Christina Applegate Birthday (November 25th)

Christina Applegate Birthday (November 25th)

Christina Applegate an Emmy Award-winning American artist was born on 25th November, 1971 in Hollywood, California. Christina Applegate is famous for playing the Kelly Bundy on long-running FOX Broadcasting Company sitcom Married… with Children. Christina Applegate has established a movie and TV career, with main roles in various pictures, for instance The Sweetest Thing, Anchorman, and Farce of the Penguins. Christina Applegate has starred in various productions comprised 2005 Broadway revitalization of the melodious Sweet Charity. Currently, Christina Applegate plays the main role, Samantha Newly, in ABC sitcom Samantha Who?.

Biography of Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate Early Life

Christina Applegate was the daughter of Robert W. Applegate, a record producer and record company executive and Nancy Lee Priddy was an actress and a singer. Christina Applegate parents separated in her childhood.

Christina Applegate Career Graph

Christina Applegate made her television debut, emerging with her mother in soap Days of our Lives and afterward, at the age of 5, in a viable for Playtex. At the age of 9, Christina Applegate gave her best performance on the big screen. Christina was seen in 1981 movies Jaws of Satan and Beatle mania. Christina Applegate debuted in television film as the young Grace Kelly in the biopic Grace Kelly. Christina Applegate emerged on her initial television series in Showtime's biased comedy Washington (1985), in which Christina played the role of a Congressman's daughter. Christina Applegate was marked as a visitor in shows Father Murphy (1981) and Charles in Charge (1984 and 1985).

In the year of 1986, Christina Applegate won the character of Robin Kennedy (1986-1987), a cop's daughter, on a police drama series Heart of the City. In the mean time, Christina Applegate was seen guest starring in sitcoms Family Ties, All is Forgiven, Amazing Stories, and Still the Beaver event Band on the Run (1987) as Kitten.

While functioning on the series, Christina Applegate was seen in Dance 'Til Dawn (1988, NBC) and in Streets (1990), in which a young drug addict is followed through a psychotic police officer. Christina Applegate guest-starred in the 21 Jump Street (1988), Top of the Heap 1991, and hosted Saturday Night Live (May 8, 1993) and Mad TV (1996).

Christina Applegate did her first starring role of Sue Ellen Crandall in a comic film Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (1991). Christina Applegate followed it up with movies such as Wild Bill - 1995, Across the Moon -1995, Vibrations - 1995, Mars Attacks! - 1996, and Nowhere - 1997.

At the same year, NBC handed her the main role in the sitcom Jesse. This series released in 1998, it got rave reviews and it brought Christina a People's Choice Award for the Favorite Female Artist in the New Television series and TV Guide Award for Star of a New Series with a recommendation at Golden Globe for Front Actress in humor. While the series achieved admiration but it was disregarded in 2000.

"This was a major commitment. I really had to sit and think about it. I eventually came to the conclusion that it came into my life for a reason." - Christina Applegate (on allowing her job in sitcom Jesse).

After obtaining wide note for playing the Cameron Diaz's level-headed best friend, Courtney Rockcliffe , in The Sweetest Thing (2002), Christina Applegate kept on to win characters in such films as Heroes (2002), Grand Theft Parsons (2003), Wonderland (2003), View from the Top (2003), Employee of the Month (2004), and Surviving Christmas (2004). Behind the television, Christina was the administrative maker of Comforters, Miserable (2001).

Christina Applegate Later Career

Christina Applegate guest-starred on the two series of Friends, in 9th (2002) and 10th (2003) seasons, named "The One Where Rachel's Sister Baby sits" and "The One with Rachel's Other Sister" as Amy Green, Rachel's (Jennifer Aniston) younger sister. Christina Applegate won 55th Annual Prime Time Emmy Award for Best Guest Actress in jesting for her presentation in "The One with Rachel's Other Sister". And on silver screen, Christina depicted television anchorwoman Veronica Corning stone in 2004 movies Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and DVD bonus movie Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie.

Besides her television work, Christina Applegate has performed on the stage in these productions as The Run through, Nobody Leaves Empty Handed, The Axe man’s Jazz, with John Cassavetes' The Third Day (co-starring Gena Rowland). And in the year of 2004, Christina Applegate debuted on Broadway stage performing the main role of Charity Hope Valentine in the recovery of 1966 musical Sweet Charity. Eventually Christina Applegate took home the 2005 Theatre World Award and was chosen for 2005 Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical.

In 2006, Christina Applegate emerged in Jessica Simpson's melody video "A Public Affair", along with Christina Milian, Ryan Sea crest and Eva Longoria.

At present, Christina Applegate is starring in ABC jesting, Samantha Who? And also co-starring with Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Esposito, and Jean Smart.

And in 2003, Christina Applegate was the representative for Lee National Denim Day, which lifts millions of dollars for breast cancer edification and research.

Christina Applegate was revealed in the famous song by P.M. Dawn named "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss". And the line, "Christina Applegate, you Gotta put me on" is a mention to a song "Bonita Apple bum" through A Tribe Called Quest.

Christina Applegate Current Career

Christina Applegate will play the role of Beth Montgomery, who expired colorectal cancer, in the forthcoming film Everything Is Going to Be Just Fine, owing to be released in 2009.

Christina Applegate Personal Life

In October 2001, Christina Applegate e wedded with the best friend Jonathon Schaech. In November 2005, they separated with each other.

On 1st July, 2008, her best friend and ex-boyfriend Lee Grivas was found lifeless of an evident drug overdose.

Breast Cancer

On 3rd August, 2008, People Magazine gave a statement that Christina Applegate had been detected with breast cancer. And this was verified by her spokesperson, who stated in a report: "Christina Applegate was diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer. Benefiting from early detection through a doctor ordered MRI; the cancer is not life threatening... Christina is following the recommended treatment of her doctors and will have a full recovery. No further statement will be issued at this time"

Filmography of Christina Applegate

  • 1981 Jaws of Satan
  • 1981 Beatle mania
  • 1986 Heart of the City as Robin Kennedy
  • 1987 Married With Children as Kelly Bundy
  • 1988 Dance 'Til Dawn as Patrice Johnson
  • 1990 Streets
  • 1991 Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead as Sue Ellen Crandell
  • 1995 Wild Bill
  • 1995 Vibrations
  • 1995 Across the Moon
  • 1996 Mars Attacks!
  • 1997 Nowhere
  • 1998 The Big Hit
  • 1998 Jane Austen's Mafia!
  • 1998 Jesse as Jesse Warner
  • 1998 Claudine's Return as Claudine Van Doozen
  • 1999 The Brutal Truth
  • 1999 Out in Fifty as Lilah
  • 2000 American Psycho as Prostitute
  • 2000 The Giving Tree
  • 2001 Prince Charming
  • 2001 Sol Goode
  • 2001 Just Visiting as Princess Rosalind/Julia Malfete
  • 2002 Heroes
  • 2002 The Sweetest Thing as Courtney Rockcliffe
  • 2003 Wonderland as Susan Launius
  • 2003 Grand Theft Parsons
  • 2003 View from the Top as Christine Montgomery
  • 2004 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy as Veronica Corningstone
  • 2004 Surviving Christmas as Alicia Valco
  • 2004 Employee of the Month as Sara Goodwin
  • 2005 Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas as Natalie Cook
  • 2005 Tilt-A-Whirl
  • 2007-present Samantha Who? as Samantha
  • 2007 Farce of the Penguins as Melissa (voice)
  • 2008 The Rocker as Amanda Wood
  • 2009 Everything Is Going to Be Just Fine as Elizabeth Montgomery


  • 2007 Tony Awards - Presenter, June 10, 2007
  • 2007 American Music Awards - Presenter, November 18, 2007
  • 2005 Tony Awards - Presenter, June 5, 2005
  • 2003 - 2004 Friends - Amy Green
  • Family Ties - Uncredited appearance as one of Tina Yothers's friends
  • King of the Hill
  • Silver Spoons
  • 1997 Mad TV
  • 2008 Reno 911!