aiken has contributed his voice and time to manifold benefit concerts and events, comprised the 2004 Rosalyn Carter Benefit, the America's Promise Benefit, and the Heather Headley's Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS benefit, "Home," where Clay Aiken sang a duet with Headley. Clay Aiken was one of celebrity readers for Arthur Celebrity Audio book, which repayments the Bubal/Aiken Foundation and additional charities, and provided as representative for the series. Clay Aiken was a representative for the 2004 Toys for Tots drive. Clay Aiken is a representative for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

In September 2006, Clay Aiken was chosen to the Presidential Committee for Public with logical Disabilities. And the committee acts in a optional capacity to President and Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services on topics relating to course and services for citizens with the intellectual disabilities. And appointees provide the 2 years term; Clay Aiken was confirmed in 14th September, 2006 through HHS Associate Secretary for Kids and Families Wade F. Horn, Ph.D. and in April 2008, Clay notified People Magazine that Clay was too active to do in so far as Clay Aiken would prefer, but "If there's something I can do remotely, I would've been happy to do it."

Clay Aiken Fast Facts

  • Altered his last name from Grissom to Clay Aiken, his mother's maiden name, at the age of 20 after providing all attaches with his father.
  • Nicknamed "Gonzo" while occupying at the YMCA children's camp in Raleigh, NC.
  • Designed to trial for The Amazing Race before revolving to American Idol.
  • Was discarded at the American Idol's Charlotte, NC, trial but made it through an Atlanta, GA, audition the next weekend.
  • Hit song "The Way" was co-written by Enrique Iglesias.
  • Formed the Bubal/Aiken Foundation to assist children with neurological disabilities. The basis was named for Diane Bubel, the woman who swayed him to try-out for American Idol.
  • Penned the 2004 inspiring memoir Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life.

Clay Aiken Relationships

  • Deborah Grissom - Half Sister
  • Brett Parker - Half Brother
  • Catherine Aiken - Grandmother
  • Ray Parker - Stepfather
  • Faye Parker - Mother
  • Parker Foster Aiken - Son
  • Vernon Grissom - Father
  • College:
  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC (BA in Special Education, 2003)

Discography of Clay Aiken

  • Measure of a Man (2003)
  • Merry Christmas with Love (2004)
  • A Thousand Different Ways (2006)
  • All Is Well (2006)
  • On My Way Here (2008)

Awards and Nominations of Clay Aiken


American Music Awards

  1. 2003: Won - Fan's Choice Award
  2. 2003: Nominated - Favorite Male Artist - Pop or Rock
  3. Billboard Awards
  4. 2003: Won - Best Selling Single of 2003 - "Bridge Over Troubled Water/This Is The Night"
  5. 2004: Won - Best Selling Christmas Album - Merry Christmas with Love
  6. 2005: Won - Best Selling Christian Album - Merry Christmas with Love

New Music Weekly Awards

  • 2004: Won - Top 40 Male Artist of the Year

American Christian Music Awards

  • 2005: Won - Outstanding Yule CD - Merry Christmas with Love

Clay Aiken Achievements

  • 2005 Robert M. Barg Memorial Achievement Award
  • 2006 UNC Charlotte Alumni Association Outstanding Young Alumnus Award
  • 2007 National Center for Learning Disabilities' Children's Advocacy Award