Christopher Knight Birthday (November 7th)

Christopher Knight Birthday (November 7th)

Christopher Anton Knight an American artist was born on 7th November, 1957 in Manhattan, New York. Christopher Knight is popular for playing the Peter Brady on 1970s series, The Brady Bunch. Christopher Knight became a victorious businessman. Christopher Knight has enjoyed the semi-resurgence in the community eye with the current TV appearances. Christopher Knight has also been spouted to host Trivial Pursuit: America Plays opening in fall of 2008. And his father, Edward Knight, is also an artist.

Biography of Christopher Knight

When Christopher Knight was seven years old, Christopher Knight started acting in commercials for Toyota and Tide, and emerged in TV shows for instance Mannix and Gun smoke. Christopher Knight popular character was as the Peter in iconic sitcom The Brady Bunch, while Christopher also emerged in Nowhere, That 70s Show, Happy Days, Fallen Angels, and the Bionic Woman. Besides acting, Christopher Knight has worked with computer industry and also information equipment, co-founding and also supervising companies for instance Eskape Labs, Integral Micro Solutions and Visual Software. Christopher Knight also maintains a sporty physique and Christopher Knight has endorsed exercise product for the Abs Lounge.

Christopher Knight Current Career

In 1988, Christopher Knight’s interest in machines and science led him in computer industry. Christopher Knight icon status supported him to polish skills in marketing and sales. Christopher Knight became an account sales manager at the Martec, Inc. and within his initial 18 months, Christopher Knight registered the company’s earliest US$1 million sales order. And after it, Christopher Knight became the Martec's best performer, and also worker of the year.

Christopher Knight came back to his Brady roots in 1988 Brady Christmas film, A Very Brady Christmas.

In the year of 1989, Christopher Knight became the vice president of devise system advertising and sales at the New Image Industry, stirring the corporation into 3D rendering/imaging equipments. And in the mid of 1991, Christopher and other workers effectively stirred the software engineering team and 3D technologies into the novel privately detained company, Visual Software. And as the co-founder of visual Software, Christopher Knight was a premature contributor in purchaser 3D graphics market. And his hard work led to the business achievement. Visual Software was obtained through Micrograph in January.

In the year of 1996, Christopher Knight became vice president of marketing at Adesso, a CPU keyboard manufacturer.

In 1998, Christopher Knight and his friend Paniagua and also an associate David Smith, made the Eskape Labs. With an assignment to provide "on wire" digital uses that simply plug into computer, Eskape has expanded many first-to-market video procedures. The company was acquired through Hauppauge Computer Works in 2000. And Hauppauge is considered the world's prime manufacturer of PC based TV tuner products and, also with Eskape Labs, now it has the line of TV tuners that are Macintosh attuned.

Revisit to Television

Christopher Knight emerged on the particular chapter of The Weakest Link TV show that attributed the shed of Brady Bunch resolution against each other. At the last, Christopher Knight succeeded in the show with ensue going to his elected charity.

Enduring to follow television opportunities, Christopher Knight merged on the VH1’s 4th season of The Surreal Life. For the period of his show, Christopher Knight began romance with a model Adrianne Curry, conqueror of the America's next top model cycle 1,and who is about 25 years younger than Christopher Knight. And when the show finished, they got engaged, as familiar on VH1 series My Fair Brady, which premier on 11th September, 2005. And the sequence was renewed for one more season. And they wedded on 29th May, 2006 in Gothic mode wedding.

Christopher Knight was also attributed in the music video for cluster Click Five for a song "Just the Girl", in which Christopher Knight played a high school trainer. Christopher Knight also emerged in Click Five's music video for "Catch Your Wave" as a hotel supervisor.

Christopher Knight and his earlier Brady Bunch co-star Barry Williams emerged in 2006 chapter of That '70s Show. They played the role of gay couple who shifted in the next door. They remained best friends since Brady Bunch days; Williams emerged many times on My Fair Brady. And in single episode, Christopher Knight uttered for his spouse, model Adrianne Curry, that it was very important to admit his deep connection with his earlier Brady Bunch co-stars.

Christopher Knight was a contributor in VH-1's I Love The '70s: Volume II mini series. Christopher Knight and his friends and family emerged on period finale on the NBC’s Celebrity Family Feud on 29th July, 2008.

Christopher Knight Quote

“It may part of a one way evolution... or it may be we are currently on the downside of an innocence cycle where one day, with an up cycle, sweet will be entertaining again.”