Christopher Paolini Birthday (November 17th)

Christopher Paolini Birthday (November 17th)

Christopher Paolini was born on 17th November, 1983 and is famous American Writer. Christopher Paolini is known as the author of Inheritance cycle that includes the books Eldest, Brisingr, Eragon and also his fourth book which is yet untitled. Christopher Paolini lives in Montana in the Paradise Valley and there only Christopher Paolini wrote his initial book. Christopher Paolini rose up by listening up the multiplicity of the music but the classical music ablaze his imagination and also helped him in writing. Generally Christopher Paolini listens to Wagner, Mahler and Beethoven at the time of writhing Eragon. The last battle of his book was written after listening to the Carmina Burana.

Biography of Christopher Paolini

Christopher Paolini was raised in the Montana in the area of Paradise valley. Christopher Paolini family members consists of his father Kenneth Paolini, his mother Talita Hodgkinson and Angela Paolini, his sister. Christopher Paolini graduated at age of fifteen years from high school through the set of the qualified correspondence courses in Illinois from American School of Correspondence. Subsequently graduation, Christopher Paolini began working on the novel Eragon, the first series which was set in Alagaesia kingdom.

Eragon was published by the Christopher Paolini International LLC in the year 2002 which was the company of Christopher Paolini’s parents. For promoting his book, Christopher Paolini toured near about 135 libraries and schools, discussing the writing and reading. Christopher Paolini also shaped the cover painting for the first edition of the Eragon that featured Saphira’s eye. Paolini also drew maps on inside the covers of the book.

In the year 2002, stepson of the Carl Hiaasen, who was the author, found Christopher Paolini’s book Eragon the book store and appreciated it. Christopher Paolini recently brought this to the attention of Alfred A. Knopf, his publisher. Alfred consequently made the offer for publishing Christopher Paolini book and rest of Inheritance cycle. Eragon second edition was published by Alfred in the year 2003. Christopher Paolini became the author of New York Times bestselling at the only age of 19 years. Christopher Paolini’s essay named as It All Began with Books was incorporated in the anthology of the year 2005 Guys Write for Guys Read. The sequel of the Eragon, Eldest was released in the year 2005. Christopher Paolini third book Brisingr was released in the mid of the year 2008. Though Inheritance cycle was designed as the trilogy, information of the Brisingr had been expanded to incorporate the 4ht book which is not titled yet.


The literary inspirations of the Christopher Paolini’s consist of the works of Beowulf, E.R. Edison and J.R.R. Tolkien. Christopher Paolini said that his first book Eragon was inspired particularly with work of Bruce Coville. The other inspirations consist of the Andre Norton, Raymond E. Feist, Brain Jacques, Ursula K. Le Guin, Frank Herbert, David Eddings and Anne McCaffrey. The other favourite authors consists Garth Nix, Jane Yolen and Philip Pullman.

The writing of the Christopher Paolini is influenced much more by the nature. In the interview with Tamora Pierce and Philip Pullman, Christopher Paolini said that the main source for his inspiration is the Paradise Valley of Montana. In his book Eldest, Christopher Paolini described his elf as the vegetarian but when asked about the diet he said that he is not vegetarian but is also lean in that direction.

Christopher Paolini Authors’ Profile:

Christopher Paolini writes not only about the fantasy, but he lives in it. When Christopher Paolini was only 15 years of age, Christopher Paolini penned the sweeping epic termed as the Eragon which eventually was discovered by the publisher of the New York and also by the large number of the readers. His book nestled very comfortably on the lists of the bestseller in the year 2003 and by the year 2004 the movie which was based on the dazzling blue dragon and wonderful tale of the boy was poised for taking the flight. Christopher Paolini was also very hard at writing of the 2nd and 3rd instalments in Inheritance trilogy.

Writer of Dragon:

Christopher Paolini generally found himself in the daydreaming about the dragons at the time when Christopher Paolini was bathing, doing his homework of even when driving the car. Whereas Christopher Paolini was growing up he started to capture his daydreams on the papers, writing short stories and papers which featured the dragons and were also set in the magical places.